By Chris Dawson February 4, 2021 - 8:45 am

ManoMano sales doubled in 2020 – Sign up to sell in 2021

ManoMano sales doubled in the past year seeing €1.2 billion in sales turnover in 2020. In the UK, where 75% of sellers to the UK are based, ManoMano sales turnover was €105M, representing a growth of +240% compared to 2019. ManoMano now see the UK

May, June and July are the most lucrative months for the DIY market

May, June and July are the most lucrative month for the DIY market as shoppers make almost five times as many purchases, says new study by Royal Mail. The research has looked at shopping trends in DIY and gardening to understand online shopping behaviour in these

ManoMano DIY Marketplace raise €110m for expansion

ManoMano is a French marketplace aimed at the DIY and home vertical. It's typical of a new breed of marketplaces that, realising the giants like eBay and Amazon have the general marketplace business sewn up, have gone niche and carved out their own territory where

On the dot offer one hour time slot Wickes deliveries

Wickes has launched ‘Wickes Hourly’, a new delivery service giving customers a choice of one-hour time slots for product deliveries. The service has been made possible through a partnership with On The Dot. Introduced nationwide, hourly delivery is designed to make home improvement shopping quicker

Spring DIY weekly deals on eBay

I have to admit I've been totally bored with the daily and weekly deals lately. I don't need any more tech products or yet another hoodie, so it was actually a pleasure today to wake up to some Easter and Spring weekly deals from the

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