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3 hours ago
Tony: I think Linnworks should price the separate features, So people can pay for what they...
4 hours ago
LW USER1: These guys just want to cash in on our hard work. Your right the FBA side...
4 hours ago
LW USER: Linnworks, what can I say. Some great features BUT LACKING in what a business...
8 hours ago
Ash: I don’t recommend cloud commerce pro that’s for sure. No help and customer service is...
11 hours ago

Otto marketplace now boasts 7 million sellers

Otto marketplace full-year results saw a large number of merchants joining the platform, with 7 million sellers now trading on the site. Otto today announced that they have achieved above-average growth in the financial year of 2018. Otto say that they have "invested strongly" in the

2 days ago

Understanding the best ways to retain customers in 2019

In an increasingly competitive world how do retailers retain customers? Today Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO of NetDespatch discusses ways to retain customers, reimagine the traditional store and connect the online world with the offline world. Store closures, business failures, job losses and the worst Christmas for 10

11 hours ago

USPS trials autonomous trucks in Phoenix and Dallas

USPS are trialling autonomous trucks manufactured by tech startup TuSimple to deliver parcels to customers in Phoenix and Dallas ahead of the wider roll-out if proved to be successful. USPS announced their vision of the possibility of using "a future class of vehicles" which will see

15 hours ago

Are Amazon Air surpassing UPS and FedEx aerial network?

Amazon Air have been making headlines with news of strengthening their logistics capabilities. Last week Amazon announced the planned launched of new air hub in 2021 as part of their ongoing commitment to accelerated delivery. Some might even say that Amazon is developing their fulfilment network faster

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