Amazon Prime

By Sasha Fedorenko August 12, 2019 - 10:53 am

Alibaba 88VIP loyalty programme boosts brands’ appeal with ‘year-round’ discounts

Alibaba 88VIP loyalty programme is expanding its customer retention efforts with the announcement of "year-round" discounts exclusively for members on 388 brands trading on Alibaba marketplace ecosystem. In 2017, Alibaba Group merged their Tmall and Taobao loyalty programs into a single membership club based on the

Amazon set eyes on students with miniscule Prime fee have set their sights on wooing students to join Prime membership with the introduction of a minuscule fee for Amazon Music subscription, making a bid on leveraging hard-to-resist services to build loyalty. Amazon announced a new but timely music benefit for Prime Student members as

Amazon sued over Prime Truck logo by Prime Inc

Amazon have been taken to court by a 50 year old trucking company called Prime Inc. Prime Inc contend that the Amazon Prime logo on Prime Trucks is confusing and is leading Prime Inc customers to think Amazon products are being trucked around the US

‘Prime cancel’ searches spike signals challenge for Amazon

Prime Day 2019 saw a significant rise of the consumer search for 'Prime cancel' highlighting the challenge for Amazon to retain loyal members against a new shopper trend of 'sign-up and leave.' According to the Prime Day 2019 analysis by Hitwise, Prime Day 2019 was

The three Personas of Amazon Prime Members

With Amazon Prime Day day 2 2019 in full swing, it's estimated that some 70% of Prime Members will be shopping on Amazon today and tomorrow. With that in mind, it's worth considering how learning more about Prime members, brands and retailers can better

Amazon Prime Day bargain-hunt pressure to triple counterfeit goods purchases

Amazon Prime Day is set to triple purchases of counterfeit goods as consumers are more likely to accidentally buy fake products on Amazon during the 48-year hour rush for a bargain, says a new report by Red Points. The Amazon Survey Report was conducted in June

Amazon Canada expands same-day delivery to Calgary ahead of Prime Day

Amazon Canada have announced the introduction of Prime same-day delivery in Calgary ahead of Prime Day. The launch of this service in Calgary makes it the third Canadian city to enjoy the benefits of accelerating delivery promise, seven days a week, including Sunday. The move will

Amazon Prime Day 2019 to set new record of £5.31bn sales boost

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is set to bring a new record of £5.31 billion sales boost as shoppers will hunt for bargains for the extended 48-hour period, says ParcelHero. Amazon's Prime members exclusive sale - on the 15th of July and until the 16th of July

eBay Crash Sale to compete with Amazon Prime Day, if ‘Amazon crashes again’ today announced the introduction of eBay Crash Sale on the 15 July, mirroring the Amazon Prime Day launch date in a battle for shoppers' wallets. eBay have described their version of the "prime summer shopping season" as a supposedly precaution "if Amazon [website] crashes