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By Chris Dawson August 15, 2017 - 10:15 am

Increase your ecommerce conversions in the run-up to Christmas

Each year the festive season starts earlier, lasts for longer and grows exponentially. Retail ecommerce sales rose by 17.8% over the 2016 golden quarter, and this year it is expected to increase by another 15.8%. The Christmas season can attribute up to 20-40% of your annual

How old is the software you rely on to run your business?

I saw a notice late on Friday that Skype had issues with logins on Windows XP devices. The issue was resolved late evening but it got me thinking - are people seriously still using Windows XP? There have been a number of cyber attacks recently which

Kabbage takes $250m investment from Softbank

Specialist online SME lender Kabbage has received a $250 million investment from the Japanese firm Softbank. Only last week we reported that India’s Flipkart takes $2.5 billion from Japan’s SoftBank. Kabbage is predominantly a US lender, where it has made $3bn in loans to over

Top tips for migrating applications to the cloud

There is little doubt that the days of running your business with desktop applications are almost entirely history. With ever more reliable Internet connections services such as eBay's TurboLister which you'd install on your desktop are being discontinued and even basic office applications are increasingly

Why I love to buy on the High Street

Yesterday, I wrote a post called: Why I don’t buy on the High Street. I thought I'd compose a contrary reply to myself about all the good things. Buying online is a sterile, impersonal experience. Sometimes you just can't beat the experience of heading out

FSB says small firms want a delay on National Living Wage increases

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has said that small firms are concerned about increases in the National Living Wage (NLW) and government should consider the state of the economy before compulsory rises come into force. As it stands the UK government is seeking to

Why I don’t buy on the High Street

There's a lot of cant and whinging complaining from retailers regarding why people don't buy on the High Street these days. The blames laid at the foot of the internet. Down my way in Hove, East Sussex, shopkeepers on one street are arguing it's because

The Handmade Fair – Hampton Court Palace

If you're interested in becoming a producer of hand made items, or if you already make products and especially if you sell on Etsy, then The Handmade Fair is an event designed for you. The Handmade Fair is brought to you by TV personality Kirstie Allsopp

Bank of England holds interest rates but warns of Brexit uncertainty

It's steady as she goes at the Bank of England. Interest rates will remain unchanged with a base rate of 0.25% and the quantitive easing programme stays capped at a total of £435 billion pounds. The bank's Monetary Policy Committee voted 6-2 in favour of

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