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By Chris Dawson September 25, 2017 - 2:35 pm

Does your eBay email signature contain legally required contact information?

Yet another chance of being caught out by eBay's campaign to crack down on contact information in messages has come to light. To understand this one we need to step back in time a decade to 2007. In 2007 eBay Messages were a fairly limited beast

eBay robots find false positives in Best Offers that don’t contain contact information

Big Brother is watching everything that you do on eBay! It would appear that eBay are not just spying on messages in case you add an email address or phone number to help a buyer make a purchasing decision or send you information that they can't Fall Seller Release 2017

eBay have published their Seller Release for US merchants and whilst many of the announcements match those in the UK there are a couple of interesting wrinkles specific to Seller Release: Things that are the same (or similar) to the UK Markdown Manager is

What eBay should have announced in the Autumn 2017 Seller Release

eBay's Autumn 2017 Seller release was all about evolving the marketplace and creating a journey sellers can link into for success. We understand that faced with some measures such as editing images to remove watermarks and ever more product identifier requirements you might view it

eBay UK Autumn 2017 Seller Release

eBay UK's Autumn 2017 seller release is out today and you'll be pleased to know that it's evolutionary rather than revolutionary. There are yet again some things that will irritate some sellers as it means once again editing your listings (images this time) and a

eBay UK Seller Release: eBay to ban watermarks on images

In the Autumn 2017 Seller Release eBay have updated their picture policy and will now ask sellers to remove watermarks from all images. This is in addition to earlier requirements banning text decorations, logos, borders and other artwork sellers have used in an effort to

eBay UK Seller Release: Automatic acceptance of returns

Announced in today's Seller Release, from autumn 2017, eBay will start automatically accepting some return requests on your behalf for items where you offer a returns policy. This will only apply to domestic returns - international return requests will always require your intervention. The idea is

eBay UK Seller Release: Contact information and Links Policy

eBay announced earlier this year that sellers would need to remove contact details from their listings and they've updated this advice in their Autumn 2017 Seller Release. A personal note from Tamebay HQ, for any sellers that aren't aware, eBay are also clamping down heavily on

eBay UK Seller Release: Product Identifier requirements

In today's Autumn 2017 Seller Release, eBay announce that they are expanding the categories in which you must use product identifiers and introducing a number of other tweaks. We know that generally Product Identifiers are a pain in the next to manage, especially if you have

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