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By Chris Dawson June 17, 2019 - 9:00 am

Fee Hike as PayPal Tiered Rate replaces PayPal Merchant Rate

On and from the 19th of August 2019 the PayPal Merchant Rate no longer applies. In place of the PayPal Merchant Rate, a new lower PayPal Standard Rate of 2.9% plus a 30p Fixed Fee applies to each domestic Commercial Transaction payment received by UK,

PayPal Canada new solution to save up to 75% on shipping costs

PayPal Canada and netParcel have announced the launch of a new shipping solution which promises merchants to save up to 75% on shipping discounts in domestic and international markets. Sellers can register here for the new service. What does it offer? Management of all sellers' PayPal transactions

Clearpay launches in the UK with Urban Outfitters & BooHoo

Afterpay is a service enabling retailers to offer a ‘buy now, receive now, pay later’ service that does not require end-customers to enter into a traditional loan or pay any upfront fees or interest to Afterpay. Afterpay has more than 4 million customers in the

SCA to cause €57 billion in abandoned carts says Stripe

Ecommerce platforms are warning the EU that payment changes could seriously disrupt ecommerce. New SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) will introduce friction in ecommerce checkouts which could see increases in the numbers of abandoned baskets. Amazon, Worldpay are warning of the potential disruption with research commissioned by

eBay Canada adds PayBright instalment payment provider

eBay Canada have announced the introduction of PayBright instalment payment provider to the marketplace. The move will see eBay offering their shoppers to pay for their purchases in instalments for existing PayBright users. eBay say that the integration aims to create a "fast and easy instalment payment

14m Benfica fans can now buy tickets and merch cryptocurrency

14 million Benfica fans can now buy tickets and merch with their favourite cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Portuguese champions S.L. Benfica has become the first major European football club to accept cryptocurrency payments. Partnering with UTRUST, club supporters now have the option to use

PayPal Delayed transactions now completed

You may not have noticed, but PayPal had a glitch early in May which caused a delay in sending refunds and withdrawals to bank cards. Any PayPal delayed transactions from this period cleared as of the 25th of May and PayPal have now emailed customers

PayPal Commerce Platform launch set to support sellers’ growth as ecommerce progresses

PayPal today announced the launch of the PayPal Commerce Platform which is designed to meet the individual needs of marketplace merchants by offering them a set of services and tools. PayPal say that there has been a significant change in ecommerce in recent years and several

New eBay Santander partnership to offer marketplace finance

There's a new eBay Santander deal which will see Santander backed Asto offer finance to small businesses selling on eBay. The blurb says that the idea is to offer cash flow loans to assist the 200,000 businesses trading on eBay to grow their operations and ensure