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By Dan Wilson May 24, 2017 - 8:24 pm

iZettle launches pre-order and pay app for coffee shops

iZettle now has an Order & Pay app that means that customers can pre-order and pay for products for collection or delivery. And customers that use the Order & Pay app are able to obtain loyalty points for each purchase which can be redeemed for

Meridian sell VAT reclaim business to VAT IT Group

Meridian Global Services have sold their foreign VAT reclaim business carried out by Meridian VAT Processing (International) to VAT IT Group S.A.R.L. Meridian haven't sold out entirely, the business that has been sold to VAT IT consisted of the Foreign VAT reclaim services only and

Samsung Pay has launched in the UK (at last)

Samsung has now launched its mobile contactless payment service Samsung Pay in the UK. It's been two years since Apple Pay landed and Android Pay is roughy a year old. So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy 5 handset, you can now use it to

PayPal £5 ‘Invite a Friend’ promo

If you know someone that doesn't already have a PayPal account then PayPal want to bung you £5 for getting them to open an sign up. PayPal’s "Invite Friends" feature allows you to invite people you know to sign up for a PayPal account (you'll find

Euro rises after Macron wins French Election

Following the election of Emmanuel Macron, who will become the next French President, the Euro climbed to its highest level in six months to peak above $1.10. The rise in the Euro wasn't stratospheric, investors had pretty much ruled out Marine Le Pen winning the second

Barclays cash machines to go offline on Wednesday

Barclays have warned their customers that their cash machines will all be switched off early on Wednesday for a couple of hours while maintenance takes place. It's unlikely that most people will be affected as the machines will be down from midnight to 2am in the

The old £5 ceases to be legal tender (and what to do if you still have one)

If you've got any of the old five pound notes left, today is the day to spend them. On Friday the 5th of May, old fivers will cease to be legal tender. As a business then you may well get lumped with a few fivers from

Bitcoin hits all time high – up 200% in one year

The value of the Bitcoin has surged to record highs, currently valued at around $1,458. This is the highest it's traded at and it's tripled in value since this time last year. There's something to be said for speculators to invest in Bitcoins rather than traditional

PayPal have now loaned $3 billion to small businesses

We've heard many stories over the past five years or so of how small business finance has assisted online retailers. You have have borrowed from a company specifically set up to provide finance to online sellers such as iwoca, Ezbob or Cabbage, or more recently