By Sasha Fedorenko October 9, 2019 - 3:04 pm

‘Ecommerce to account for a third of global retail sales by 2024’ Edge by Ascential

Analysts predict that 30% of global retail sales will be made through ecommerce channels by 2024, according to global ecommerce insights business Edge by Ascential at Retail Week’s Tech event. This announcement was made during a presentation by Edge by Ascential advising retailers on growth strategies

What does sustainable retailing mean to UK shoppers?

Sustainable retailing is becoming a norm rather a differentiating edge for retail businesses, with 82% of UK shoppers consider ‘environmentally friendly’ labelling within their purchase decisions, says new report by Shoppercentric. The research polled 1018 UK shoppers to explore the shoppers' attitudes towards eco-friendly trading -

What do consumers look for in a seller?

The increased competition in ecommerce allowed consumers to pick from a vast array of sellers competing for their wallet. However, what exactly pushes shoppers to pick a merchant of their choice and allows those merchants to win their loyalty? New research UPS Pulse of the Online

What are shoppers’ omnichannel buying preferences?

With online shopping becoming increasingly widespread, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are relying on it over traditional shopping. Data from Eurostat is showing that 82% of Brits are shopping online monthly. However, have Brits completely ditched traditional shopping? Or are

90% of ecommerce startups end in failure within the first 120 days

A significant percentage (90%) of ecommerce startups end in failure within the first 120 days, says new research by Marketingsignals. The analysis polled 1,253 ecommerce startups owners in the UK to understand the reasons behind the industry's lack of growth. According to the research, 37% of the

Russian stringent import tax puts a spotlight on controlling overseas competition

"The governing bodies of the Russian Federation are currently in search of an effective solution to curb the growth of cross-border ecommerce in the country," says Vladimir Stupnikov, chief executive officer of SPUTNIK marketplace. Speaking to Tamebay, Vladimir starts describing the popularity of overseas marketplaces

5G boost to ecommerce lacklustre as consumers continue to buy on desktop

The potential of 5G to boost the seamlessness of online experiences on the go is likely to fall behind, says new analysis by GlobalData. The report attributes the fallen hopes for the 5G to revolutionise the ecommerce to the lack of appetite to shop on the

Customer data breach concerns to pose risk to ecommerce future

Customer data breach concerns are set to pose a risk to ecommerce future, hindering sellers' attempts to personalise the customer experience. Sellers are eagerly adopting new technologies to leverage new opportunities. However, new risks are emerging. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the need to protect personal

How will ecommerce take shape in 10 years

A new age of retail has emerged over the last decade - ecommerce. This age is characterised by a richly textured digital landscape, buzzing with new technologies, devices and online communities which has gradually overshadowed analogue consumerism. Seismic shifts have fundamentally changed how consumers research, purchase