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By Chris Dawson January 10, 2018 - 11:10 am

Barclays Bank still penalise Android compared to Apple

With yesterday's news that Android Pay and Google Wallet are to be rolled into a single brand known as Google Pay, it was interesting to scroll down the list of UK banks which support the service and spot the one notable exception. Bank of Scotland, First

Android Pay and Google Wallet now known as Google Pay

Google Pay is the new brand for payments, replacing both Android Pay (generally used for contactless payments via smartphones) and Google Pay (generally used for online purchases). In truth the two brands for practically the same payment method were confusing and the new name Google Pay,

Klarna extends payments partnership with ACI Worldwide

Klarna has announced an extended partnership with ACI Worldwide, enabling users to plug into ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution. The ecommerce payments provider and fully licensed bank in Europe is connecting with ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution makes it possible to enable Klarna’s ‘Pay later’ and

The Alibaba acquisition of Moneygram is blocked by the US government

US regulators have blocked the sale of Moneygram to Alibaba. Ant Financial is the Alibaba division in charge of Alipay which has the distinction of being China’s most used mobile wallet, announced their intention in 2017. The publicised agreed fee was $1.2bn. Such a move would have

Paypal – there’s still no one home, but the robot.

David Brackin of Stuff U Sell is a regular contributor to Tamebay. Today he recounts his experiences of trying to do business with PayPal at the weekend: I wrote last year about the new Paypal Working Capital offering and how – owing to their technical failing

PayPal owned payments company TIO admits hack

A PayPal owned company called TIO has admitted to a hack that means user data has been made vulnerable and that could well include payment details. PayPal paid $233m USD for the Canadian payments firm in February this year. And they have admitted that they have

Might eBay payments processing on behalf of sellers be coming next?

The eBay and PayPal divorce is two and a bit years hence and the deal made with PayPal made stipulations that the marketplace had to use PayPal to a great degree. But with the passage of time it seems possible that eBay payments from buyers

Join in the PayPal Turkey Dash

This is very much a bit of fun, but even you most serious minded Tamebay readers might fancy joining in with the PayPal Turkey Dash. PayPal and Aardman Animations have teamed up for a charitable endeavour so users can make a cheeky donation this Christmas. Basically

Square payments gamble with Bitcoin deemed too risky

The Square payments company has taken a hit to its stock price on Monday after an analyst criticised its foray into Bitcoin trading as too risky in a note to investors. Mark Palmer of BTIG said: "We believe Square's valuation already reflects emphatic and unimpeded growth