By Chris Dawson February 2, 2021 - 12:30 pm

Selling customisable products via Amazon Custom webinar

Some marketplaces are great at handling customisable products because they were built around the premise that consumers would want gifts engraved, or printed with their name, photos, birth date and other details. Other marketplaces which are more general have had to try and tweak their

New Amazon Custom listing experience for make-on-demand products

There is a new Amazon Custom listing experience has features allowing you to offer customisable and make-on-demand products in your store. This is brilliant news for the millions of sellers who hand make, add photos, offer engraving services, custom embroidery and a zillion other personalisation

Finding the profit in personalisation

Customer experience can be make or break for retailers. In fact, recent research shows that flawed customer experiences could be costing British retailers up to £102 billion in lost sales each year. This shouldn’t be news to retailers; the modern consumer demands a connected, consistent

Segmentify: Bridging the indecision gap in the world of choice

It was in 2014 when an idea to personalise customer journey was born, marking the beginning of a successful personalisation suite business. The next five years saw Segmentify expanding their offering to tailor customer experience for 200 businesses across the globe. Today, Segmentify is an

9 eBay personalised approaches for tailored experience

eBay say that this year saw the introduction of personalised experiences on the marketplaces to enhance the shopping journey for customers. The marketplace say that the new experiences eBay have built are focused on inspiration and discovery, value and selection, simplicity and ease. Here are

49% of Consumers Sign-Up for Personalisation but it can get creepy

According to the latest survey from Periscope® By McKinsey, consumers both value and respond to personalisation — when it’s done right. But they won’t tolerate being bombarded with poorly timed, intrusive or irrelevant messages. The research, entitled “The Art of Personalization— Keeping it Relevant,

Only 40% of personalised emails feel personal

How often do you receive personalised emails just for them to totally miss the mark? Are you a man and received emails promoting women's clothing or vice versa? Have you just bought a new bedside cabinet and you receive emails begging you to buy bedside

Amazon Custom enables selling with personalisation in the UK

Amazon Custom is now available in the UK, sellers can list products with customisation options available and consumers can select the customisation details required at the point of purchase. This is a huge time saving for sellers who no longer have to contact customers after

The Top 6 Things eBay UK needs in 2018

When I sat down to thing what I'd like to see from eBay UK this year, it was easy to consider things like more traffic and more sales for sellers. These are things that will only come if the marketplace gets the basics right and

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