By Chris Dawson May 23, 2019 - 11:57 am

Amazon to stop emailing Amazon invoices

Amazon are to stop sending merchants Amazon invoices via email attachments. From the 20th of May 2019, Amazon will no longer attach a PDF of your Amazon invoices to emails. You will still of course have full access to records of your financial transactions with Amazon.

PayPal invoice enhancements coming soon

PayPal have launched a new invoicing product and the rollout of several new critical invoicing features to help businesses bill more efficiently and get paid faster. The new invoicing tool is launching in the US first and will then be rolled out to global markets

Simple Order Management with One Stop Order Processing

Last week Sid asked Tamebay a question: "When we print the Amazon invoices, it prints the SKU number which is great. However, when we print the eBay invoice it does not print the “custom label”, (SKU Label). I am already aware of the stock inventory

Have you checked your eBay fees lately?

It sounds a bit obvious, but do you know what you're paying for and are you still using all the services that you've signed up for? It's worth casting an eye over your invoice every now and then to make sure you're not wasting money. That's

BT billed me £70.65 for not making a call

I'm totally disillusioned with BT holding me hostage. I don't really want or need a BT land line as I have unlimited minutes on my mobile. However I have to have a land line so that I can have broadband Internet (which isn't with BT). I've

The mystery parcel and missing a sales opportunity

I had a bit of a surprise yesterday. A courier turned up with a parcel neatly addressed to me which isn't that unusual since I'm regularly buying things online. However I wasn't expecting something quite this size and when I opened it it turned out

eBay tell buyers they owe more than they bid

I received a rather irate email today from a customer asking "My offer was for £15 which you accepted. Why have you asked for £19.99?" Not too sure what I done wrong I double checked. Sure enough I had accepted an offer for £15.00. Had I

How to get your invoices paid faster

I was in a meeting today where Beth Deavila, HP UK Officejet Brand Manager was discussing printers. There was much talk of how businesses today need colour printing, what features could support small businesses and how modern high end inkjet printers are in some cases

FAQs: How do I give a discount on an eBay invoice?

photo credit: PinkMooseLots of sellers seem to be asking on various eBay forums recently about how to give buyers discounts on their eBay invoices: it must be the credit crunch. So even though most experienced sellers know the answer to this one, here goes

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