By Chris Dawson October 8, 2021 - 10:15 am

Deliveroo Plus free for a year with Amazon Prime

If like many you've been seduced during the lockdowns into ordering food to be delivered at home then there's good news for you. Amazon Prime's Delvieroo Plus incentive has been announced offering a year of free deliveries meals direct to your door. It offers free

Amazon lends Deliveroo money to avoid cash crunch

'You've got a friend in me' says Amazon to Deliveroo as they offer the online resturant food delivery company a loan whilst their last funding round is being investigated. Bloomberg reports that despite it being uncertain how much money was lent by Amazon, Deliveroo now

Amazon invests in Deliveroo

Deliveroo have announced that Amazon is leading a new $575 million funding round, alongside existing investors taking the total Deliveroo have raised to date to $1.53 billion. This is an interesting move considering that Amazon shut down Amazon Restaurants last year, they only launched in the

Aldi and Instacart take on Amazon with an Uber style grocery challenge

German based retailer Aldi, which is doing very well in the UK obviously, has teamed up with US 'unicorn' Instacart to deliver the grocery goods in an obvious challenge to Amazon Fresh, Pantry and its other grocery schemes. The idea is a simple one. You will

Deliveroo for Business launches for lunches

Deliveroo for Business launches this week aiming to spice up the 'eat at your desk' fodder employees consume during their working day. They also of course want to capture the meeting room buffet business and supply the food for the board room platters. The business service

Amazon Restaurant Delivery competes with Deliveroo

Amazon has introduced Restaurant Delivery in London via the Prime Now app. This will directly compete with businesses such as Deliveroo and Hungry House. Amazon Restaurants delivery service in selected London postcodes will offer food from family favourite restaurants including Strada, Gastronomica and Planet Hollywood through

Deliveroo pay deal highlights risk for self employed

Deliveroo, the food delivery business, were embroiled in a row this week over plans to pay self employed drivers on a per delivery basis rather than by the hour. Deliveroo wanted to pay £3.75 per delivery instead of the current £7 per hour plus £1

Deliveroo wins the 2016 Tamebay Cup

Deliveroo triumphed in the final beating Uber to carry away the trophy as victors in the 2016 Tamebay Ecommerce Cup managed by Genie and the Geek for the second year in a row. The quarter and semi finals were all hard fought matches and the teams

Amazon expands free food delivery to Manhattan and Dallas

Just weeks after launching in San Francisco, Amazon continues to expand its Prime service in the US by adding free food delivery from restaurants in Manhattan, and soon Dallas, as part of the Prime Now service. In Manhatten, 350 restaurants will be plugged into the service

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