By Chris Dawson August 20, 2017 - 2:45 pm

Amazon pays €16.5m tax on €21.6bn revenue in the EU

Amazon's tax affairs are in the news again. With the news recently out that they paid £7.4 million UK tax in 2016 on a turnover of £1.46 billion, it's now also been revealed by The Guardian that in the Luxembourg they paid €16.5m tax on

Amazon UK: Sales Up, Tax Liability Down

Amazon's Corporation tax bill more than halved to just £7.4 million in 2016 on a turnover 50% up at £1.46 billion, compared to a bill of £15.8 million on sales of £946 million. Amazon also received a credit from the tax man for £1.3 million

Amnesty for UK and EU Sellers for US State Sales Tax

Earlier this week we wrote about a tax amnesty for US sellers who may not have been remitting sales tax to States where they have a nexus. We can no announce that the amnesty will also apply to all UK and EU sellers who may

13 State 3 Month Sales Tax Amnesty for online retailers in US

The US sales tax regime is complicated as a seller is required to collect and remit taxes in each state where they have a 'nexus'. A 'nexus' is place of business, but can be complicated if you for instance us Amazon FBA and your products

Amazon want to buy from US Merchants to resell their stock overseas

Amazon Payments have started to approach US merchants by email offering to buy their stock at full listed price in order to resell it themselves overseas. This looks very much like an extension of the program they launched in Europe last November called ‘Simplify Global

U-turn gives at least two years grace on SME compulsory quarterly tax returns

The government has curbed the reach of their "Making Tax Digital" initiative which would have seen every small business in the country linking their bank accounts to HMRC and filling out quarterly tax returns. The aim was for HMRC to snoop on your bank account and

Australians expect 70-75% of overseas retailers to dodge tax

It's claimed that Australian Treasury officials have told eBay that the only expect a 25% to 30% compliance rate if they go ahead with their GST (Goods and Services Tax, roughly equivalent to UK VAT) changes. That would leave 70% to 75% of sellers dodging

Facebook and Google now paying full tax, says Australia

The threat of punitive taxes, changes to the law and a great deal of diligence mean that the Australian government will raise an additional 2 billion Australian dollars (£1.2bn) in this tax year on multi-national corporations operating in Australia. Companies such as Facebook and Google with

De Minimis Thresholds can help or hinder sales

When you're selling online, probably one of the last things you think about is import taxes and duties that an overseas buyer may have to pay. It's worth considering though - a year ago the US raised what's know as their de minimis threshold (the

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