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By Chris Dawson August 23, 2019 - 3:33 pm

OnBuy funding round seeks to raise £500k

A new OnBuy funding round is being sought to launch newly identified growth opportunities. A previous OnBuy funding round raised £2.7million to launch the ecommerce platform and they are now seeking a top-up of £500k to develop the offering, become profitable and fuel it’s growth. OnBuy

OnBuy growth hits £12m GMV with 3,000 active sellers

OnBuy growth has been impressive, fast and is now starting to accelerate exponentially from their modest beginnings reporting hitting £12m GMV run rate with expectations of growing this to £150m GMV over the next three years by 2022. Latest OnBuy growth figures released by the marketplace

Alibaba plan to plant a physical store in Spain

Alibaba are set to debut a permanent physical store in Spain this weekend in a bid to show off the marketplace's merchants' products, giving them a taste of the physical retailing. Alibaba will open doors to their first Spanish bricks-and-mortar store on Sunday, the 25th of

Amazon 150 tools and services set to support SMBs’ growth

Amazon have announced 150 tools and services have been launched since the beginning of the year to help independent small and medium-sized businesses grow their sales in Amazon’s stores. Tools such as Sold by Amazon help sellers manage the pricing of their products in Amazon’s stores,

Take a break over the Summer Bank Holiday

With the Summer Bank Holiday fast approaching and the weather at last looking like it's going to return to sunny days for the end of the school summer break it's time to prepare for a busy Tuesday when you come back to work. If you are

Second-hand marketplace Vinted expand to Netherlands

A Lithuanian-born online marketplace, Vinted have announced their expansion to the Netherlands to enable users to buy, sell and swap their handed-down clothing in exchange for money. The move marks an important step in the marketplace's "global mission" efforts to expand their growing community of 22

Alibaba’s three-pronged approach to battling counterfeits

Alibaba are stepping up their zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products in a bid to stop customers falling victims of fake items masquerading as genuine goods by using a three-pronged approach to battle infringing products. A combination of ever-improving technologies and close partnerships with the brands selling

Benefits of a Tmall Partner from Lulujo when selling to China

Dawn Pottier spent nine years growing her baby brand, Lulujo, from a single ring-sling carrier made in her native New Brunswick Canada, into one of the country’s most successful small businesses. So successful, in fact, Lulujo was invited to join the Canadian business delegation with

Etsy Impressions to let merchants wear a researcher hat

Etsy are offering merchants to wear a researcher with an incentive to put forth their opinions in the marketplace's inclusive online research group, Etsy Impressions to shape the future of the company. Etsy have announced the news in the Etsy Community, encouraging sellers to join