By Chris Dawson February 23, 2017 - 1:28 pm

Google Home adds Express Shopping

Google Home is not even in the UK yet, but they've just upped the stakes by adding shopping to compete with Amazon's Echo device. With Google Home you can now shop from retailers in your area that are available on Google Express. Google Express offers fast

The main search changes Google made in 2016

Google made a large number of changes to their search algorithms and how search results are displayed in 2016. It's easy to lose track of best practise and always a good idea to review how your content will appear to users on the web. Google focused

Classic Google+ retired on 24th Jan with Events added to new Google+

From the 24th of January Classic Google+ will start to disappear from the web in favour of Google's new Google+ experience. Google have just released their latest round of improvements to the new version and it's time to bid farewell to what they've renamed "classic",

Google is gunning for digital payments in India

India is increasingly looking like the most important frontier for ecommerce and digital payments in the world right now. Amazon is investing heavily and Google too is looking to the sub-continent for profits. Google is going great guns on payments in India. There are more

What does the Internet look like?

We all know the Internet comes into our houses over a phone line, except when it doesn't because we're using a mobile, satellite or WiFi connection, but it's mainly cables that joins everything together. Cables are great but with traditional copper cables the Internet transmits as

Google Shopping training, London: 7/12/16

Online Seller UK will be holding an event that looks at Google Shopping, essentially ecommerce PPC, in London in December. It's happening at Rise on the Mile End Road in the East End. To find out more and bag a place, check out the event

Google Shopping training, Manchester: 26/9/16

Online Seller UK will be holding another of their useful events. This time the focus will be PPC for ecommerce sellers and a look at Google Shopping. The event will be held on the 26th September at Rise on Deansgate in Manchester. To find out more

Google could win PayPal’s cloud patronage

The undoubted top-notch provider of cloud services is Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hugely successful, a massive revenue driver and credited with being well ahead both Microsoft and Google. So it's interesting that PayPal is thinking of throwing its lot in with Google as

Google Adwords/( PPC) workshop, Swansea: 12/9/16

Online Seller UK will be turing their eyes to marketing for ecommerce SMEs in Swansea on the 12th September. The topic will be Google Adwords and Pay Per Click strategies (PPC). Head on down to the IndyCube. To find out more and bag a place, visit