By Chris Dawson June 7, 2019 - 9:00 am

SCA to cause €57 billion in abandoned carts says Stripe

Ecommerce platforms are warning the EU that payment changes could seriously disrupt ecommerce. New SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) will introduce friction in ecommerce checkouts which could see increases in the numbers of abandoned baskets. Amazon, Worldpay are warning of the potential disruption with research commissioned by

3 eBay seller-focused strategies: ‘Velocity, protection and comfortable selling’

"Sellers want velocity. Sellers want protection. Sellers want a place that they feel comfortable selling," is what Devin Wenig says are three eBay seller-focused strategies. Speaking at eBay shareholder meeting, Devin Wenig, chief executive officer of eBay, discussed the development of the marketplace as a hub

PayPal Working Capital provided $10bn to support 225k businesses

PayPal Working Capital have announced that they have provided more than $10 billion in funding to support more than 225,000 small businesses globally. Bridging the financial gap This marks six years of PayPal Working Capital support of small businesses in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, and Mexico.

How eBay Payments in Germany will roll out

eBay have announced their application for regulatory approval to intermediate eBay Payments in Germany. Today we spoke to eBay Germany to find out more about their plans, but first a recap of the progress eBay have made. "We continue to make good progress in our payments

Joined up online and offline payments for Mister Spex

Berlin based online optician, Mister Spex, has selected the Computop’s highly secure POS terminals for the processing of all card payments across its national network of German stores. The CCV Pad card terminal from Computop is one of a new generation of POS solutions that

Square launches Square Invoices app in the UK

There is a new Square Invoices app offering sellers a self-serve tool for creating, managing, and sending invoices from anywhere. You can send quotes, request deposits, issue recurring invoices and automated reminders, with Square Invoices which aims to adds all the functionality small businesses need

Seller own merchant payment accounts on eBay to be banned

eBay have started to block sellers from using their own merchant payment accounts on eBay to accept direct payments via credit and debit card. Sellers who use their own merchant payment accounts on eBay are receiving emails from eBay advising that soon they won't be

‘The global demand for British goods remains high:’ PayPal director

"The global demand for British goods remains high," is how a PayPal director summarises the state of affairs following the Brexit vote. Speaking to Tamebay, Nicola Longfield, director of small business at PayPal UK, takes a positive stance on the post-Brexit environment. When asked how the payments supplier

‘We want to be part of Chinese payment capabilities, says PayPal’s CEO

"We want to be a part" of Chinese payment capabilities, is how PayPal's CEO describes the vision of the payments provider in terms of future cross-border collaboration. "China developed a very robust set of digital payment capabilities," is what Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal finds attractive