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What's going on with Amazon's own fulfilment solutions
By Chris Dawson July 29, 2020 - 10:00 am

Coronavirus Winter changes for Amazon FBA in Europe

Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Amazon have had to make fast adjustments which initially included pausing incoming FBA shipments, extending delivery dates for stock already in FBA and pausing removal orders. Things are getting back to normal but the first Coronavirus Winter is fast approaching

2 Amazon Pan-European FBA webinars this week
(after announcing programs to end for UK)

Somewhat bizarrely following Amazon's announcement that Amazon UK will no longer be a part of the Amazon European FBA programs (including their European Fulfilment Network and Pan-European FBA) as of the 1st of January 2021, Amazon are holding two webinars this week on selling with

Amazon FBA Brexit Bombshell – EFN and Pan-European FBA ends for UK

The Amazon FBA Brexit bombshell has dropped which will significantly impact your Amazon business from the 1st of January 2021. Amazon's UK FBA operations will be split from the EU with no more EFN (European Fufilment Network) and an end to Pan-European FBA inventory transfers

Amazon FBA Quantity Limits warning to US sellers for peak

Amazon FBA Quantity Limits will be imposed from August through to the end of the year in the US, as Amazon start to rebuild their business during what is still an accelerating coronavirus pandemic in the US and indeed around the world. Far from being

Webinar to recruit new Amazon FBA businesses

Now that Amazon FBA has fully re-opened for business after several months of disruption which saw delivery dates extended, incoming shipments and removal orders put on hold and then as the business recovered from the impact of coronavirus quantity limits by line item on replenishment,

Open for business: Amazon FBA Quantity Limits End

Amazon is opening back up for more normal business with Amazon FBA quantity limits coming to an end as they recover from emergency coronavirus operations. However there are still some restrictions around products weighing more than 15kg due to ongoing social distancing requirements and the

New FBA Amazon IPI score thresholds and new Monthly Overage Fee

As Amazon continues to manage available capacity, they have announced two changes to the FBA storage policy that will help them more efficiently receive inventory and deliver products to customers - Amazon IPI Score threshold requirements and a new Monthly Overage Fee. This is effectively the

Amazon FBA New Selection programme enhanced & expanded

Amazon started to offer free monthly storage and removals in March in their Amazon FBA New Selection programme, to make it easier for you to sell new products through FBA. Merchants seem to like the programme so Amazon have enhanced and expanded the FBA New

Amazon waive FBA long term storage fees for May

Amazon have announced that they will waive FBA long term storage fees for the May 15th billing cycle. This will apply across the EU for inventory stored in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic. This comes on top of waiving

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