By Chris Dawson February 11, 2021 - 10:51 am

OnBuy Multichannel Integration Partners to help you sell

On of the biggest complaints we hear about new marketplaces is the lack of channel integration they have to offer. One of the first decisions when considering selling on a new venue is how can you integrate it with your stock control and order management

OnBuy & BreakerPRO – Marketplace selling for Vehicle Dismantlers

BreakerPRO is a Professional Inventory Management System which provides full audit control of inventory for car dismantlers. The inventory management software systems are fully integrated for vehicle dismantlers helps to organize maintain inventory, invoicing, billing, barcoding and much more. Britain is a nation of car lovers

BreakerPro adds OEM part number integration

BreakerPro have added a new feature which enables users to automatically add all compatible vehicles for a specific part. All compatibilities can then be uploaded to ebay and other integrated channels. BreakerPro lets you add the Vehicle/Part details on the Inventory screen, navigate to the

BreakerPRO: New integration with Pistonheads

BreakerPRO have launched a new integration automatically with Pistonheads car parts classified section. BreakerPRO is designed for car breakers to enable them to simply and easily list their parts online. Once the parts are on BreakerPRO with just a few keystrokes parts are uploaded to eBay,

BreakerPRO: Multichannel for car breakers

Car parts are a particularly interesting part of selling on eBay, they're quite different to listing other products as they generally need to be listed with compatibility against different makes and models. Handling inventory is particular difficult for car breakers. Selling new products means you can

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