Meet the company

By Chris Dawson November 25, 2019 - 11:00 am

Meet the new Company: eCommeleon

Many of you will know Jesse Wragg & Eduard Gerritsen, Co-Founders of eCommeleon – before starting eCommeleon, they were both part of the team at InterCultural Elements (ICE); Eduard as a co-founder & managing director, Jesse as head of sales. As part of ICE, Eduard

Meet the new product: Replyco Helpdesk

Many of you will know Artem Verovenko, CEO of Replyco – prior to starting Replyco, Artem was part of a founding team at Linnworks (employee #1), the UK’s largest multi-channel order management software provider, and spent 9 years scaling the company to the size it

Meet the company: Coople

Some of you may remember the UK MD of Coople, Kit Glover, from his time at eBay. Now he's running a new marketplace catering for companies needing to hire staff and people looking for work. The idea is to make it as simple to book

Meet the product: ONETRAK

Often when we hear about new tools or services they are aimed at large retailers with massive turnover, so it was a real pleasure this week to speak to Malcolm Barrell, CEO of P2P to find out more about their new ONETRAK service. The founders of

Meet the Company – Whistl

When you think of Whistl, you probably think letters, mainly bills and yes they do handle an enormous number of letters each year, but they also handle millions of parcels for ecommerce merchants both large and small. Whether you are shipping 100 items a day

Meet the company: moneycorp

There are many currency transfer services available, but moneycorp offers more than many - Transferring your funds from overseas sales back to the UK is just the start, moneycorp provide IBAN or ABA bank routing numbers to speed fund transfer, the ability to hedge funds

Meet the Product – Shopware 6

When it comes to selecting an ecommerce platform, making the right decision is critical, not just considering what the platform can do today but also taking into account what you might want it to do in the future. That's why Shopware 6 has been totally

Meet the company: Spring GDS

With the possible challenges of Brexit, online sellers have had to focus on International shipping and consider new solutions. With that in mind we've spoken to Steve Ferguson, Managing Director of Spring UK who have solutions available for both large and small online sellers. As

Meet the company – SellersFunding

SellersFunding, recognising that banks haven't been traditionally adept at providing small business finance for online retailers, set out to create a solution to match sellers with funds from financial institutions and to make the whole process seamless. Designed with online merchants in mind, they even have