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Jonah: @alan Paterson You suggest we should pay for concierge whilst other glitterati members receive it free?...
6 hours ago
tyler: The same could be said for Maplins, I visited one of their shops and found...
7 hours ago
Andy: @ Alan Paterson They're forcing sellers of collectables off Ebay. Been to many fairs...
10 hours ago
Alan Paterson: "greed and ridiculous policies" ? Andy - are you trading on a different ebay than...
14 hours ago
Andy: Ebay needs to stop fleecing sellers before they can regain trust. The latest round of anchor...
1 day ago

Virtual assistants may engage consumers more than research suggests

Even though it seems everyone is talking about virtual assistants devices and smartwatches, the majority of consumers don't own these new devices, and even fewer use them to complete purchases, according to a recently released study by Episerver. 35% of consumers now own a smartwatch, two-thirds

2 days ago

Voice assistants and product buttons failing to excite shoppers en masse – for now

Voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home may not be the retail disruptors that many have said they could be. In fact, a lot of technology such as smartwatches, dedicated product buttons and connected appliances are all failing to tickle the shopping fancy of

1 day ago

UPS chatbot now on Google Assistant & Google Home

The UPS chatbot is now available on Google Assistant, giving customers another convenient way to retrieve information on package deliveries and other UPS services via the Assistant on Android phones, iPhones, smart speakers like Google Home and other compatible devices. The chatbot’s expansion to the Google

1 day ago

£12 to 26.4bn digital potential of rural areas

Unlocking the digital potential of rural areas across the UK could add £12 to 26.4bn annually in Gross Value Added (GVA) – equivalent to 4% to 8.% - to the rural economy and at least £15bn to rural business turnover each year, according to a