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andy: Why not just fix the micropayments problem properly? And the registration for partnerships still isn't fixed Damaged...
12 hours ago
lee JOHN: I think ebay have done a back peddle, as too few signed up or left...
13 hours ago
.meldrew rides again: Hilarious Dave Brackin Is one of the most experienced ebay sellerS runs a large ebay...
14 hours ago
David Brackin: @AP - I meant registered for Limitless (per the article) on this page. I...
22 hours ago

Record breaking Prime Day for SMBs in India

SMBs in India had a record breaking Amazon Prime Day after 153,000 SMBs received orders. The day was also a big win for Amazon after twice as many customers signed up for a Prime membership during the day compared to last year. "This Prime Day was

18 hours ago

Amazon Project Zero to reduce counterfeits in 7 new countries

Project Zero, Amazon's innovative combination of advanced technology and machine learning helping to drive counterfeits to zero has launched in seven new countries - Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, and the UAE - making it available in 17 countries where Amazon has a

6 days ago

Saloodo expand their services to Turkey

DHL group's Logistics company Saloodo! are expanding into Turkey, helping them bring their services to another key area. Initially launched in Germany Saloodo! also offers intuitive and user-friendly digital solutions in Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. “After successfully entering

3 months ago

WDP and InPost secure partnership for the vulnerable during pandemic

WDP, a drug and alcohol charity, has teamed up with InPost to offer their Capital Card users access to essential items during the coronavirus pandemic, through 24/7 contact-free delivery to local InPost lockers. Users of the WDP Capital Card earn points by engaging in drug and

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