By Chris Dawson November 28, 2019 - 11:01 am

Using tracking data to streamline the customer experience in ecommerce delivery

Ecommerce delivery has evolved but for too many retailers, their systems for communicating with customers have not. There is more data available than ever but in some ways the methods of informing and updating customers about their deliveries remain stuck in the Dark Ages. There

Delivery, AI and Sustainability at the Scurri Meetup

The Scurri Meetup held in London last week was packed and standing room only and gathered a range of online retailers from across the spectrum as well as some industry veterans who who it was great to catch up with. Rory, CEO of Scurri, was the

London Scurri Meetup Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Join Tamebay at the London Scurri Meet on Tuesday the 22nd of October, an ecommerce event for retailers who want to gain insights from experts in order to secure the competitive edge. The ecommerce landscape is changing rapidly and with it, customer expectations. We will be

Take the Tamebay Survey on Parcel Tracking

We are currently running a parcel tracking survey to discover more about it's importance and how online sellers are using the tracking events from couriers. You can start the survey here. This survey looks to explore the importance of tracking in parcel delivery, what is important

Take the Tamebay Parcel Tracking Survey

We previously announced that we would be conducting and number of surveys this summer and today we launch the second - a parcel tracking survey. You can start the survey here. This survey looks to explore the importance of tracking in parcel delivery, what is important

Reminder: Royal Mail to shut down NetDespatch printing this Saturday

If you are a NetDespatch customer, don't forget that Royal Mail have given notice that they will cut off the ability for NetDespatch printing of Royal Mail postage labels this Saturday the 29th of June. This means that you'll need to have an alternative solution

Scurri Presents: The London Meet Up

Register now for an evening of food, drink and exceptional guest speakers as Scurri and guests discuss the latest trends in ecommerce. The event is being held on Wednesday the 19th of June from 6pm to pm at London's Century Club in Soho. Scurri Presents London

14 NetDespatch alternatives to avoid integrating with Royal Mail

With the news that Royal Mail are to shut down the ability for NetDespatch to print Royal Mail labels from the 31st of May 2019, many online retailers will be looking for Netdespatch alternatives. Royal Mail will try to push you towards one of their

The 2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report Questionnaire

Peoplevox have launched a global market study into the future of e-commerce warehouse management in partnership with Scurri. “The 2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report” aims to identify key future trends in the usage and deployment of warehouse management systems over the next five years, as well as

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Shipping Logistics Software Built for the Modern Age We have a
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