Royal Mail

By Dan Wilson September 17, 2017 - 10:23 pm

CWU and Royal Mail pensions: “I’d rather smash it to bits” says union boss.

Tensions and tempers continue to run high in the ongoing CWU and Royal Mail pensions dispute as wrangles continue to rumble on. The CWU has served notice that it is seeking a ballot of members specifically considering industrial action from posties in the run-up to

Amazon reduce transit time promise for sellers who deliver fast

We wrote recently that Amazon are uppping their delivery expectations from sellers who they say are already serving customers with fast despatch and despatching swiftly. Amazon are defaulting Handling Time to 1 day for new products for many sellers. They are also changing the default transit

CWU ramp up union activisits ahead of postal strike ballot

Having served notice on the Royal Mail that they intend to hold a ballot for strike action, the CWU are today calling on every single office in the UK to hold a members meeting in a "National Gate Meeting Day". They are asking members to

Just Eat win the 2017 Tamebay Ecommerce Cup

On Thursday evening 32 teams met to compete in the Tamebay Ecommerce Cup - the fifth time the tournament has been held and the biggest event ever. We'd like to thank every single player and supporter that turned up as well as the Post Office who

Beware of Royal Mail £25 “mistake” surcharges

We've heard from an online seller who fell foul of Royal Mail levying charges for mistakes with their posting. At £25 per mistake the penalties were racking up and it appears misinformation was the culprit. Having been hit with a couple of dozen surcharges in a

CWU to serve Royal Mail strike ballot notice today

The CWU have announced a ballot of over 100,000 Royal Mail workers with the likelihood being that strikes will be called this Christmas. Today the CWU will serve notice of the ballot on Royal Mail Group for all members employed in their companies, having decided that

To what extent do you rely on Royal Mail? Discuss.

Is the Royal Mail an everyday service you rely on every day as an ecommerce seller and online retailer? It's more than a blithe question. Could you live without it? What impact will Royal Mail strikes have on your business? You may have to answer that

CWU could call Royal Mail strike ballot Wednesday this week

Last week Communication Workers Union (CWU) general secretary Dave Ward warned that unless Royal Mail significantly shifted their position on pensions, a shorter working week, a redesign of the company’s pipeline and the extension of current agreements then a ballot on strike action will be

Amazon takes major slice out of UK delivery market

Amazon is now one of the biggest couriers in the UK. Amazon Logistics has grabbed a 7% market share of the delivery market by parcel numbers, slightly behind Yodel on 8%. The numbers are pretty staggering with Hermes on 11% and Royal Mail on 47%,

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