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northumbrian: 0r even cash for gold wheres the edit thingy gone ?...
7 hours ago
James: I've already seen this in the UK. I received a notification on my phone from...
7 hours ago
northumbrian: tesco [or a tesco francise] even tried to get into the gold for cash business, ...
7 hours ago
Stuart: "And, as far as we know, it’s not available on the app for UK users." Oh...
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Paul Skeldon: James – some interesting points about branding and marketplaces and why it didn't work for...
13 hours ago

It’s GDPR Day and there’s one thing that online ecommerce merchants should remember

At Tamebay we’ve been writing about GDPR for months trying to get to grips with what it might mean in the future and how it might impact online merchants, especially those selling on marketplaces. The most recent and most useful piece was called: The 7

21 hours ago

EDITORIAL Tesco Direct closure more canny than catastrophe?

Retail is a dangerous place right now: who’d have thought that M&S and Tesco would join the list of troubled retailers out there? But they have and in style. The problem is to my mind two-fold. Firstly, there is a wealth of competition from ‘new entrants’

1 day ago

Parcelforce Worldwide Star Wars promotion campaign

Parcelforce Worldwide is supporting the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story by offering discounts on its worldwide services in a campaign “delivering across the galaxy”. Whilst they might not be able to deliver across the galaxy, with the clue in their name they do

12 hours ago

Boosted by the eBay deal, Adyen is going public.

Adyen will be going public in June. It has been confirmed they will be listing shares in the company on the Euronext stock market in Amsterdam next month. The initial public offering (IPO) is apparently expected to value the company at between €6 and €9 billion.