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By Dan Wilson August 16, 2017 - 10:49 pm

Etsy updates on search tests and new ideas

We've written recently about how Etsy has been testing new ways of displaying and categorising in search. You can read about that here: Etsy is testing new search features to help buyers. And Etsy has updated users about these experiments in the past few days. Etsy

Amazon Instant Pickup service targets students

Amazon has launched a trial of a new service that will allow students to instantly purchase a select choice of 'essentials' using an app and allow them to collect the goods within two minutes. The product range will number in the hundreds and include things

1,000 staff plus robots to run a new Amazon depot in Bristol

Recently the press was awash with MPs decrying Amazon's low corporation tax bill with many of the paper's own editorial stances being derision that a company with such a large turnover could contribute so little to the country's tax income. People seem to forget that Corporation

Which payment options would you like to see on eBay?

eBay split from PayPal back on the 17th of July 2015 and at the time their operating agreement stipulated that the now separate two companies would work together until at least 2020. Initially eBay pledged that 80% of payments on the marketplace would be processed by

Wonder Lister: A possible alternative for eBay TurboLister

TurboLister, the much maligned eBay desktop tool used by millions of sellers during the past couple of decades is to be finally turned off some time this Autumn. It's unavailable for download for new users but we're only too well aware that many eBay users

Target acquire Grand Junction to boost delivery speeds

US retailer Target are the latest big name brand to add a delivery capability to improve and expand their delivery capabilities. This new venture would appear a direct result of Amazon's ever increasing delivery capability which has prompted large retailers across the West to up

Webinar: Making a more efficient ecommerce warehouse – what you should know

Warehouses are fascinating places and a well organised well run warehouse is one of the best ways to streamline an ecommerce business. Getting the orders in is key, but what happens once an order is received and how efficiently it is handled can affect everything

UK offer for temporary customs union Brexit deal is good for ecommerce

Over a year after the UK referendum result came out in favour of Brexit, and some months after Article 50 was triggered, it has often seemed that little or no progress has been made to clarify what any settlement might actually look like. If you're

PayPal invests in UK based Cloud IQ ecommerce optimisation

It has been reported that PayPal has been part of a £4m investment round in ecommerce optimisation firm Cloud IQ. PayPal was joined in the funding by Nauta Capital, Juno and Finance Wales. The funding will be used to establish a new engineering centre in Cardiff,