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By Chris Dawson February 18, 2019 - 10:30 am

Meet the company: SmartConsign

When most companies talk to you about carrier delivery management solutions, what they mean is that they want to sell you courier labels. That's not so with SmartConsign who have built a system designed purely to manage your deliveries whether that be on you desktop

The $100BN/annum market you’re not selling into

You may be familiar with the name BitCoin and the existence of digital-currency - namely from the highs, lows, and (endless) news stories in late 2017- early ‘18. What you probably don’t know however is that as we write, digital-currencies continue to trade over $15BN

Meet the company: Hallmark Consumer Services

With Christmas out of the way, many online businesses will be assessing how their fulfilment processes stacked up and already making plans for Christmas 2019. Where once, peak was the run up to Christmas, there are now multiple peak selling periods throughout the year

Meet the company: Thompson and Holt

What would you do if you woke up one morning to find your Amazon account suspended and your income stream cut off? That's the concern that Thompson & Holt aim to address giving you income protection so that you can carry on paying your staff

Meet the company: Intersoft

If you've outgrown your current legacy solution for shipping label production then Intersoft could be the answer for you. They can assist with all elements of the shipping cycle, from label production, to manifesting through their APIs with over 70 carriers. We asked Steve Sneath, Retail

Meet the company: Visualsoft

Visualsoft offer a unique service to online retailers. Rather than charge high upfront project fees for their websites, marketplace integrations, SEO, paid search and marketing services, they offer a fully integrated solution for a small fee for successful transactions. By combining all services for your

Meet the company: PicClick
‘Where are they now?’

PicClick is a site which enables you to search visually on eBay. It's way faster than eBay search and returns an infinite scrolling page of images in seconds. Rather than a list or gallery view on eBay itself, it enable users to scan hundreds of

Meet the company: Salveo and Citizen label printers

Salveo are suppliers of Citizen printers and have created printer/software packages that are ideally suited to ecommerce. If you are looking for reliable, easy to integrate printers then Citizen are the answer.Their range of printers will allow you to expand your operation with ease and ensure

Meet the marketplace: Makes Me Healthy

Makes Me Healthy is a new marketplace about to launch in time for Christmas focusing on the health and wellbeing markets. In the UK, it's tough to create a general merchandise marketplace to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay, but there is space

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