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By Chris Dawson September 20, 2021 - 11:00 am

Meet the company: Abstrakt Fulfilment

Today we talk to Adam Qazi, Head of strategic & commercial planning at Abstrakt, a company running mailing service operations for 30 years who now also offer a fulfilment service tailored to the needs of ecommerce merchants. Their key differentiator is their friendly service offering you

Meet the company: ProShip Fulfilment

When you might be selling on a choice from over 50 different marketplaces and webstores and want services from any of 80 plus couriers picking the right fulfilment house isn't easy. That's the challenge that Jack Wratten and Michael Hogben aimed to solve when they

Meet the Product – Shopware 6 as a Cloud Solution

For a retailer faced with the decision for an ecommerce software, it is crucial to consider not only what the system can do today, but also how customisable it is to future requirements. This is where Shopware Cloud comes into play. It offers retailers an

Meet the company: Channable

With ever more marketplaces, comparison websites, or other marketing channels to sell online, Channable bill themselves as the the ultimate feed management & PPC tool. One place to manage your product feeds to selling platforms freeing you up to concentrate on running your business with

Meet the marketplace: Avasam

Avasam are here to help you expand your ecommerce business with robust, automated dropshipping. Want to test new product lines without a hefty commitment to stock? Short of stock due to supply chain issues and need to back fill to keep your virtual shelves full?

Meet the marketplace: Flippa

Here at Tamebay we love marketplaces and so it was interesting to find a marketplace for selling businesses and that's exactly what Flippa is. We spoke to Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa, to find out how the marketplace works, why someone would sell their business

Meet the company: Olsam (a UK based Amazon FBA Acquirer)

The past year has been a turbulent time for many marketplace businesses - some have been busier than ever whilst others have seen their sales plummet during the never ending stream of pandemic lock downs. Now at the start of 2021, it's time to review

Meet the product: World Account from WorldFirst

Doing business globally shouldn’t be complicated. Our friends at WorldFirst have launched their new and improved World Account, so you can stay in control of your finances with a real-time overview of your currency account balances, live market movements and your fixed FX transfer fee

Meet the company: AgeChecked

We speak to Alastair Graham, Founder and CEO of AgeChecked, to find out how you can perform online age checks and ensure you comply with Home Office guidance. Many retailers offer products which are subject to age verification checks, on the high street it's a daily

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