2 days ago

Amazon Logistics Predictive Delivery Tracking

Amazon have yet again upped their delivery experience with the introduction of predictive tracking for items delivered by Amazon Logistics, their in-house courier service. Whilst Amazon aren't giving expected arrival times for deliveries, they have added a map showing where the driver is in comparison to

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3 hours ago
Sam: Again Amazon go one step ahead. RMG are just now getting delivery scans ( there...
6 hours ago
Kyle: If you complain to CS about inaccurate international estimates they will say the seller has...
7 hours ago
tyler: Needs a WooCommerce connection as well. Royal Mail have just added a API connection for WooCommerce...
8 hours ago
OnBuy: Hi A We have been working with some sellers on Shopify, ahead of an app. We...
8 hours ago
OnBuy: Hi David Thank you for your comments. We do support stock & price updates (and orders) in...
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