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Yumbles is a UK based marketplace specialising in food from small independent producers
By Dan Wilson July 31, 2016 - 10:15 am

3 days of free deliveries from Yumbles

Good news for foodies, there's free economy delivery for everything you buy on Yumbles up until midnight Sunday 31st of July. (So, sadly, if you're reading this on Monday, you're too late.) It's good to see a confident promotional move like this from an emerging marketplace

Yumbles foodie marketplace reinvents itself to attract niche buyers

Yumbles, the marketplace for foodies, has reinvented itself with a new logo, a new look and a new promise. Everything on Yumbles is offered as all natural and free from artificial ingredients. Yumbles producers are producing quality food in small batches with everything taste tested by

Yumbles and the importance of Structured Data

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying a couple of foodie retailers to a Yumbles Meetup to hear what's happening with the marketplace and Yumble's plans for the rest of the year. Yumbles Growth Yumbles are growing at a phenomenal pace and now have some 400 producers

Yumbles turn in some tasty numbers

Yumbles only launched in 2014, so their first calendar year has just finished and they've some interesting growth numbers to report. As a curated marketplace connecting food lovers with the UK's best small batch independent food and drink producers, Yumbles is never going to be as

Is revision of post sale delivery estimates desirable?

I've just stumbled across the new delivery estimate information for sellers on Yumbles, the marketplace for foodies. Yumbles say that "The estimated delivery date is an important part of online ordering for customers - at checkout it helps assure them whether the items they’d like

Yumbles prepare for Christmas at seller meetup

This evening I popped along to a Yumbles Meetup in Hammersmith. Yumbles is a foodie website and naturally the attendees (about 50) were all independent food producers. I chatted with everyone from cheese makers to sugar and spices. The most notable takeaway from the evening was

Yumbles Maker Meet-ups, London: 7&8/9/15

Food marketplace Yumbles is holding two maker meet-ups in London in September. They coincide with the Speciality and Fine Food Fair that's being held at Olympia in London from the 6th-8th. The meet-ups are free but it's expected they will sell out. To find out more

Marketplace Focus: Yumbles

Yumbles, the marketplace for foodies and food suppliers to meet is going from strength to strength. They're seeing traffic and sales increase month-on-month, and lots of exciting new sellers joining every week. It's been six months since we first wrote about Yumbles and there's been impressive

Introducing a new marketplace for food: Yumbles

It's interesting to note the new marketplaces that are emerging now in real and exciting ecommerce niches. Yumbles is a new one on me that's a specialist marketplace honed to people who are selling food stuffs. It's a lovely site and it's got lots of mouthwatering

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