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tyler: eBay can be a nightmare, as can any market place or having to deal with...
42 mins ago
tyler: @Alan I believe the above calculation would give sellers a better rating and instill more confidence...
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tyler: Totally agree with you Rob On a market place we all act as individual businesses and...
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SAM: We have by far our most success with EU markets and many of them are...
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tyler: Apart from that they can just have a check box pre purchase to agree to...
8 hours ago

Amazon Map Tracker on the app is expanding reach

The Amazon Map Tracker tool is now available to more users in a nationwide US roll-out. You can access it via the Amazon app and it will let you know exactly where your Amazon delivery is at any one time. This means you can plan

2 hours ago

EDITORIALTesco Direct closure more canny than catastrophe?

Retail is a dangerous place right now: who’d have thought that M&S and Tesco would join the list of troubled retailers out there? But they have and in style. The problem is to my mind two-fold. Firstly, there is a wealth of competition from ‘new entrants’

13 hours ago

Parcelforce Worldwide Star Wars promotion campaign

Parcelforce Worldwide is supporting the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story by offering discounts on its worldwide services in a campaign “delivering across the galaxy”. Whilst they might not be able to deliver across the galaxy, with the clue in their name they do

2 days ago

Tamebay comment: Is any UK retailer imaginative enough to operate an online marketplace?

The news was revealed today that Tesco Direct will be closing many of its services and with that goes the Tesco online marketplace. Over the years Tamebay has craved entry into the UK ecommerce from credible, solid, additional players to diversify the offering for third-party