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By Dan Wilson August 23, 2017 - 11:16 pm

eBay’s new foray into Africa: MallforAfrica

Africa has long been largely ignored by ecommerce companies and western marketplaces. That's starting to change, it seems, and eBay's latest project seems to reflect that. It's a continent of nearly a billion people and smartphones have changed the web environment. There is a decent

3 Things Facebook Marketplace needs to become a killer sales venue

Facebook are stepping up their focus on their Marketplace with expansion across Europe and the recent addition of eBay Deals to Facebook Marketplace in the US. It's still not a real opportunity for business sellers however as items for sale are offered locally with no

How to get started selling on Alibaba in China

China is a huge potential market for retailers in the West, but only a handful of sellers target the territory due to the language, culture, payments, logistics and legal complexities. That's something that Alibaba want to change with their Gateway '17 program. The China’s middle-class population

You can now use Voice Control on eBay through Google Assistant

I've just been chatting with eBay but not in the manner you might expect. eBay ShopBot is now available on Google Assistant and can be activated by saying "Ask eBay....". ShopBot launched on Facebook messenger so seeing it on Google is a new innovation. It appears

Why Amazon are unfairly pilloried over their Tax affairs

Every time Amazon (or many other companies) submit their tax returns there is an outcry across the nation (mainly led by MPs) calling on consumers to boycott the company in question and demanding that the business pay their fair share of revenues to the exchequer. Let's

Linnworks patch helps eBay sellers vulnerable to password theft

There are plenty of multi-channel software providers out there. They all seek to integrate you into various marketplaces, streamline your fulfilment operations, cheapen the cost of your postage and altogether make your life easier. But this update from Linnworks is the first time any such

UK Government announces new European trade aspirations for post-Brexit

The UK Government has made more material and guidance available regarding its hopes for when it comes to trade between Britain and the EU post Brexit, scheduled for March 2019. And the resulting reaction isn't particularly positive. It's called: Continuity in the availability of goods

More perks added to Amazon Prime Student

As the start of the academic year gets closer, more perks have been added to Amazon Prime Student. In the past, student often just piggybacked on their parents Prime account but that's no longer allowed and Amazon Prime Student, launched some months ago, is tailored

Final Reminder: Online Seller Network meet 6pm Thursday

A quick reminder that if you'd like to attend the first Online Seller Network meetup it's taking place on Thursday evening this week in Covent Garden. Tamebay is partnering with The Wholesale Forums and Your Business Community to bring you these events and we'll be announcing

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