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andy: Every little helps for Mr. Wenig's pension fund. So how about retiring, Devin?...
12 hours ago
Andy: The nub of the issue is that "free postage" works for commodities. If everybody else is...
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FRED: Your link to the Google MERChant Centre account is useless as as far as Google...
16 hours ago
FRED: And couldn't agree more with the previous comment that its 2 decades too late....
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FRED: Amazon are unlikely to be very worried. They managed to inveigle threir way into becoming...
16 hours ago

New Google marketplace in France: will it present competition to Amazon?

New Google marketplace looks set to officially join the arena of commercial dealings in France which is speculated in the media to present competition to Amazon. Google Marketplace features Google Shopping is looking to introduce its marketplace in early January in France to see small and medium-sized enterprises

4 days ago

EDITORIAL The proof of the store pudding is in the marketplace

Shopping has shifted beyond recognition in 2018 and this Christmas is the proof of the pudding, to seasonally mix a metaphor. Black Friday and the resulting Peak run up to Christmas has cemented once and for all that shoppers are online (and on mobile), rather than heading

15 hours ago

Usain Bolt Xoom Global Brand Ambassador as service expands to Canada

PayPal have named Usain Bolt Xoom Global Brand Ambassador. The fastest man on earth and eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist will be the new Xoom global brand ambassador through to 2020 as they expand outside of the US for the first time and start to offer

21 hours ago

Amazon secures 30th spot as the US biggest business in a public survey

Amazon have secured 30th rank as the US biggest business in an annual public survey conducted in a conjunction with Forbes and Just Capital. The marketplace have secured a reasonable spot in 'The 2019 Just 100 list,' which ranks 890 of the US publicly-traded businesses based on public attitudes