By Chris Dawson June 13, 2021 - 2:01 pm

US Ending Platform Monopolies Act Amazon killing draft bill

THe US Congress have published 5 discussion bills which could serious impact Amazon's ability to sell products on their own platform. One bill in particular, The Ending Platform Monopolies Act aims to stop a marketplace from selling products on their own marketplace. Other bills address

Shopify’s Shop Pay checkout option expands to Google

Last week news of Shopify and Google's new partnership was announced. Shopify have now released information on how the expanded partnership will help more merchants sell on Google faster with the addition of Shop Pay and a simplified onboarding process. Shop Pay expands to Google According to

Google and Shopify announce new partnership

During their I/O Developer event last week Google announced their new partnership with Shopify which will allow the 1.7 million merchants using the platform more opportunities to reach consumers through Google's tools. "To help more merchants get discovered, it’s important that we support like-minded partners

Tamebay Live 1:30pm today: Google Campaigns Masterclass

Learn from the Master how Google Campaigns can grow your business with eDesk and Google at 1:30pm this Friday afternoon in Tamebay Live's Google Campaigns Masterclass. If you've not yet registered for the Tamebay Live week of masterclasses and workshops then register HERE to get free

Linnworks Buy on Google launch

Linnworks have announced an integration with Buy on Google, a checkout experience that allows shoppers to purchase products directly from retailers on Google. Buy on Google is a commission-free sales channel, enabling brands to expand the reach of existing product lines and find new audiences

News snippets could disappear from Google Australia

Most news outlets benefit enormously from having their stories indexed in search engines and on social media and one of the things that drags readers on to their platform to read the full article are news snippets - a short piece of text from the

Google Gmail down, so is YouTube, Drive etc

Google have had a major crash with Gmail down and users unable to access many other services such as YouTube and Drive. Google haven't yet made any announcement, but 10s of thousands of users are unable to access the services and with gmail down, any

How to make the most of Surfaces across Google
(and solve some of the early problems)

In mid-October, Google rolled out ‘Surfaces across Google’ in the EU - giving advertisers access to free listings inside the Google Shopping tab. However there were some early problems and if you're still not sure how to handle Surfaces across Google then today our friend,

Linn Academy Marketplace sessions

Linn Academy marketplace sessions naturally covered some of the biggest marketplaces but the segment is widening with social media and search engines getting into the online shopping game. You can view all of the sessions online and a great place to start with the Linn

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Catch of the Day rebranded as and launched its own
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