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By Chris Dawson January 27, 2021 - 3:32 pm

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Update Forces 6 day week from June

There is a significant Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Update from June which will include later cut off times and a requirement to ship on at least one day over the weekend - either a Saturday or Sunday. Cut off times are moving from 2pm to 4pm

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Hermes integration

Hermes vision is to be the carrier of choice for every consumer in the UK. This means ensuring that they continually push to have an integrated carrier solution on every popular Marketplace such as eBay and Vinted. Today we can announce a new Amazon Seller

Amazon doesn’t trust FedEx to deliver Christmas… again

It has been reported that once again, Amazon doesn't trust FedEx to deliver Christmas and are restricting the use of FedEx Ground for some third party US sellers Prime orders due to the FedEx Ground and FedEx home delivery services not meeting the Amazon Prime

39% of Brits pay for subscription delivery services

According to new research revealed by Mintel, four in ten Brits have signed up to subscription delivery services such as Amazon Prime. Whilst non-essential sectors have struggled, Loyalty reward schemes for supermarkets and Amazon Prime's combination of delivery services and streaming entertainment benefitted from the

Amazon Prime launches in turkey

Amazon Prime is now available in Turkey, 2 years after the launch of the Amazon marketplace in the country. For merchants keen on selling through FBA, this could be good news. What does Amazon Prime offer for Turkey? For TRY 7.90 per month Amazon Prime members will

A Mandatory Delivery Charge could kill Free Delivery (and Amazon Prime)

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published a position statement on last mile logistics which should be concerning for everyone involved in ecommerce. One of their suggestions is a mandatory delivery charge which would impact every ecommerce sale in the UK. The mandatory delivery charge would

Amazon FBM tips for FBA merchants transitioning to self fulfilment

Amazon have published some Amazon FBM tips for merchants who have been using Amazon FBA but are transitioning to FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) for the first time. Why Amazon FBM trumps FBA during Coronavirus pandemic We have seen that since Amazon started to push delivery dates

Amazon makes same day delivery faster for some U.S. cities

Amazon have recently announced that Prime members in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando, and Dallas can now enjoy faster Same Day Delivery on up to 3 million items. Up to 3 million items across dozens of categories that are marked “Today by” can now be ordered for delivery

Amazon Prime competitor Walmart+ launching in US

According to VOX Amazon Prime in the US may be welcoming a new competitor, Walmart+ a new membership service that could launch as soon as next month. The launch will most likely be a re-brand of their Delivery Unlimited service, charging customers $98 a year

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