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By Sasha Fedorenko September 19, 2019 - 10:03 am

eBay to collect sales tax for additional US states

eBay have announced the scheduled collection of the sales tax on their sellers' behalf for additional US states, beginning from the 1st of October. The marketplace will begin collecting sales tax on applicable transactions for buyers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota,

UK embraces ‘Amazon tax’ despite claims it ‘unfairly’ targets US companies

The UK have announced the introduction of 'Amazon tax' on large online platforms such as Amazon, Google and Apple despite the US's irritation over its "unfair" targeting of the US companies. The UK is the second country to pioneer digital services tax after France imposed a

Is an “Amazon tax” coming soon in the UK?

There was plenty to digest in the 2018 Budget delivered by the UK finance minister Philip Hammond but the big news Tamebay was waiting for related to what has been termed as the “Amazon tax”. And surprisingly we still remain rather in the dark, despite

How will an ‘Amazon tax’ impact SME merchants? #TamebayTV [video]

We're still considering the various possible ramifications of the mooted online sales tax or Amazon Tax. Welcome to the latest video from #TamebayTV: one of our weekly YouTube updates and this week we look at a variety of stories including the latest announcements and news

3 unanswered questions about Hammond’s ‘Amazon Tax’

Last week, on behalf of the British government, the British finance minister, or Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond signalled his intention to pursue what he called an “online sales tax” (dubbed the 'Amazon Tax') in the UK with or without international agreement. We wrote

Booksellers demand Amazon Tax “quickly”

A trade association with a long history criticising Amazon has weighed into the debate as to whether the UK should introduce a specific tax on online sales - dubbed as the 'Amazon Tax' - as suggested by the UK finance minister, the Chancellor of the

eBay seller release, Amazon Tax and summer weather #tamebaytv [video]

Welcome to the latest video from #TamebayTV: one of our weekly YouTube updates and this week we look at a variety of stories including the latest announcements from eBay in their autumn seller release and the UK government's proposal for an online sales tax, dubbed

The UK government wants an international ‘Amazon Tax’ on online sales

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the finance minister for the UK, has indicated that the British government is in favour of an 'Amazon tax' and will seek international agreements to secure one to protect 'traditional' retail. You can read his full interview on Sky here but

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