By Sasha Fedorenko July 3, 2019 - 12:44 pm

Google search diversity update to challenge Amazon discovery dominance

Google search diversity update is set to challenge Amazon discovery dominance as it aims to limit the same sites from appearing in the top Google results, says new analysis by Searchmetrics. The move will see popular domains no longer occupying more than two ranking positions in

Amazon surpasses Google as the top destination for product inspiration

Despite the unlimited products and stores available on Google, Amazon are the top destination for product inspiration in the UK, says new report Reimagining Commerce: Principles of Standout Digital Shopping Experiences by Episerver. The report incorporated data from more than 1,000 UK consumers to highlight the

Etsy search evolution: Etsy uses machine learning to boost search-based purchases

Etsy search is using Google Cloud machine learning technology to return the most relevant products to customers, reports The Wall Steet Journal. According to Etsy's chief technology officer, Mike Fisher "getting the first page right" is vital to the marketplace. Etsy's large inventory of 60 million

eBay Visual Shopping on mobile made more intuitive

There's a new eBay visual shopping feature on mobile apps that steps in while browsing to find items you might want to buy. Jonathan Chard, Lead Product Manager, Mobile Experience at eBay bills it as "Our newest experience helps you find more products you just

Google faces €1.5bn fine from EU over ‘illegal’ anti-competitive conduct

Google are facing a €1.5bn (£1.29bn) fine from the European Union (EU) for 'illegal' anti-competitive practices towards rival online search advertisers. This news marks the third time the EU fined Google for search and advertising misconduct. The EU accused Google's owner Alphabet of restricting third-party competitors from

Why ignoring the eBay picture policy could hurt your search engine visibility

The eBay Picture Policy has been largely ingnored by sellers for many years. eBay haven't helped by chopping and changing their rules, for instance first announcing in 2017 that they would ban Watermarks and then back tracking but keeping the rule in place as 'best

How scammers in China manipulate Amazon

There has been much news over the course of 2018 regarding how scammers in China manipulate Amazon. From fake reviews for fake purchases to leaving bad feedback claiming fakes to get genuine seller's accounts shut down, Amazon merchants are under attack like never before. Which? has

Amazon is consumers’ first resource when looking to buy a specific product online

Almost half (45%) of consumers choose Amazon as their first resource when looking to buy a specific product, according to a report out from inRiver. This is followed by just 28% who start their product hunt on a search engine and 11% who go direct

“You are so rude” say sellers when Etsy crops images to squares

Etsy are coming in for some stick with sellers calling them rude due to a new display of images in search results. It appears that now Etsy crops images to squares in search results. Previously they were rectangular images which sellers have been accustomed to. The

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