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By Chris Dawson November 17, 2017 - 8:15 am

Amazon Echo Show now shipping in the UK

It might seem a retrograde step for Amazon's Alexa powered Echo voice assistant but you can now buy an Echo Show - an Alexa device with a screen - in the UK. So why when you speak to something do you want to go back to

PayPal Canada ordered to reveal payments data to the Canadian tax authorities

PayPal Canada has been ordered by the federal court to reveal the payments details of anyone using a business account to the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) in a recent decision. Under the ruling, affected PayPal users will have several pieces of information disclosed to the CRA: their

Where are the seller hotspots for eBay Europe?

Where are the eBay Europe hotspots which are getting the most from selling on the marketplace? And now we know. A new study from eBay looks at where eBay sellers are and what they sell. You can find the full report here. eBay has looked at

The Amazon Go supermarket is nearly ready to open

It's been nearly a year since Amazon Go was revealed. It's a cashierless shop without checkouts where customers just check in as they enter. They fill a bag or basket with what they want to buy and leave. There's no need to queue up and

Amazon Fresh and Allrecipes team up

Amazon has done a deal so that Amazon Fresh is directly connected with the cooking website Coming soon, and it does initially appear to be only for US users at this time, Amazon Fresh will be integrated into the most popular Allrecipes recipes. And users will

The Delivery Conference 2018 #TDC18

The Delivery Conference organised by MetaPack is always the first big event of the year in the Tamebay Calendar and 2018 will be no different as the conference is scheduled for Tuesday the 30th of January. It's also the first post-peak reunion for the industry

Amazon Prime Now doubles free delivery minimum order value to £40

Amazon have doubled the minimum order value for Amazon Prime Now from £20 to £40 in an unannounced change leading to uproar from their customer. If you shop on Prime Now for same day delivery you'll now find that if you don't buy at least £40

Amazon Australia: Problems faced by International Sellers

Amazon Australia hasn't even launched yet so it's not really a surprise that enterprising sellers from the UK and around the world are seeing some teething problems getting their accounts set up. May multichannel vendors haven't yet launched support for Amazon Australia so uploading products and

Introducing the Bonanza Webstore service

If you're selling online then you'll likely be familiar with US marketplace Bonanza. And currently they want sellers to consider their Bonanza Webstore option too. And now they are talking up the reasons to open up a Bonanza Webstore. There are, for instance, no selling

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