By Chris Dawson September 24, 2019 - 10:40 am

Tophatter sales increase 500% in Europe

Tophatter have reported that the last 12 months have seen them triple international Tophatter sales, growing their active international user base 100%, and increasing total revenue per user by 50%. Tophatter's European business multiplied 6x in 2019, led by consumers in Britain, France, and Germany. With

Tophatter seller promotion and listing tips

Tophatter are running a promotion for sellers until the 30th of September and to take best advantage of it we have some tips for creating a top listing on Tophatter. 5 Tips for a Top Tophatter Listing Add 5 images. Use professional product shots typically with a white

Expand your business on international marketplaces

World First and Pivot are running a webinar every Thursday in August to introduce you to four international marketplaces that can help grow your business. They will be sharing information on Trade Me, Newegg, Tophatter and ePRICE. Webinar schedule 03 Aug: Overview of four international marketplaces Insights for

Details on the Tophatter integrations with Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor and Sellercloud

Tophatter is a US-based marketplace that is proving popular with many UK merchants. And it is good to report that they're making headway with integrations with suppliers that mean it's getting easier to sell there. We wrote a Meet the Company piece on them a

Video interview with Tophatter and their proposition for sellers

Tophatter is an interesting marketplace, it's based on auctions but cuts out the traditional online 7 day wait for the auction to end. Tophatter aims to run auctions in as little as a minute with the only delay being a further 10 seconds added after

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst: Marketplace panel with eBay and others look to the future

David Brackin of Stuff U Sell is a regular contributor to Tamebay. Here he reports the 'Marketplace Madness' session at Catalyst: Following on from David Spitz's keynote in the morning at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst in Manchester outlining the terrifying power of the "fully-oprational battlestation", Amazon, the afternoon kicked-off

Tophatter marketplace ‘no risk’ trial for high volume sellers

On Tophatter, shoppers compete in fleeting, 90-second auctions to win deals of up to 80% off jewelry, electronics, beauty, and fashion. Tophatter are seller-obsessed! They're there to help you scale. Every week thousands of marketplace sellers sell over 500,000 products to a community of 10 million

Meet the Company: Tophatter

Tophatter is a relatively new marketplace which appears to be gathering some traction. Today we ask Malcolm Scovil, Head of Business Development at Tophatter, to tell us more about the opportunity and how sellers can sign up. To be honest, when I heard it was an


Tophatter is the world's most entertaining live auction site featuring unique items at exclusive prices

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