Seller Release

By Chris Dawson May 22, 2017 - 10:30 am

Custom made items: eBay, Amazon and Etsy compared

Following eBay's announcement that they'd be prohibiting sellers from publishing their contact details on eBay listings and their eBay shop there were many concerns aired from sellers of custom made items that they wouldn't be able to receive images to print or send proofs to slash fees for Guitars, Amps and accessories

We recently wrote about marketplace fees and cited some of the new marketplaces who presented at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst and differentiated themselves from eBay and Amazon with the premise of lower fees. Fees are higher than ever and recently tweaked their final value fees upwards by

If you really really have to have an eBay template, here’s how to manage it

I used to be a great fan of professionally designed eBay templates. For many years I had a Frooition designed eBay shop and listing template. In truth I was always more of a fan of listing template design then I was of shop design -

Freebies you’ll lose when you migrate to eBay’s Seller Hub

As you start to migrate to the new eBay Seller Hub from eBay's TurboLister, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, there are a number of free features which you might end up paying for. Frankly, some of the features we'd probably recommend that you don't

Why eBay’s new links policy will kill sellers of custom made items

In their spring seller release, eBay announced that sellers will have to remove all links from their listings. Specifically you won't be able to put your email address or phone number in your listing (even as unlinked text), although it'll still appear in your business

Why are eBay changing their links policy?

From September, eBay will have a new links policy which prohibits you from including contact information or links to your website, email address, phone number or social media sites anywhere on eBay (including shop pages). This was announced in eBay's Spring Seller Release, the one Spring (Summer) 2017 Seller Update have published their Spring Seller Release (confusing also billed a "Summer Seller Release" on some pages) and here's what you need to know: Final Value Fee increases Final Value Fees for store owners on are going up by 0.15% in many categories. They'll still be

eBay UK Seller Release: Links to everything you need to know

eBay UK have just released their Spring Seller Release and there's a lot to take in. As normal, we've split it over several posts so you can read the topics of most interest. Sellers make our marketplace what it is. For nearly two decades sellers have

eBay UK Spring 2017 Seller Release: eBay to charge VAT on fees

eBay are making some changes to the way that VAT will be charged. There is no change to the fees themselves and these changes apply only to eBay sellers living in the UK. Not to put too fine a point on it, Brexit is coming, the