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Frances: Ebay will also then deny the appeal. As this has happened on several occasions. When customer...
1 hour ago
Lewis: Showing video in listings is hardly a secret, it was shared on their active content...
2 hours ago
Rob: Simon, they don't any longer. They did at the start of the year then stopped...
2 hours ago
Tom: It varies month to month however around a 1/3 of all our SNAD returns are...
2 hours ago
Simon E: I am surprised that ebay changed the return mid case. They have told me a number...
2 hours ago

eBay Managed Payments will go international in 2019

The eBay Managed Payments system will be rolling out to marketplaces outside the United States at some point next year, it has been revealed. Yesterday, as we wrote about here, the first eBay Managaed Payments purchase was made using the new system which is currently only

5 hours ago

Amazon named as UK shoppers favourite brand – and the love is largely genuine, says study

Amazon has been named by consumers as their standout favourite brand – and for genuine reasons, according to a study into loyalty and brands by the DMA. Retail stalwarts Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are the others most mentioned, but it is Amazon

21 hours ago

Hard Brexit could disrupt cross-border road freight

Road freight between the UK and EU could be seriously impacted in the event of a "no deal brexit", which is sometimes called a "hard Brexit". As it stands at the moment, if a truck or lorry can be legally driven in the UK then

24 hours ago

Commercetools invests for international growth

API-Based ecommerce provider commercetools is making significant investments to further fuel the company’s growth. They will investing $17 million on expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in the United Kingdom, the Benelux, Scandinavia, and North America. Global services expansion as well as the development