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13 hours ago
IHateEbay: And how many of that Switch consoles is a scam? On my local Ebay site...
14 hours ago
Marshall: No listing software supports the multi-buy (volume discount) feature because eBay has not yet built...
14 hours ago
Jonah: @Josh. We haven’t got eBay seller concierge and our fees are £4K a month easy.,...
15 hours ago
Gav: You can be doing many times that amount and not have concierge. Last I read, it...
15 hours ago
Nick: Wow a lot of negativity for eBay here, I personally think it's great that eBay...
9 hours ago

Walmart Rakuten Ichiba Store launched

Walmart have officially opened the first Walmart ecommerce store in Japan. The Walmart Rakuten Ichiba Store is on the Rakuten Ichiba internet shopping mall. The flagship store combines Walmart’s international expertise in delivering high-quality US branded products at great prices and Rakuten’s strengths in online

3 days ago

EDITORIAL The proof of the store pudding is in the marketplace

Shopping has shifted beyond recognition in 2018 and this Christmas is the proof of the pudding, to seasonally mix a metaphor. Black Friday and the resulting Peak run up to Christmas has cemented once and for all that shoppers are online (and on mobile), rather than heading

17 hours ago

Merchants can save up to 40% with UPS shipping discounts

UPS have launched 'Shipping with Simplicity' initiative that sees merchants saving up to 40% on shipping discounts this Christmas season. The supplier say that merchants can now enjoy a limited offer of lower prices on each shipment by using a promo code EASY to take advantage of

19 hours ago and Intel set to introduce ‘smart’ in-store solutions and Intel have announced today a joint lab that will put to work Internet of Things (IoT)  to develop 'smart' in-store solutions. and Intel are working together to introduce vending machines, advertising solutions for physical retail space as part of's 'Retail as Service,' strategy which aims to