By Chris Dawson May 7, 2017 - 1:09 pm

Australians expect 70-75% of overseas retailers to dodge tax

It's claimed that Australian Treasury officials have told eBay that the only expect a 25% to 30% compliance rate if they go ahead with their GST (Goods and Services Tax, roughly equivalent to UK VAT) changes. That would leave 70% to 75% of sellers dodging

Facebook and Google now paying full tax, says Australia

The threat of punitive taxes, changes to the law and a great deal of diligence mean that the Australian government will raise an additional 2 billion Australian dollars (£1.2bn) in this tax year on multi-national corporations operating in Australia. Companies such as Facebook and Google with

De Minimis Thresholds can help or hinder sales

When you're selling online, probably one of the last things you think about is import taxes and duties that an overseas buyer may have to pay. It's worth considering though - a year ago the US raised what's know as their de minimis threshold (the

One week left to come clean on your tax return

There's just a week left to complete your personal Self Assessment tax return and file it online if you've not already done so. January the 31st is the deadline and there are fines of £100 for missing the deadline plus daily penalties of £10 per day

HMRC unleash ‘Connect’ computer to target tax evaders

HMRC’s powerful new “Connect” system is about to be unleashed on the general public zeroing in on anyone who may have failed to declare income they should be paying tax on. With the deadline of the 31st January rapidly approaching, HMRC probably already know if you've

How to keep your accounts up to date for HMRC, webinar: 10/1/17

Enterprise Nation is increasingly holding bitesize little webinars for SMEs as part of their 'Online Masterclass' series and next week they're looking at record keeping with regards to tax. What details you need to record and where can you find help and advice? Such matters

Small Business Taxation targeted in Budget Autumn Statement

There's already been plenty written in the daily newspapers about the Chancellors Autumn Statement and how it'll affect families and individuals, but hidden away in the small print are some measures which will impact small businesses. The Chancellor is following on from his predecessor and aims

eBay announcement about VAT compliance for overseas sellers

eBay have made an announcement regarding UK VAT compliance by overseas sellers. It would seem that eBay is busy behind the scenes trying to ensure sellers are paying their appropriate taxes. In the Budget earlier earlier this years HMRC was granted new powers that means

Amazon Global Store launches for cross border tax paid shopping

Amazon have launched Amazon Global Store to enable sales to consumers from Amazon sites around the world. In a similar manner to eBay's Global Shipping Program, consumers can find and buy products from Amazon in the US on Amazon UK. Delivery takes place in as