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By Sasha Fedorenko February 22, 2019 - 3:21 pm

Adidas’ Ultraboost 19 make global debut on Alibaba-owned Tmall

Adidas' Ultraboost 19 have launched on Alibaba-owned Tmall. The exclusive release of Adidas' trainers shows the Tmall's reputation as a trusted partner which connects brands to the Chinese market. “Digital and ecommerce is one of Adidas’ strategic priorities. This is why we look to cooperate with Tmall,

eBay UK minor website outage hits their online trading

An eBay UK minor website outage affected their online trading this morning with shoppers complaining that they can't log-in or check-out. An outage watchdog, Downdetector, said that eBay started to experience website issues since 8:08 am. Downdetector said to receive 377 reports from eBay shoppers in which they

Amazon Brand Gating increases merchant suspension risk

We are starting to see a steadily growing number of Amazon merchants supplying genuine products being suspended with the reason given that they are suspected counterfeits and it looks like in increasing reason is growing adoption of the Amazon Brand Registry and increasing instances of

eBay promoted listings to expand to more sellers

In the states eBay promoted listings will be expanding for US sellers to help them increase their listings visibility by promoting them in prominent placements in the marketplace's search results. eBay will now allow sellers who are in "good standing" position to use the service regardless of whether or

Whitelabel Expo for Amazon and eBay sellers Nov ’19

Whitelabel Expo, taking place in London on the 27th and 28th of November, bill themselves as the biggest gathering of online sellers in one place in the world. Thousands of leading Amazon, eBay and online sellers will meet to hear from world leading experts on

Will eBay force sellers to use eBay GTC and scrap short listing durations?

eBay may be about to force all force all sellers to use eBay GTC instead of short duration listings. Sellers in Australia have started to notice that 3, 5, 7, 10 and 30 day fixed price listings are no longer available and, unless they list

eBay Multi-buy Offer 50% off Fees February and March 2019

There is an eBay Multi-buy offer running from today until the end of March with discounts on Final Value fees. eBay Multi-buy is a fast and easy way to make your listings stand out and is likely to increase your average basket size and sales. Tens

EU aims to reduce vehicle pollution with CO2 regulation

The European Union (EU) has announced yesterday the introduction of new CO2 legislation to tackle vehicle pollution. The new agreement will require new trucks to have 30% lower gas emissions by 2030 in comparison to 2019. The regulation now needs to be approved by national legislators in the coming

Shape of Amazon Prime Membership in the US

Prime Mailboxes, a supplier of plus-sized mailboxes capable of fitting multiple small packages (and incidentally no relationship to Amazon Prime), surveyed 1,500 US customers to discover the impact that Amazon and in particular Amazon Prime Membership is having on the demand for larger mail boxes. Their