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By Chris Dawson August 22, 2019 - 2:11 pm

PayPal Fees change means PayPal Merchant Discounts have ended

This week, PayPal Fees changed in the UK. From the 19th of August, instead of paying 3.4% plus 20p per transaction with lower Merchant Rates for sellers turning over more than £1,500 per month, PayPal introduced new flat fees with Tiered rates only available for

New Square POS integration with Goodtill

Square have announced a new integration with Goodtill point of sale (POS) to give more businesses across the UK access to its tools and services. If you already use Square for online payments, telephone orders, or in person transactions and are looking for a fully

PayPal Working Capital will have a solution for eBay Managed Payments

A few days ago we wrote a piece asking if you should carry on applying for PayPal Working Capital cash advances bearing in mind that their terms and conditions require you to repay the loan from proceeds from your eBay sales. If you switch, whether

‘eBay Managed Payments are about passing value back to our sellers’: Keala Gaines of eBay

"eBay Managed Payments are about passing the value back to our sellers," is how Keala Gaines of eBay described the rationale behind the introduction of the marketplace's payments service. Speaking at eBay Open 2019, Keala Gaines, senior director of payment services of eBay with two decades

UK SMEs fail to embrace ‘buy now, pay later’ due to adoption cost

The cost of adoption puts a spotlight on merchants' failure to embrace 'buy now, pay later' business model as the majority of UK SMEs cite it as the biggest roadblock to the introduction of the payment's service, says new research by Klarna. The research polled 100

When should you stop using PayPal Working Capital?

The time is coming when eBay will switch over to eBay Managed Payments and your eBay derived income will stop flowing through your PayPal account. It'll be paid into your eBay account and sent directly to your bank account. This will put you at odds

PayPal currency spread stealth fee increase for US merchants

PayPal will increase the PayPal currency spread for US merchants by half a per cent for US merchants as of the 3rd of September 2019. This will impact you if you're a US retailer or if you're a global retailer and have a PayPal account

Why should you consider PayPal Invoicing?

Want to get paid fast? A comScore study commissioned by PayPal has found that 78% of invoices processed through PayPal Invoicing are paid within one day. With this in mind, PayPal are now offering a quicker and easier way to send invoices regardless of the

eBay Managed Payments August 2019 Update

I was out with a friend yesterday and it's becoming increasingly clear that mobile payments are the way of the world today. In her case it's Apple Pay, but for other Google Pay. Pay in a shop, it was tap with Apple Pay, fill up