eBay Germany

By Chris Dawson July 16, 2021 - 10:00 am

eBay fulfilment program to be cheaper than FBA

eBay announced a new Managed Delivery eBay fulfilment program in Germany launching with 70 eBay sellers in mid 2020 and fully launched in September of that year. This followed a pilot test in the US which was then shut down. Now it appears that eBay

eBay Seller Update 21.1 – German VAT requirements

Today's eBay seller update reminds us that due to a law change in Germany effective from the 1st of July 2021, there will be new requirements for marketplaces to ensure the German VAT requirements compliance of their sellers. This means all sellers who need to register

eBay Payment Processing mandatory for all German Business Sellers in 2020

In the German eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release it was revealed eBay Payment processing will become mandatory for all German Business sellers by the end of 2020. On a global level, eBay will gradually expand the new payment processing to other buyers and sellers and it

eBay Germany Managed Payments launched

eBay have announced that eBay Germany Managed Payments have launched with the first few sellers going live in the past few days. eBay S.à r.l., has been authorized in Luxembourg as a payments institution and is providing the payment service in Germany. Germany is only the

Fulfillment for eBay in Germany finishes Beta testing with 70 sellers

At the end of July, eBay announced the new eBay Managed Delivery fulfilment program would roll out in 2020 in the US as part of a global initiative. Prior to this eBay ran a Fulfillment for eBay pilot in Germany which has now finished the

How eBay Payments in Germany will roll out

eBay have announced their application for regulatory approval to intermediate eBay Payments in Germany. Today we spoke to eBay Germany to find out more about their plans, but first a recap of the progress eBay have made. "We continue to make good progress in our payments

Spring 2019 Seller Release EU Countries eBay Fee Changes

We've covered off the main changes in the eBay UK Spring Seller Release and the US seller release but there are a couple of other announcements worth taking note of, in particular eBay Fee Changes, if you list directly onto eBay's other EU marketplaces. EU Final

eBay Germany Local & Digital eBay City Initiative

In 2017, after successful pilots in Mönchengladbach and Diepholz, eBay Germany Local & Digital: the eBay City Initiative" was launched, to help cities and communities make their way into online commerce. This initiative is now expanding eBay and supporting local retailers in linking online and

eBay DOES do eBay subscription memberships

Ever since Prime Day this year, eBay have been heavily marketing the message 'We Don't Do Memberships. We Do Deals'. There are regularly banners on eBay UK and punting this message and it's a good message but it's not quite true because eBay subscription

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