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By Lauren Fruncillo January 20, 2020 - 9:00 am

OnBuy will pay shopaholics £50k a year to buy anything they like

Yes, seriously, OnBuy will pay two shopaholics £50k a year to buy, review and keep absolutely anything they wish on their marketplace. Thats not all, the successful candidates will receive a £35k salary on top of the spending budget and get to work from home. Sounds

OnBuy Black Friday record breaking £1m sales day

If you're not yet selling on OnBuy, it's time to start taking the marketplace as a serious proposition and an alternative which should be on your radar. They are celebrating incredible OnBuy Black Friday results after a decision was taken to reduce prices on each

£25 million Black Friday Price Drop launched by OnBuy

OnBuy is set to launch a £25 million Black Friday Price Drop on 29th November. OnBuy will host a website-wide price drop with every product reduced by up to 80%, covering more than 17 million products. The cost of this year’s bold campaign will not

OnBuy forecasts sales acceleration with OnBuy Boost

OnBuy Boost is a new service, launched in time to give OnBuy sellers a chance to maximise on sales ahead of the seasonal traffic peak. The best part of Boost appears to be that the fees you pay for OnBuy Boost are used to market your

OnBuy announce new focus on Refurbished Electronics

OnBuy are to provide more choice for its customers with the introduction of a dedicated department for refurbished electronics for the first time, following a significant increase in demand. This move comes as consumers are increasingly realising the advantages of buying refurbished products with both

‘Amazon’s bureaucracy is downright Kafkaesque:’ an Amazon seller

“I’m nervous selling on Amazon. The sales are good, but Amazon’s bureaucracy is downright Kafkaesque. There are too many stories of people being suspended, or having their documents rejected, for obscure reasons," says an Amazon seller, Dandelion, echoing concerns of many merchants trading on the

OnBuy growth hits £12m GMV with 3,000 active sellers

OnBuy growth has been impressive, fast and is now starting to accelerate exponentially from their modest beginnings reporting hitting £12m GMV run rate with expectations of growing this to £150m GMV over the next three years by 2022. Latest OnBuy growth figures released by the marketplace

70% of Brits demand pop-up shops to ‘revitalise’ retail, but what would make them abandon one?

The majority (70%) of British consumers demand pop-up shops as a solution to excite waning in-store shopping experiences with experiential initiatives, says research by OnBuy. The research polled 1,424 British consumers to stay on track with the changing dynamic of customer shopping preferences. According to the survey,

Cas Paton announced as finalist in NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Cas Paton, founder of OnBuy, has reached the finals of the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the ‘Disruptor of the Year’ category for the South West region. The influential and highly respected Disruptor of the Year Award recognises the hard work that purpose-driven entrepreneurs deliver