Amazon Prime

By Sasha Fedorenko May 22, 2019 - 3:52 pm

Amazon 75% off storage fee discounts incentive for ‘Prime 1-day shipping’

Amazon US today announced a discounted storage fees incentive for sellers willing to use FBA and hold stock levels according to Amazon's suggested levels which will make the products available to consumers with Prime 1-day shipping. The move highlights Amazon's transition to faster delivery promise in

ShipStation: Make delivery a point of differentiation

ShipStation is all about making delivery a point of differentiation and, as the first real touch point with a consumer, can make or break a future repeat customer. Whilst at a basic level, ShipStation's role is to make it effortless to produce shipping labels, their

Amazon 1-day delivery now sees shipments to 72% of US consumers

Amazon 1-day delivery already sees shipments to the majority (72%) of US consumers, says a new report by RBC Capital Markets. According to the research, Amazon delivers goods in one day to more than 95% US shoppers in 16 of the wealthiest and most populated states

Walmart one-day free shipping to compete with Amazon’s delivery promise

Walmart have alluded to the introduction of Walmart one-day free shipping after Amazon promised to cut their delivery speed in half for US customers. Walmart have encouraged shoppers in a tweet on Friday to "stay tuned" for "one-day shipping without a membership fee." The move would

Is one-day Prime shipping a killer move by Amazon?

This is a guest comment by Santosh Sahu, CEO of On the dot, sharing his thoughts on how retailers will compete with Amazon's desire to introduce one-day prime shipping in the US with an $800 million investment in Q2 2019 alone. Is one-day Prime shipping a

Amazon to invest $800 million in Prime One-day Shipping

Amazon are to invest $800 million, in the second quarter of 2019, cutting their delivery speed in half for US customers. Amazon Prime One-Day Shipping is going to come to the US and they've already started to prepare for this. They cite their 20 year

Amazon Subscription Services Growth Slowed in Q4 2018

Amazon subscription services growth slowed in Q4 2018 so this is one to watch when Amazon announce their quarterly earnings on the 25th of April. The graph shows Amazon Subscription Services quarterly year on year growth. Amazon subscription services include annual and monthly fees associated with

Amazon use horoscopes to target Prime members

Amazon have set their sights on astrology in a new push to target Prime members with personalised goods according to their star sign. The marketplace is turning to transcendence with a new launch of horoscopes reading exclusively for Prime subscribers, which cost £79 a year. Amazon

Whole Foods slash prices as Amazon aims to get more Prime members

Whole Foods have slashed prices by 20% as Amazon aims to attract more subscribers with extended Whole Foods deals for Prime members exclusively. The move marks a second time when Amazon made a round of price cuts when they acquired Whole Foods in August 2017. In