By Chris Dawson September 9, 2021 - 10:31 am

Your Peak Checklist and what to expect for 2021

Christmas is coming but first we'll be facing Black Friday week and busiest time of the year so to help you prepare your carrier arrangements, GFS have a Peak Checklist which you can download here. You might think that you've already got carriers in place

IOSS, DDP, DAP … SOS? What you need to know

With a ton of new acronyms flying around the industry such as IOSS, DDP, DAP and others. Today Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director at GFS explains what they mean, the impact that they will have on your shipping. Still confused by EU shipping rules? Here’s what

New rules create further chaos for UK businesses selling to the EU

A week into the new EU VAT rules and import duty changes, which include the introduction of IOSS and Marketplaces VAT, Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director at GFS, takes a look at how the changes are bedding in and unfortunately the conclusion is the changes

Day 1 of EU VAT Rules Changes Summarised

The EU VAT rules changes came into effect today, the 1st of July 2021, so what's it all about. What's changed and why are the rules changing? There are two main aims from the EU VAT rules changes. First to collect more VAT and second to

Are you ready for EU VAT changes on 1 July?

Selling to the EU is about to get EASIER (and cheaper!) with the EU VAT changes on the 1st of July, but if you still have questions then check out the webinar today (Wednesday) at 10am when our friends at GFS team up with IRX

Tamebay Live Watch on Demand – 35 Hours of Free Marketplace Education

From today, Tamebay Live Watch on Demand is available totally free of charge. If you missed a session you really wanted to watch or if you weren't able to watch Tamebay Live as it happened, every session is free to watch at your leisure. There are

Take a free Virtual GFS Warehouse Tour

Back in the pre-pandemic days in 2019, the Tamebay GFS Warehouse Tour took place in Newbury Berkshire. Along with Tamebay, invited online sellers were hosted by GFS who threw open the doors to their warehouse to demonstrate how a fulfilment operation can be made as

Tamebay Live – The week and how to watch again

With around 1,200 retailers, brands and merchants registering for Tamebay Live - the week saw 35 sessions over 5 days, 54 speakers, 6 co-hosts from Hurricane, ecommotors, GFS and ShipStation, and 1 title sponsor - eBay, this has been an amazing week of learning and

Tamebay Live 10:00am today: Best-Practice Delivery Around the World

Join this masterclass to understand what it takes to have a winning delivery strategy for each of the core ecommerce regions – USA, Europe, Far East and Asia and, UK. GFS are experts in UK and International delivery and have brought together some of their

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