Meet the company

By Chris Dawson June 10, 2019 - 11:00 am

Meet the company: PriceSpy

PriceSpy is a product and price comparison site which can get you exposure both in the UK and overseas and it's free to list your online shop on. With over 14 million users in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK & Ireland, Italy, France, Poland and New

Meet the company: Airwallex

For sellers who trade overseas, repatriating their funds from sales is a key part of their business. Whilst there are many services that can assist, only Airwallex was built specifically with online sellers in mind. Airwallex isn't an ecommerce service tacked on to a business

Meet the Company- PHL

Choosing a fulfilment partner is never an easy decision, you want someone that understands your business and, whether you are turning over millions or are a micro business operating from a small unit, you want a fulfilment partner that can grow with you. That's where

Meet the marketplace: eBUYgumm

The eBUYgumm marketplace is relatively new but with the uniqueness that they are only allowing bona fide UK based retailers to trade and sell. As with all new marketplace it takes time to build traction, but eBUYgumm have made listings and selling totally free. One of

Meet the company: UKP Worldwide

UKP Worldwide, or UKPW for short, can assist with your international shipping and not only save money but offer services such as pre-customs clearance in the UK meaning that there are no delays with border checks at the final destinations. For anyone who ships large numbers

Meet the company: SmartConsign

When most companies talk to you about carrier delivery management solutions, what they mean is that they want to sell you courier labels. That's not so with SmartConsign who have built a system designed purely to manage your deliveries whether that be on you desktop

The $100BN/annum market you’re not selling into

You may be familiar with the name BitCoin and the existence of digital-currency - namely from the highs, lows, and (endless) news stories in late 2017- early ‘18. What you probably don’t know however is that as we write, digital-currencies continue to trade over $15BN

Meet the company: Hallmark Consumer Services

With Christmas out of the way, many online businesses will be assessing how their fulfilment processes stacked up and already making plans for Christmas 2019. Where once, peak was the run up to Christmas, there are now multiple peak selling periods throughout the year with

Meet the company: Thompson and Holt

What would you do if you woke up one morning to find your Amazon account suspended and your income stream cut off? That's the concern that Thompson & Holt aim to address giving you income protection so that you can carry on paying your staff