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By Chris Dawson September 22, 2017 - 9:00 am

Have you registered for the Tamebay Warehousing Webinar?

Next Thursday, the 28th of September, Tamebay are joining up with Peoplevox in a webinar which will look at warehouse efficiencies and how you can save time and money in your fulfilment processes with smart practice. This isn't a webinar just aimed at those with mega

Check out our full ‘How to Sell on eBay’ video course on YouTube. #TamebayTV

Over the past ten weeks, we've been sharing our 'How to Sell on eBay' video course. You can find it on our #TamebayTV YouTube channel. The videos tend to clock in around at about 3 minutes each, so they are an ideal accompaniment to

Top 1000 eBay sellers in world revealed

The guys over at Web Retailer have updated their league table of the top 1000 eBay sellers in the world. And it makes for some interesting and sometimes surprising reading. Here is the global top ten of eBay sellers: (All the illustrations are courtesy of Web Fall Seller Release 2017

eBay have published their Seller Release for US merchants and whilst many of the announcements match those in the UK there are a couple of interesting wrinkles specific to Seller Release: Things that are the same (or similar) to the UK Markdown Manager is

Easier EU exporting to Canada under CETA

Of all the countries in the world, it has often been said that one of the most complex and time-consuming to export to is Canada. It has gained a reputation for being a headache for exporters with a fantastically long-winded list of import codes. But

iZettle bags €30 million in EU funding for R&D

Swedish-based payments firm iZettle has announced it will receive €30 million of funding from the European Investment Bank over the next three years. The funds are earmarked for research and development of financial and commercial tools that address the needs of smaller companies. The transaction

eBay amend user agreement with fees for exchanging contact info

eBay have changed their user agreement to add a clause banning offsite sales and, if you choose to carry on selling on eBay, you will be liable not only for final value fees for sales which are transacted off eBay but also for the expenses

What eBay should have announced in the Autumn 2017 Seller Release

eBay's Autumn 2017 Seller release was all about evolving the marketplace and creating a journey sellers can link into for success. We understand that faced with some measures such as editing images to remove watermarks and ever more product identifier requirements you might view it

Free eBay Click & Collect service expands with Doddle

eBay's Click and Collect at Argos is one of the most superb programs that they've ever introduced, mainly because it benefits both buyers and sellers and is totally free of charge to both. Small retailers simply don't have the scale of large high street retailers which

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