By Chris Dawson August 6, 2020 - 10:15 am

3 Returns challenges every online retailer needs to conquer

In this guest post today, Bobbie Ttooulis, Executive Director of GFS highlights the three key returns challenges that every online retailer needs to conquer. Failure to get to grips with returns can impact conversion rates, repeat purchases, and possibly most important of all your bottom

Amazon extended returns extended due to pandemic

Amazon extended returns, introduced as part of the martetplace's response to the Coronavirus pandemic, have been extended again to the end of July due to ongoing local outbreaks. This applies to the UK, Spain and Turkey. Due to some continued local restrictions, on Amazon in the

New Amazon automated return processing feature

Amazon is launching a new automated return processing feature. This feature is optional and gives you control over the products you would like to exclude from automated returns processing. Designed for sellers that don't use FBA, automated return processing feature should drive greater operational efficiency and,

Closing the gap between delivery and returns

"Retailers often recognise the important of delivery with a sharp focus building in the last 10 years. However, returns have largely been neglected. It’s important for businesses to close the gap between delivery and returns and create a seamless full circle experience", says Bobbie Ttooulis,

Amazon warn sellers selling returns as new to stop!

Amazon have put out a warning regarding product conditions emphasising that goods sold as new must be new, effectively a warning to those selling returns as new. Even a shabby box is enough for many Amazon customers to consider a product as not new so

DHL UK returns service launched with Narvar

There's a new DHL UK returns service for retailers. Named 'Just Right Returns' by DHL, it promises a simple and convenient way for consumers to drop-off and track returns, to drive loyalty and revenue for retailers. This is a fully integrated offering as the DHL UK

Amazon prepaid returns labels mandatory in US

Amazon have extended the Amazon Prepaid Returns label program to all professional sellers in the US selling on As of the the 15th of June, sellers will start to be automatically enrolled in the program. We all know that when selling on Amazon the customer

eBay Return Requests response needed in 3 days from May

Edited to add: eBay have informed us that the change announced in the seller release regarding return requests has been paused and will not be implemented until further notice. 90% of the time, sellers on eBay UK respond to a buyer returns request within 3 business days

eBay temporary returns extensions Money Back Guarantee policy

To help support buyers and sellers with items returned during the Coronavirus pandemic, new eBay temporary returns extensions and eBay Money Back Guarantee policy extensions have been announced. For buyers- eBay temporary returns extensions As buyers may be ill or self isolating due to a family member

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