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northumbrian: are you not even more cost for small business to absorb with no obvious return...
5 hours ago
Paul Rafelson: Obviously that's just absurd. But it also misses the point because this is not...
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Paul Rafelson: We've had some amazing people support us and help us get off the ground. ...
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tyler: I think that sums up support from all the big names.......
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Bonehead: "Sorry, this product is not visible on Google Shopping Actions because it violates one or...
10 hours ago

Changes to the eBay EU user agreement announced

eBay has announced changes to the eBay EU user agreement. In general this is an administrative change that shouldn't see any dramatic change to how eBay sellers trade and no action is required. In particular there is no need to change your listings. But it's

19 hours ago

Is Google becoming a marketplace? Shopping Action Programme certainly makes it look like one

Google in the US has rolled out a new programme – Google Shopping Actions – designed to make it easier for searchers to buy what they find, rather than being directed off to Amazon and eBay and making Google look more like a marketplace. Retailers in the

9 hours ago

Shopify offers Google Pay at merchant shop checkouts

Now online ecommerce store provider Shopify offers Google Pay. This means merchants using Shopify have the opportunity to take payments via the android system. They claim to be the first online shop company to offer the service in their news announcement. You can read more in

1 day ago

First pedestrian killed by a driverless car

In sad news an Uber autonomous driverless car was involved in a collision with a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The lady was taken to hospital and later died of her injuries. This is believed to be the first time an autonomous self driving car has