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By Chris Dawson February 16, 2017 - 5:58 pm

PayPal to acquire bill payments company TIO

PayPal have announced that they will acquire TIO Networks for $304 million CAD ($233 million USD) equity value, 25.2% above market value. TIO is a bill paying network, as well as enabling online bill payment with card (or PayPal), they also offer self service kiosk payments,

Do you still use or accept cheques in your ecommerce business?

Cheques in most people's world are a thing of the past. I personally haven't had a cheque book for over a decade and consumers can't pay in many shops with cheques these days - it's all plastic debit and credit cards or contactless payments. And yet

Jaguar announce in-car petrol payments with PayPal and Apple Pay

I've always loved Jaguar cars and now I think I need a new one. The latest Jaguar XE, XF and F-PACE are the first in the world to have in-car payments for fuel, although only at Shell petrol stations. Sadly you still have to get

Are Amazon Payments already bigger than PayPal?

A few days ago we reported that over 33 million people have used Amazon Payments off Amazon with an average order value of $80. That's website orders from businesses that offer to let you pay with your Amazon credentials in the same way that PayPal

How Visa Account Updater & MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater works

Have you ever got a new credit or debit card when your old one expired and wondered how your card's direct debits continued? Or have you cancelled a card to stop a direct debit just to find that it continues on your new card? If

33 million people now use Amazon Payments off Amazon

Tamebay reported last week that Amazon and PayPal were talking about online payments. You can find the story here. That's hardly surprising. Both firms are keen to get their share of international and online payments. What is perhaps more interesting right now is that Amazon are

SimplyVAT explain EU VAT Obligations for Amazon Sellers

If you are thinking of selling via Amazon’s new Pan EU FBA service then VAT is one of the first things you need to consider. Today Alex Wyatt from SimplyVAT summarises the things you'll need to consider: Pan EU FBA Sellers are finding Amazon's Pan-European programme FBA

The stunning success of PayPal One Touch in 2016

PayPal reported strong results for Q416 and 2016 in general, revenues were up. And also we've reported that PayPal will be amending their legal terms and conditions. But one aspect of PayPal's successful 2016 hasn't been remarked upon so much: that's the striking adoption of the

PayPal changes the user agreement

PayPal have been in touch with users with changes to their legal agreement you have with them. You can find the relevant page here for your reading pleasure. Needless to say there's a lot of it in there but not much of consequence. Most of