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james: hahahahaha. where you gonna find an expert on ebay? you may have 40 years experience in your...
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Gav: Could help, but won't A 'product based shopping experience' via a catalogue format is the biggest...
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Will: @Sam - If your looking for a fresh alternative marketplace in the UK,
4 hours ago
Will: Yeah Ebay's stock dropped over 20% about a week ago. They are running scared and...
4 hours ago
Will: I wouldnt help Ebay in any way with this dread Product Catalogue...
6 hours ago

Lessons from Prime Day to apply for Black Friday 2018

With Amazon Prime Day done and dusted for 2018, it's time to look forward to Black Friday 2018 and examine the lessons learned over this summers sales event and evaluate how you can apply them to the upcoming Black Friday sales period. There has been a

6 hours ago

EDITORIAL Prime Day – pleasure or pain?

There were strikes. There were web service outages. There were calls for a boycott because of poor working conditions. There were still broken records. But there is a whiff of disappointment around this year’s Amazon Prime Day. First, the stats. According to Amazon, Prime members made

3 days ago

Agreement with Teamster union should avert UPS strike action

The chances of possible UPS strike action in the United States, that we reported last month, do appear to be diminishing because it looks like the company and the relevant trade unions have reached an outline agreement. The deal needs to be ratified by union

6 hours ago

How much benefit does an Amazon Fulfilment Centre bring to a local community?

There is news of yet another Amazon Fulfilment Centre launching in the USA. This time it's in Spokane, Washington State. And needless to say, the official press release from Amazon is enthusiastic about the possibilities. And Washington is the home state of Seattle-based Amazon and 50,000