By Tamebay Guide February 26, 2019 - 5:28 pm


In the world of craft selling there is more than Etsy. Folksy is a UK based and focussed craft and craft supplies marketplace that is getting noticed. The latest user and visitor numbers come from January 2017 and are quite decent. In 2016 the total

Folksy launches new marketplace features

The folks over at British-based crafts marketplace Folksy have been busy and several new features have launched on the site to help merchants. Direct card payments PayPal was already available to buyers and sellers on the site but now direct payments using cards are activated. It's

Marketplaces 2018: Folksy

This post about Folksy is part of Tamebay’s January 2018 Marketplaces series sponsored by Flubit. To find a full list of marketplaces we've written about this month, visit our Marketplaces 2018 page here. Web address: Marketplace Overview In the world of craft selling there is more

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