By Chris Dawson May 2, 2017 - 10:03 pm

PayPal have now loaned $3 billion to small businesses

We've heard many stories over the past five years or so of how small business finance has assisted online retailers. You have have borrowed from a company specifically set up to provide finance to online sellers such as iwoca, Ezbob or Cabbage, or more recently

RBS to offer £35k SME loans processed online in 3 minutes

Banks are catching on to the fact that they're losing a ton of business to small business fintech companies. Many will remember that Iwoca pioneered these loans in the UK and eventually were joined by the likes of PayPal and Amazon who also now can

Paypal Working Capital – lights are on but no one is home

David Brackin of Stuff U Sell is a regular contributor to Tamebay. Here he tells of his recent experience with small business finance companies: I tried iwoca last year and wrote up the experience on Tamebay. I was amazed at how fast and easy the process

Ratesetter and TaxAssist team up to help SMEs

RateSetter and accountants TaxAssist Accountants have formed a partnership to help UK SMEs access loans and finance. TaxAssist Accountants provide accountancy services and advice to small businesses through 290 outlets across the UK. In future they will refer businesses requiring working capital or finance to RateSetter

Zoey Merchant Webinar Series: Currencies Direct

Zoey is focused on solving one problem: making high-end eCommerce technology available to merchants without enterprise budgets. Zoey is built from Magento but Zoey is not Magento. In the process of creating Zoey, they modified and enhanced the Magento core to largely remove the need for

Spotcap SME finance decide a post Brexit Britain is good for business

Online Lender Spotcap just gave a huge thumbs up to a post Brexit Britain by launching in the UK. Founded two years ago and operating in Spain, Australia and the Netherlands, Spotcap is now expanding into the UK market, providing flexible and accessible funding solutions to

Start selling to the US: A checklist for Ecommerce success

The case for taking your ecommerce business transatlantic has always been an easy one to make. The US addressable market is huge and English-speaking with well established and reliable fulfilment services in place. But recent events, such as the Brexit referendum result and currency fluctuations, make

WorldFirst E-info Magazine Issue 3

World First has published Issue 3 of their E-info Magazine and it's full of interesting insights you'll want to read. The silly season will soon be upon us and retailers of all sizes are gearing up for their busiest period of the year so naturally there's