By Chris Dawson May 12, 2021 - 3:42 pm

International Marketplace Network 1st Anniversary

It's been a year since the International Marketplace Network launched and now they have over 3000 Partner Sellers - from more than 60 countries worldwide. It was October 2019, that the International Marketplace Network was founded as a joint-venture between Kaufland (Then known as Real

Is the International Marketplace Network the best way to expand?

Last week, Real, CDiscount, EPrice and EMAG announced that their “one account to rule them all” model is now ready for users. Whilst it hasn’t been a secret that they were planning to work together, they have pressed the magic button which allows online sellers

International Marketplace Network connects real, Cdiscount, eMAG and e-PRICE

What do you do when you are a marketplace dominant in a single country but want to dominate in Europe? The answer is to collaborate with similar marketplaces in other countries and connect you platforms to form a mega-marketplace that that's exactly what real (Germany),

Four marketplaces launch pan-European marketplace

Four leading marketplaces including eMAG, Cdiscount, ePrice and have teamed up to launch a pan-European marketplace in an effort to support merchants sell cross-border as they expand into the European territories. The move will see the International Marketplace Network (IMN) uniting four marketplaces into

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