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By Chris Dawson January 21, 2020 - 2:44 pm

Is Cryptocurrency dead for ecommerce?

Crpytocurrency was hailed as the next generation solution to online payments. An easy way to pay cross border, secure but untraceable and at the same time removing those pesky hidden exchange rates coupled with cross border payment fees. But is cryptocurrency dead so far as

Say goodbye to payday loans with fastPAYE salary advances

January is the longest month, it has a whole 31 days. Mind you, so does March, May, July, August, October and December but these months don't fall just after Christmas. Plus, many employers pay the final pay check of the year before Christmas so for

US China trade deal impact on currency moves year to date

China is one of the biggest economies of the world and also home to one of the world's largest online marketplaces - Alibaba. With that in mind, the US China trade deal has significance way beyond impacting the two nations concerned and has the ability

Tamebay 2020 Back to Work Tips – Iain McDougall

In the latest instalment of our 2020 Back to Work Tips series, Iain McDougall, UK&I Country Manager at Stripe discusses payments and ensuring you are trading on platforms which offer the options your customers demand. Iain leads UK & Ireland operations for Stripe. Stripe's software tools

PayPal to keep fees from refunds

Yesterday's news that PayPal will start to keep all fees from refunds in the UK from the 5th of March came as a bit of a shock to us all. At one time, PayPal refunded all of their fees and then in 2011 they decided

PayPal Policy updates for 5th March 2020

PayPal have announced the PayPal Policy updates due to come into effect on the 5th of March 2020. The good news is that there are no changes for UK users on fees but the bad news is on refunds where PayPal will keep the original

eBay to reconsider per listing fee for eBay Managed Payments

eBay Managed Payments is live in the US and Germany for a limited number of merchants and isn't going to grow much before July this year when their agreement with PayPal enables them to expand rapidly. eBay have already said that they expect to complete

Volusion Capital powered by Payability offers capital advances

Volusion are the latest ecommerce supplier to get into the merchant loan business with the introduction of Volusion Capital. Volusion is an online store creator with the option of adding feeds to Facebook, eBay and Amazon. Powered Payability, Volusion Capital enables ecommerce merchants to receive a

Amazon offers free marketing to US brands who use Amazon Pay

Amazon in the US are offering merchants highly visible exposure on relevant marketing if they add Amazon Pay to their website. Basically, Amazon will scratch your back if you scratch theirs. Whats included in the Roaring 20's campaign? Spotlight exposure in the relevant newsletter to Amazon customers