By Chris Dawson February 16, 2017 - 5:58 pm

PayPal to acquire bill payments company TIO

PayPal have announced that they will acquire TIO Networks for $304 million CAD ($233 million USD) equity value, 25.2% above market value. TIO is a bill paying network, as well as enabling online bill payment with card (or PayPal), they also offer self service kiosk payments,

Do you still use or accept cheques in your ecommerce business?

Cheques in most people's world are a thing of the past. I personally haven't had a cheque book for over a decade and consumers can't pay in many shops with cheques these days - it's all plastic debit and credit cards or contactless payments. And yet

Jaguar announce in-car petrol payments with PayPal and Apple Pay

I've always loved Jaguar cars and now I think I need a new one. The latest Jaguar XE, XF and F-PACE are the first in the world to have in-car payments for fuel, although only at Shell petrol stations. Sadly you still have to get

The stunning success of PayPal One Touch in 2016

PayPal reported strong results for Q416 and 2016 in general, revenues were up. And also we've reported that PayPal will be amending their legal terms and conditions. But one aspect of PayPal's successful 2016 hasn't been remarked upon so much: that's the striking adoption of the

Amazon and PayPal in talks about payments

Probably the most interesting aspect of PayPal's reporting of results was the information that PayPal has been talking to Amazon about payments. Presumably with a view to allowing Amazon customers use PayPal to pay for marketplace purchases. Regarding the discussions, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said in

PayPal revenues up in Q416

Paypal has reported its latest financial results for the fourth quarter of 2016 and it continues to grow strongly and results were in line with Wall St. analyst expectations for the period. Revenues clocked in at $2.98 billion in Q416 that's up 17% on the

If you had to pay for cash would you use a digital wallet?

£730 million in cash was withdrawn on Friday 23 December 2016, an all-time record day for LINK cash machine network. Despite the prevalence of debit and credit cards, cash is still a major payment method in the UK and online payment providers such as PayPal

iZettle and UnionPay hook up to power more payments

iZettle has added UnionPay to its range of accepted credit and debit cards. The company’s card reader, iZettle Reader, is the first of its kind to accept UnionPay, across its ten markets in Europe. Johan Bendz of iZettle says: “This partnership will help the hundreds

iZettle raises €60m in funding

Payments technology firm iZettle has raised an €60m in venture capitalist funding in a recent round. The purpose of the cash will be to further develop the company in Europe and Latin America. In the past year iZettle has developed its product in the past