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By Jane Bell February 21, 2017 - 12:45 pm

eBay, it’s time for a level playing field on my metrics please

Jane is the eBay Anorak and has discovered that not all eBay metrics are measured in the same way: We often hear the phrase ‘level playing field’ when referring to eBay for one reason or another but I’d like to request said field within my own

eBay Defect Seller Standards: 1st Assessment

Today is the date that you will find out your seller status as measured by the new Seller Defect rating. We've heard lots of concerns both on is the new policy too draconian and possible glitches to the system which may need refining. We're really interested

eBay Defect Report Viewer (Free!)

Are you struggling to make sense of your eBay defect reports? Do you just love the CSV download that eBay provides or would you prefer a more visual way to view defects? Thinkspring Interactive has the solution with their free eBay Defect Report Viewer. All you

Have you successfully appealed an eBay defect?

We're hearing from lots of sellers that they're racking up defects on their eBay Seller Dashboard, many of which they consider to be unfair. In some cases we agree that something went wrong and 'sorry' but the transaction was less than perfect even if you

How to lower your eBay defect rate

Without a doubt the new eBay satisfaction measure, the defect rate, is going to be a pain for sellers in the coming months. However there's one simple tip that can without a doubt lower your defect rate and that's simply to encourage customers to take

How long does an eBay buyer have to lodge a defect?

Stuart Baldry is a Tamebay reader and an experienced trader on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces as Managing Director of Urban 33. In this post he explores his recent experiences with eBay Customer Support trying to get to the bottom of how long buyers have

New eBay Seller dashboard is now available

As was noted in the Seller release early last week, the new seller dashboard rolled out for all users on eBay UK and beyond yesterday. You can read the announcement here and an email should have found its way to your inbox too. As the

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