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4 hours ago
Gav: Yeah, I can't believe Amazon think getting rid of expedited shipping is a good idea....
5 hours ago
Simon E: I was happy with using spreadsheets but I looked into the good old MTD, just...
5 hours ago
Gav: Thanks for clarifying Chris If you need it quick, you've already paid for prime and Amazon...
6 hours ago
Chris Dawson: Honestly haven't a clue Gav - having clicked the Prime button to ensure delivery I...
4 hours ago

Etsy shares see growth as revenue reaches $200m

Etsy shares saw growth as revenue reached about $200m (£153m) in the last three months of 2018. That's up 47% on year-on-year (YoY) rate. Etsy have reported strong growth in crafts and artisan goods by 6% in after-hours trading following the marketplace's announcement on the increased

4 days ago

Co-op emission neutral plan to see 2-hour ‘green’ deliveries

A Co-op emission neutral plan will see two-hour 'green' deliveries via to shoppers in London. The new initiative is initially available to shoppers within 4km of the Co-op’s store on the Kings Road in Chelsea, before being rolled out to further London stores. Co-op have announced today the emission

10 hours ago

The Delivery Group acquires ONEPOST

The Delivery Group have acquired ONEPOST (Postal Choices Ltd), for an undisclosed sum, bringing together two market leaders in the mail and ecommerce sectors. ONEPOST are handle millions of UK and international mail items, letters, packets and parcels every day. The enlarged group will have

5 hours ago

eBay launches a pre-order option for Capitan America

eBay have introduced a pre-order solution to allow shoppers to buy Capitan America products 30 days prior to the official launch of the movie. The new initiative marks the first holistic experience in partnership with Marvel, following smaller releases of The Meg and Fantastic Beasts

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