Import Duty

By Chris Dawson June 4, 2020 - 11:22 am

HMRC propose scrapping UK VAT free imports and force marketplaces to collect VAT

HMRC plan to scrap UK VAT free imports and force marketplaces to collect VAT on sales for overseas sellers by the end of the year, according to consultation document seen by the FT. Although an informal consultation documents, “key design features” of the plans were

Hurricane partner with Australia Post for import duty calculations

Hurricane have struck a partnership with Australia Post to offer their cross-border API solutions, which will allow clients to classify their products, import duty calculations and taxes and screen for product restrictions and those on global denied parties lists. Using a true, bespoke AI –

Hurricane Commerce join Magento Technology Partner program

Hurricane Commerce have joined the Magento Technology Partner program ahead of the upcoming release of their cross-border API solutions to improve the customer experience on any cross-border transactions for Magento merchants. The Hurricane solution aims to ease the ever-evolving demands of regulatory matters, duties &

Prepare to trade under WTO terms say retailers

Today's Tamebay Round Table Brunch along with our expert host, Bobbie Ttooulis from GFS (pictured above), saw a robust discussion over many aspects of ecommerce. Everything from Brexit, WTO terms (World Trade Organization) and overseas shipping to software solutions, work flow both in the warehouse

De Minimis Thresholds can help or hinder sales

When you're selling online, probably one of the last things you think about is import taxes and duties that an overseas buyer may have to pay. It's worth considering though - a year ago the US raised what's know as their de minimis threshold (the

Alibaba’s Jack Ma wants a digital China to Europe ‘Silk Road’

Jack Ma has appealed to the G20 to create a digital 'Silk Road' trade route between Asia and Europe to speed the passage of goods and cut red tape. This would allow small Chinese retailers to more easily sell to the West and potentially for

Union Customs Code in force from 1st May 2016

Even if you're an importer you probably don't need to be aware of the EU's new Union Customs Code (UCC) which comes into force in the EU on the 1st May 2016. You'll probably use a freight forwarder and it'll be their job to deal

Increased De Minimis to $800 for US tax & duty free imports

A year ago the Low Value Shipment Regulatory Modernization Act of 2015 bill was put before the US congress. The aim was to amend the Tariff Act of 1930 to increase from the value of goods an individual could import by mail (effectively ecommerce) from

Duty paid overseas shipping with Parcelworks

Parcelworks aim to take the pain out of International deliveries, for you and for your customers. They offer an international parcel delivery network for SME retailers and individuals, offering duty managed services worldwide. The pain points for most retailers are how to get a cost effective

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