Helen Parker

By Chris Dawson August 19, 2021 - 10:30 am

What is Depop, and why should you care?

Helen Parker is the Managing Director of The Supplier Central marketplace and community. She has over 20 years experience in retail and supply chain management, with a particular interest in B2B re-selling. Today Helen takes a look at Depop and why you should care about

The biggest danger to your business is wasted breath on man-bats, not COVID-19

Helen Parker of The Wholesale Forums takes a objective look at how we've been using the Internet during the pandemic and what this means for you business strategy moving forward. Read on to discover how you get from man-bats and sex to a realistic view

Please stop telling companies to get ready for the New Normal

With the Government now telling business it's time to go back to work (Unless they on the list of businesses ordered to stay closed), there has been a lot of talk of a 'new normal'. Helen Parker of The Wholesale Forums points out that there is

Get stock listed on The Wholesale Forums for free

The Wholesale Forums (TWF) are offering all Marketplace Sellers a free service where TWF staff will post your stocklists for free. The Wholesale Forums are not only a place to list stock, but of course a place that you can also source stock. With the disruption

Tamebay 2020 Back to Work Tips – Helen Parker

In the latest instalment of our 2020 Back to Work Tips series, Helen Parker of The Wholesale Forums discusses setting up your business for the long term rather than getting distracted with short term fads: Make sure your business is protected from fads and volatile marketing

The UK rise of mini-eCommerce

With Christmas displays already appearing in shop windows and the clocks about to move back this weekend bringing instantly darker evenings, Helen Parker from The Wholesale Forums has started to think about Christmas and how shopping has changed beyond all recognition in recent years. Once

How do Auction Houses get such good stock?

Helen Parker is Founder and Chief Exec of Bid on This, who aim to bring the world of auction houses to everyone, through their online auction platform. Helen is repeatedly asked “How can auction houses can afford to sell quality products at such a good

The dirty secret of online retail

Helen is the CEO of Recoverex, the company that owns StockShifters and The Wholesale Forums. She's in the business of helping companies dispose of excess stock and time and time again sees companies that would rather hang on to stock that's never going to sell

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