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27 mins ago
SAM: This is the problem....We are paying for a service and they simply do not deliver...
45 mins ago
Dave: But please, it is not just Royal Mail. I had...
60 mins ago
victor: yep hermes are a low cost option they save us around £100 a week...
1 hour ago
Mark: The big issue with Royal mail is simple. If a postie does not scan nothing...
1 day ago

Recall on toxic hand sanitiser sold on eBay and AliBaba

Trading Standards have issued a recall on two alcohol hand sanitisers including a toxic hand sanitiser that were being sold on online marketplaces. Both sanitisers in question (Ibcccndc & Yucky hands) are being recalled for containing insufficient amounts of ethanol, meaning they don't actually kill

2 weeks ago

Boeing 767-300 joins growing Amazon Air network

Amazon have purchased 11 new aircraft to join the ever expanding Amazon Air network which includes their first ever Boeing 767-300. The news of the additions comes during a time where ecommerce is growing and customers are still relying on fast shipping from the marketplace.

1 month ago

Pro Carrier & Hurricane Commerce cross-border ecommerce experience

Pro Carrier, the cross-border delivery business of DG International, is partnering with Hurricane Commerce to ensure its retail customers’ parcels flow smoothly through customs. Pro Carrier have integrated Hurricane’s data enhancement Zephyr API and its Aura API, which supports on duty and tax calculation, prohibited

2 months ago

Joern Taubert announced new CEO of PMM Greek Marketplace

The PMM Group was created in 2019 through the merger of Public, Greece’s top digital retailer and number one Greek online marketplace, and the Greek arm of MediaMarkt, Europe’s top international consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Germany. With the absence of the behemoth that is

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