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By Chris Dawson February 6, 2020 - 12:12 pm

eBay TurboLister to be finally killed off July 2020

You might be forgiven for having forgotten about eBay TurboLister as it's been dead for a year if you're in Europe. However the clunky and much derided often nicknamed 'TurdoLister', but still loved by many despite it's faults has lumbered on in the US but

7 eBay TurboLister alternatives to consider

With the final demise of TurboLister just a few weeks away, sellers will be forced to look for alternatives. There are many multichannel solutions available which offer many more features than TurboLister, but for those used to a comprehensive but free eBay supported listing tool

eBay confirm Turbolister will be fully retired in Feb 2019

eBay have confirmed that TurboLister will be fully retired across their European sites including the UK at some point in the next month. This means that if you are still using TurboLister you need to find an alternative solution. If you don't have alternative plans

eBay UK makes changes to the quick listing tool

eBay UK has revealed that they have made some changes to the quick listing tool. You can find out about the changes here. You can access the quick listing tool, and it's more advanced equivalent, via the eBay Seller Centre. Here are the changes as noted

Nembol desktop listing app now available

With the impending demise of eBay's TurboLister in June this year, it's time to start considering alternative solutions and so today we're revisiting an app we first wrote about in 2015, Nembol. Nembol is a listing app designed to go from snapping a photo of a

Nembol now supports listing on 14 channels in about 90 seconds

Last time we wrote about Nembol they were a start up available on Apple iOS only. Now a year down the line they're growing fast, have an Android app as an alternative to their Apple offering and a host of new facilities to make listing

Bulk list in seconds on eBay using just a GTIN and Price

Using Xpress Lister fromCodisto, eBay sellers can now create full listings from only a UPC/EAN code and a price - just two pieces of data! If the products exist in the eBay catalog, Xpress Lister will complete the eBay title, find images and complete

Codisto real time Magento & eBay integration

We've heard from many readers that they are interested in looking at Magento integrations for eBay and we've had to go to the other side of the world to find this solution -

Nembol: Get products from shelf to Internet in 90 seconds

Traditional independent retailers often find the Internet tricky to get to grips with and understandably, most online sellers we talk to don't have enough hours in the day without having a stream of walk-in customers to attend to and retail displays to keep stocked. Not only

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