By Chris Dawson February 21, 2017 - 11:09 am

Zoey Merchant Webinar Series: Currencies Direct

Zoey is focused on solving one problem: making high-end eCommerce technology available to merchants without enterprise budgets. Zoey is built from Magento but Zoey is not Magento. In the process of creating Zoey, they modified and enhanced the Magento core to largely remove the need for

Spotcap SME finance decide a post Brexit Britain is good for business

Online Lender Spotcap just gave a huge thumbs up to a post Brexit Britain by launching in the UK. Founded two years ago and operating in Spain, Australia and the Netherlands, Spotcap is now expanding into the UK market, providing flexible and accessible funding solutions to

PayPal Working Capital has helped 14,000 UK Businesses

PayPal Working Captial announced today that they have provided more than $2 billion to over 90,000 businesses in the UK, US and Australia. For the first time they've broken out figures for the UK having advanced £185 million to more than 14,000 small businesses, since November

Managing your margins Webinar 28/6/16

With so much of online retail coming down to price and service, there's huge pressure on retailers to keep prices low in order to remain competitive. That puts a major squeeze on your margins, especially when you factor in all the costs associated with selling

PayPal Credit now available in the UK

PayPal has rolled out PayPal Credit in the UK allowing shoppers to spread the cost of online shopping thousands of stores with PayPal. PayPal Credit is the rebrand of Bill Me Later which eBay purchased for PayPal in 2008. Two months later Amazon dropped Bill Me

One seller’s experience with ecommerce lender iwoca

[caption id="attachment_15128" align="alignleft" width="650"] David Brackin[/caption]David Brackin of Stuffusell is a regular contributor to Tamebay. Here he tells of his recent positive experience with small business lender iwoca. One of the first duties of any business owner is to ensure that cash is managed properly

World First £25k giveaway for new and existing customers

Overseas currency experts World First are holding a bit of a promo and you could get your share of some of £25k they're giving away. Be aware though that the offer is only available to European based customers. As they say: "We're giving away a

PayPal Working Capital lent $1 billion in 2 yrs

PayPal, through PayPal Working Captial has lent over a billion dollars to around 60,000 small businesses since they launched PayPal Working Capital in September 2013. That's not only one heck of a lot of money, but it would appear that their loan book is increasing with

Kabbage cease consumer lending in the UK

We understand that Kabbage, a finance company offering short term loans for online sellers, has made a commercial decision to change the direction of its business and to cease lending to consumer borrowers in the UK. Their permission from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to engage