By Chris Dawson April 12, 2018 - 7:27 pm

5 Product Recommendation Engines available in Lengow

How to recommend the ideal product to consumers Accustomed to performing Internet searches to find and purchase products, consumers are looking more than ever for a unique and personalised purchasing experience in order to find the product best suited to their expectations. Today Lengow shares a

nFlate Personal Recommendation Engine for Shopify

Christmas is fast approaching, but it's not too late for Shopify webstore users to get a final boost to their Christmas sales. nFlate, a new data-science based recommendation engine has launched just in time for the holiday season. Although it's early days, nFlate customers are already

How Alibris power recommendations from 150m products

How do you make product recommendations when you have 150 million products and millions of customers? If you stick to best selling items you'll never surface the rarer products which might be of most interest. This is a problem eBay has struggled with for years,

Let me discover what I didn’t expect to want

I ran across an interesting article today that didn't ask the question how technology can help users find what they want, it asked how technology can help people discover what they didn't expect to want. That got me thinking, yesterday I was out shopping with a

What sites would you recommend for your mum?

It's a big day for my Mum, she's going to get hooked up to the Internet for the first time ever. Having eschewed computers as far too complicated and expensive, my Mum (who has been retired for years) has at last decided she wants to

eBay have a hunch they know what you want

eBay have just acquired Hunch, an online platform that provides recommendations based upon user's individual tastes. Hunch lets you share what you like and get recommendations based on your taste and connect with people similar to you. Hunch recognises that one size doesn't fit all and

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