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By Sasha Fedorenko June 22, 2018 - 11:32 am

Aila Technologies teams up with Ingenico Group to develop seamless ways to shop

Aila Technologies is working Ingenico Group to develop frictionless customer experience in brick-and-mortar stores, from faster customer registration and check-ins to payments. As the result of the partnership between Aila’s iPad-based Interactive Kiosk and Ingenico Group’s iSMP4 Companion, the two will work on improving in-store operations,

What does Instagram TV mean for retailers and brands – an early assessment

As Instagram hits 1 billion users, the social media site with marketplace pretentions has launched its own long form video content app, Instagram TV – or IGTV to the kids. While many of the 1 billion users it already has are people sharing their experiences, the

The Ecommerce Cup 2018 presentation ceremony video

The Ecommerce Cup 2018 presentation took place immediately after the matches on Thursday evening to the champions OFX by our sponsors - Helen from UKAuctioneers and Jason from JH. Before the cup presentation however, ChannelAdvisor were runners up in the Ecommerce Shield 2018 and received their

Amazon Prime Day 2018 date leaked by Amazon

Amazon Prime Day will take place on the 17th of July, not the 10th as previous suspected, according to an image spotted on Amazon UK by Techradar. The banner has the Amazon Prime Day 2018 date as the 16th. Deals will start on the 16th of

Subscription models start to dominate ecommerce payment trends study finds

While Visa and Mastercard continue to be the primary payment tools for ecommerce, what they are being used to pay for is changing – shoppers are opting for subscription models. So finds the Q1 2018 benchmarking report on Digital Commerce Trends in Software & Online Services

US Supreme court rules States can collect Sales Tax

The US Supreme court has ruled that States can collect Sales Tax require online retailers to collect Sales Tax even in States where they don't have a physical presence. They delivered their Opinion on Thursday this week This has far reaching implications for online retailers, not

OFX: Ecommerce Cup Winners 2018

OFX are the Ecommerce Cup Winners for 2018, after what was a hard fought competition where they narrowly beat last year's winners Just Eat in the final. It was a really close competition at times with more teams entering than previous years and on a

Ecommerce Cup 2018 League Tables

With 40 teams registering to play, competition was brutal in the Ecommerce Cup 2018 and sadly only one team could win - OFX are the Ecommerce Cup Winners for 2018. You'll find pictures of the winners here There were hundreds of players participating and a huge

Will the eBay Product Based Shopping Experience save eBay?

There have been many worries about eBay's new Product Based Shopping Experience, or rather listing against the eBay Catalogue which is what will power the new way for sellers to list and buyers to find products on the marketplace. But why are eBay so keen