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By Chris Dawson March 29, 2020 - 4:26 pm

PayPal Business Financing Merchant Assistance Program

PayPal have quietly launched a PayPal Business Financing Merchant Assistance Program offer a 30 day pause on repayments on PayPal Working Capital Loans. If you would like to access this then you'll find it by logging into your PayPal Working Capital account. There will be no

UK retailers to accept new £45 contactless limit

Barclaycard, the payments provider that sees almost half of the nation’s credit and debit card transactions and provides the technology to power over 150,000 terminals across the UK retail sector will be rolling out the deployment of the new £45 contactless limit across UK retailers

How to optimise cash flow to support international growth Webinar

SellerFunding and Department for International Trade E-Exporting Programme Team are running a webinar on Thursday the 26th of March to discuss how you can optimise your cash flow to support your international ecommerce business growth. Running out of cash just as your businesses is growing

VAT Making Tax Digital Changes 1st April 2020

From the 1st of April 2020, the so called 'soft landing' period for VAT Making Tax Digital ends and you will need to have fully digital records and VAT return submission to HMRC in place. The reason this is important is you could incur penalties

Less than 48 hours left to process PayPal refunds for free

You will want to be extra assiduous this week in processing all your PayPal refunds before Thursday. As of Thursday the 5th of March 2020 PayPal will start to retain all fees from transactions that you refund. Since 2011 PayPal amended their terms and decided to

eBay UK Managed Payments Q&A

Since the news broke about eBay Managed Payments there have been a lot of questions which we are gathering together in this post as an Managed Payments Q&A. We don't know the answers to everything and, even where we've sourced an answer from eBay Payments information

eBay Payment Processing mandatory for all German Business Sellers in 2020

In the German eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release it was revealed eBay Payment processing will become mandatory for all German Business sellers by the end of 2020. On a global level, eBay will gradually expand the new payment processing to other buyers and sellers and it

eBay Spring 2020 Seller Release: eBay UK to Start Managing Payments

As announced earlier today, in 2020, eBay will start managing payments on eBay UK. The majority of UK business sellers will be expected to enable their account for managed payments by the end of this year with more details about this process and the next

New eBay payments experience coming to the UK this summer

eBay have just announced the United Kingdom will be the third country to offer the new eBay payments experience. Following trial rollouts in the US and the Germany, eBay UK will be rolling out the new eBay payments experience starting this summer so this announcement

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