By Chris Dawson October 23, 2019 - 10:27 am

Hurricane Commerce join Magento Technology Partner program

Hurricane Commerce have joined the Magento Technology Partner program ahead of the upcoming release of their cross-border API solutions to improve the customer experience on any cross-border transactions for Magento merchants. The Hurricane solution aims to ease the ever-evolving demands of regulatory matters, duties &

Comparing changes to UK VAT and Australian GST on eBay Fees

Whilst we in the UK are to have VAT added to our eBay invoices and have to claim the cost back on out VAT returns (if we're VAT registered, the exact opposite is about to happen in Australia. Private Sellers UK In the UK private seller fees already

Some good news for those affected by VAT MOSS

We wrote about the introduction of Vat Moss quite a bit last year: it's a new EU VAT regulation that meant that sellers of digital goods had to account for their VAT on such items at the rate relevant to the buyer's location and not

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