Etsy Advertising

By Chris Dawson March 17, 2021 - 12:30 pm

Etsy Offsite Ads expansion to publishing sites

If you use paid promotion then you'll be interested to learn of the Etsy Offsite Ads expansion to include publishing sites such as Buzzfeed, Martha Stewart, and Real Simple. If you're wondering if this impacts you then the answer is almost certainly yes, as all Etsy

6 pre-peak approaches to boost Christmas sales on Etsy

Christmas peak season arrives long before the tree is trimmed, prompting sellers to adopt pre-peak tactics to boost sales during the increased shopping activity. Etsy are introducing a few tools designed for sellers outside of the US to bag sales this peak season. 1. Create country-specific

New Etsy Ads to boost products’ visibility on Google and Etsy via a single campaign

Etsy have announced the introduction of a new advertising platform, Etsy Ads which aims to boost products' discoverability on Etsy and Google via a single campaign in a bid to address sellers' demands for a "simpler tools to help [them] grow." The move will see 'Etsies'

Focus on Etsy Google Shopping Ads

You might think it strange to pay a marketplace to manage Google Shopping Ads to drive traffic to your marketplace listings, after all why wouldn't you drive traffic to your own website? But some sellers class Etsy as their home on the web and so

Focus on Etsy Promoted Listings

Etsy, like many other marketplaces, have a optional paid advertising program - Etsy Promoted Listings - where sellers can voluntarily bid an additional amount to have their listings featured in search results on desktop and on the Etsy app. The first thing you need to know

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