Royal Mail

By Chris Dawson August 19, 2019 - 10:53 am

Royal Mail Transformation for marketplace sellers

Royal Mail was founded in 1516 as a business delivering letters across the nation. Today parcels are overtaking letters as ecommerce continues to accelerate and many of these purchases are delivered by the nation's postal service. A multi-year Royal Mail transformation is under to cope

Royal Mail Ltd

Royal Mail is the leading provider of postal and parcel delivery services in the UK. We deliver to over 230 countries and territories worldwide through our long-established partnerships with postal operators and couriers. Our range of tracked and untracked products offers services to meet the needs

Royal Mail Revenue Protection and cancelled labels

Royal Mail Revenue Protection are the people who try to stamp out postage label fraud. There are two main types we've seen used by sellers over the years - printing a label twice and sticking it on two different packages and printing a label, cancelling

Royal Mail’s First Parcel Postbox In Loughborough

Following the announcement earlier this year that Royal Mail is introducing the UK’s first ever parcel postboxes in locations across the UK, one of Leicestershire’s first parcel postboxes has been unveiled by local MP Nicky Morgan. This means that small businesses and marketplace sellers can post

Royal Mail Bristol Mail Centre new parcel sortation machinery

Royal Mail has installed automated parcel sortation machinery in its Bristol Mail Centre to speed up the processing of parcels. The new technology replaces a manual sorting process that can be both time consuming and physically demanding, often requiring two separate sorts to get parcels

Royal Mail Warrington superhub to boost Northern Powerhouse economy

Royal Mail today announced the scheduled launch of the Royal Mail Warrington superhub which will aim to boost Northern Powerhouse economy. The 32,000 square meters hub is one of three planned superhubs in the UK for over five years. It's planned to be the size of

Meet the Product: Royal Mail Tracked China Service

China represents a massive opportunity for Western retailers, but too often they are deterred by logistics and the difficulties of trading in China. To assist online sellers, a new Royal Mail Tracked China service has been introduced covering the whole of China with full in

Reminder: Royal Mail to shut down NetDespatch printing this Saturday

If you are a NetDespatch customer, don't forget that Royal Mail have given notice that they will cut off the ability for NetDespatch printing of Royal Mail postage labels this Saturday the 29th of June. This means that you'll need to have an alternative solution

UK SMEs to see a 28% summer sales spike as warm weather, bank holiday drive spending

UK SMEs are set to benefit from the summer sales increase of almost (28%) a third as warm weather, bank holidays and the wedding season will drive the spending, says new data released today by Royal Mail. According to the analysis, two-thirds (66%) of the UK