By Chris Dawson December 10, 2019 - 11:00 am

eBay Business Capital provided by Asto limited availability

eBay and Asto are opening the first version of their new Seller Finance product, eBay Business Capital provided by Asto, for a limited number of applications this December, to be followed by a full launch in the first quarter of 2020. Asto, which only recently launched

Payoneer working capital loans announced at Payoneer Forum

At this month's Payoneer Forum, Daniel Mayhew, Country Manager UK at Payoneer announced a new offering - Payoneer Working Capital. You can now get a Payoneer Capital Advance based on your marketplace sales which currently focuses mainly on Amazon in the UK, although Walmart and

New eBay Santander partnership to offer marketplace finance

There's a new eBay Santander deal which will see Santander backed Asto offer finance to small businesses selling on eBay. The blurb says that the idea is to offer cash flow loans to assist the 200,000 businesses trading on eBay to grow their operations and ensure

Resolve accelerates B2B ecommerce with Automated Net Payment Terms

If you are a business to business (B2B) supplier then there's a financing service that may be of interest. Resolve has formally spun out of Affirm to launch an automated payments platform offering extended net terms. The idea is that if you offer 30, 60

iwoca’s 7th birthday celebrates a year of expansion and profitability

Back in 2011 I first met Christoph Rieche who outlined his idea for a company offering loans to small businesses. Fresh from a career at Goldman Sachs, Christoph didn't even have an office but launched the business that Autumn and began providing loans. Taking the

Wholesale Clearance introduce new Payment Plan

If you're starting out on your first online selling adventure then you have have two barriers to getting started - Where do you get your stock from and how can you finance larger stock purchases to get your new business off the ground faster. A

Sell on Etsy mobile app now includes new finance features

Etsy have released new tools this month to enable merchants to manage their shop finances within the Sell on Etsy mobile app, which is available on Android and iOS platforms. You'll be able to view your account balances and pay bills through the app. Sellers

Barclays starts to ring-fence retail banking

Ring-fencing of day to day banking services is one of the reforms brought in by the UK government to strengthen the UK's financial system following the financial crisis that began in 2008. Ring-fencing legislation requires each of the larger UK high street banks to separate

Have you accounted for the eBay Fees VAT change?

It's worth a quick reminder that from the 1st of August eBay are now applying VAT to their fees which business sellers will pay for the first time. The first people to see the change will be those billed in the middle of the month, other

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