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By Chris Dawson June 28, 2017 - 10:57 am

2nd major ransomware attack of the year sweeps across Europe

A new ransomware virus has swept across Europe taking down computer systems from companies as large as the Mearsk shipping company and Merck pharmaceutical giant. It's a windows based virus and it lacks the firepower of Wannacry which wreaked havoc just a month ago which incorporated

How to sell on Newegg Canada (Video)

Canada is an interesting country as they only have two languages and one of them is English making it simple for UK and US sellers to market to. I sat down with Newegg's Senior Category Manager Mike Kardalos at the recent Newegg Seller Day to

How to sell on ePrice in Italy

We all know that shipping to Italy is tricky, especially if you use a carrier where the Italian postal service handles the end delivery but it's a growing market with an expanding economy with buyers keen to source from overseas. That's why ePrice with 2

What news for SMEs in the Queen’s Speech?

The Queen's Speech is the UK Government of the day's declaration of legislation. A statement of intent. What will the new laws be and what is the plan the Government has for the months and years ahead? You can read the full text from Her

Are we pandering to the whim of the consumer too much?

Citizens Advice have released a report suggesting that 7 out of 10 online shoppers have had a delivery problem in the past year. Whilst 94% of us are happy saying we get a satisfactory or high quality of service, a significant number have the odd

Bank of England edges towards an interest rate rise

British interest rates are set by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of England. 8 people sit on the committee and they vote on whether rates should be changed or stay the same. They meet monthly and for several years the base interest

UK inflation could be a headache for marketplace sellers

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported that UK inflation rose 2.9% last month in May up from 2.7% in April. The Bank of England target for inflation is 2%, so obviously the inflation number is going in the wrong direction and pundits expect

A-Z of ecommerce and warehousing acronyms

Do you know your UI from your UX or the difference between FEFO and FIFO? If not then the A-Z of ecommerce and warehousing acronyms is the guide for you. Peoplevox, the Warehouse Management System guys have pulled together all of the industry terms casually dropped

Snapchat launch new ad options for SMEs

Social network Snapchat had launched new service to help small businesses advertise on the platform that's particularly popular with young people to share images and videos as well as text and video chat. It's called Ad Manager and now businesses in the US buy advertisements with