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By Chris Dawson August 10, 2020 - 12:00 pm

Meet the company: TymeOnline

Recent events have led to a rush by many retailers to expand their online presence and TymeOnline have been inundated with retailers eager to fast track their marketplace businesses. This success has come from years of experience of both building multi-million pound online businesses and

Meet the company: Sync with Connex

The world has changed massively in recent months. Now businesses are starting to open again but some without their full complement of full time staff as the government transitions furlough next month to allow part time working. With businesses still having the same tasks to

Meet the company: PolicyBee

Insurance is one of life’s necessary evils. A bit on the tedious side? Yes. Something you’d rather not spend money on? Certainly. But also vital for protecting your business. That being the case, we figure buying the right cover at a fair price is something you’d

Meet the retailer: Clew – the first Shopware 6 merchant

At the same time as the dotcom bubble burst and scores of IT companies went bankrupt, an enthusiastic 16-year-old developer, Stefan Hamann, set up an IT company out of his childhood home: Hamann-Media GmbH. Shortly afterwards he brought his brother Sebastian on board, who, as a

Meet the product: Glopal

For many years, Webinterpret has supported merchants selling on marketplaces. Now they've spun out a new company, Glopal, to assist merchants to internationalise selling on their own website to maximise the marketing opportunities that come from Google Shopping. We spoke to Glopal’s CMO and CPO, Herbert

Meet the marketplace: Cdiscount Marketplace

It's a new year and a new decade, an ideal time to consider expanding to new marketplace and territories so in our first marketplace interview of 2020, we spoke to Jonathan Gorges from the Cdiscount Marketplace to discover more about the opportunity on offer. Created

Meet the new Company: eCommeleon

Many of you will know Jesse Wragg & Eduard Gerritsen, Co-Founders of eCommeleon – before starting eCommeleon, they were both part of the team at InterCultural Elements (ICE); Eduard as a co-founder & managing director, Jesse as head of sales. As part of ICE, Eduard

Meet the new product: Replyco Helpdesk

Many of you will know Artem Verovenko, CEO of Replyco – prior to starting Replyco, Artem was part of a founding team at Linnworks (employee #1), the UK’s largest multi-channel order management software provider, and spent 9 years scaling the company to the size it

Meet the company: Coople

Some of you may remember the UK MD of Coople, Kit Glover, from his time at eBay. Now he's running a new marketplace catering for companies needing to hire staff and people looking for work. The idea is to make it as simple to book

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