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By Dan Wilson May 24, 2017 - 6:23 am

eBay auctions are fun. They should capitalise on that.

It's one of those aspects of growing up. At some point your parents downsize and move into a smaller property and require that you take collection of your childhood possessions. My mother has just recently moved into a smaller house and she has, entirely unreasonably in

What does the future hold for Amazon sellers?

Amazon experts Jungle Scout have put together this infographic looking at the current situation and future of Amazon selling. Are they right? Infographic Source:Jungle Scout

Tamebay readers report problems with eBay’s Global Selling programme

Although some readers will disagree, for our money, eBay's Global Selling Programme is a good thing and a no brainer. As a seller you just indicate that you're up for it, and then buyers from across the globe will see your sales and hopefully make

Phil Spencer promotes eBay for home move essentials

eBay have revamped the eBay Home Move Hub and, if you sell in relevant categories, you'll be pleased to discover that they've moved from the curated selection of goods that they displayed when we wrote about it in April, to a much broader search based

Sun, Bank Holiday and Half Term – Time to step up your marketing

The weather forecast is good, there's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up and it's half term - generally bad news for online retailers in more than one way. As is always the case it's worth keeping an eye on overseas marketplaces who won't necessarily realise that

myHermes website currently offline

If you're trying to log onto myHermes this morning, you may have difficulties as their website is currently having problems. Site users are being directed to a maintenance page. We believe that they may be experiencing a cyber-attack on some of our public facing websites in

BrightonSEO, Brighton: 15/9/17

Find out about SEO at one of the UK's best respected conferences.

Amazon Go could be coming to the UK soon

Amazon Go is Amazon's checkoutless supermarket offering and it looks like it's coming to the UK if reports are to be believed. Previously we've reported that they have been scouting locations and now it looks like they are edging closer. Apparently the the UK Intellectual Property Office approved

Amazon Channels now available in UK and Germany

The content offering now available to Amazon Prime users in the UK and Germany has increased. The new Amazon Channels service means some TV channels will be available to Amazon subscribers for an additional fee but outside of the usual bundle charges. This page on