By Chris Dawson February 19, 2019 - 11:57 am

Pentagon adds Gmarket & Fruugo to managed service

Ahead of their Retail Without Borders conference, taking place in London on the 14th of March 2019, Pentagon have announced the signing of two new marketplaces, both of whom retailers and brands using Pentagon's services can now access. Pentagon's flexible technology delivers a quick, seamless integration

PayPal Japan – PayPal SOFTBANK partnership

"PayPal Japan" a new joint venture between PayPal and SOFTBANK to build a digital payments business that will drive the future of commerce in Japan. The strategic partnership was announced in a presentation by Masayoshi Son, Chairman & CEO of Softbank and John Donahoe, President

eBay to expand Gmarket into Japan

eBay have announced expansion plans in Japan and Singapore with an expansion of GMarket, which eBay acquired in 2009. Gmarket founder Young Bae Ku and eBay will both put around $10million into the new venture with eBay owning a 49% stake and Young Bae Ku

eBay moot purchase of 2nd South Korea marketplace

eBay are in talks to buy a minority share their largest South Korean competitor - Gmarket Global marketplace. eBay's current South Korean site is it's subsidiary Internet Auction Co which they bought a 49.9% stake in, in 2003. eBay have said "There can be no assurance

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