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Jim: Or put another way no restaurant Can cater for every diet or taste...
17 hours ago
jim: were anything but complacent were constantly tweaking altering and experimenting though we need to go for...
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Nic: I understand that, Jim, and those sellers have to decide whether spending little extra time...
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Brian: Spend £3000 on Ebay - thats brave...
1 day ago

eBay to update home and garden item specifics from 30th July

eBay have reminded eBay sellers of the changes to the home and garden item specifics starting from the 30th of July. eBay say that sellers should start adding key item specifics to their listings today. The move follows the changes eBay announced in the 2019 Spring

3 days ago

The paradox of choice effect: How to combat shoppers’ indecision?

The 'paradox of choice' effect was first coined by the US psychologist Barry Schwartz who argued that eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers. The term is 15-years-old, but its message is more relevant than ever before. The advent of ecommerce saw eBay

1 week ago

Sorted Group raise £15million funding after 400% growth

Huge congratulations to the Sorted Group who have just raised a round of £15 million in a funding round led by Praetura Ventures and NVM Private Equity LLP. This comes after initial rounds of investment from Praetura and NVM, bringing Sorted’s funding to a total

2 days ago

GUEST COMMENT: People are the key to a prosperous future

Retailers continue to witness huge growth in online volumes. They are now relying more than ever on carriers to efficiently deliver an increasing number of their parcels while maintaining exceptional customer experience. As a result, home delivery firms face significant investment in their infrastructure, fleets and,

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