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8 hours ago
Garry Hall: My problem was when I amended a mistake in a listing my selling section then...
8 hours ago
rich: I have just had an interesting IM Chat with ebay on this issue and they...
9 hours ago
RICHARD PIKE: typical lagging behind Royal Mail they come up with a scheme thats already been...
10 hours ago
Janet: Here's a novel idea, why don't eBay stop entities using several accounts from listing the...
12 hours ago
Kieran: Seems we have more issues with small and light than regular FBA. Random items end...
9 hours ago

Amazon is offering a 99p one week Amazon Prime offer

We know that Amazon loves Prime. It loves the Prime subscribers, their loyalty, their free spending ways and now it looks like they have a new way of tempting the uninitiated into the programme. In the checkout flow at the moment they are currently promoting

1 hour ago

Retailer ‘returns silence’ causes chaos for consumers and brands

Online retailers are leaving customers to fend for themselves when they return items, causing exasperation and risking future sales, according to new research. Returns management platform ReBOUND questioned 1,000 UK online shoppers and found that while the shopping journey is littered with touchpoints between retailers and

14 hours ago

Royal Mail fined record £50m by Ofcom

Ofcom has fined Royal Mail £50 million for a serious breach of competition law. The regulator ruled that the company abused its dominant position by discriminating against its only major competitor delivering letters. The penalty is the result of an investigation into a complaint, made to

15 hours ago

Allegro appoints customer engagement head

Polish marketplace Allegro has announced that it has appointed Edyta Sidwa as its new head of customer engagement. The role, which closely resembles a marketing position, will be based at Allegro HQ in Warsaw and she is already in post. They say that Sidwa will be