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By Dan Wilson August 14, 2018 - 8:24 pm

Is Facebook Marketplace testing a Daily Deals feature?

It looks like the Facebook Marketplace is testing a Daily Deals feature. Does this mean the social network has bigger plans for ecommerce and making it more commercial? According to an eagle-eyed tweeter called Manchun Wong, who uses Twitter under the name @wongmjane, Facebook is testing a

There are new eBay APIs available for merchants and developers

There is news about some new eBay APIs, and changes, that will be of interest to developers and merchants who use them to administer their listings. Now image search, machine translation and marketplace feeds are all available for developers to implement into their business and

The 2nd annual Etsy Labour Day Sale is coming

The Etsy Labour Day Sale will be returning to the marketplace for 4 days from the 30th of August and the event is open to Etsy sellers all over the world. The marketplace says that they will be driving traffic to Etsy Labour Day Sale items

Allegro appoints customer engagement head

Polish marketplace Allegro has announced that it has appointed Edyta Sidwa as its new head of customer engagement. The role, which closely resembles a marketing position, will be based at Allegro HQ in Warsaw and she is already in post. They say that Sidwa will be

Alibaba 88VIP tier added to 88 Loyalty Program

Alibaba has launched a new tier to their 88 loyalty program offering exclusive rewards and experiences across Alibaba’s ecosystem to top shoppers. The new tier is the Alibaba 88VIP level (“88” is pronounced “BABA” in Chinese, which is also Alibaba’s ticker on the New York

Can you afford not to engage with Amazon?

If you listen to many retailers and of course President Trump, you'd think that Amazon ruled the world of retail and already had everything sewn up. That isn't actually the case, but retailers still need to consider how they are going to engage with Amazon

Walmart marketplace returns made easier including instore

Walmart have told marketplace sellers that they intend to make Walmart marketplace returns easier for items purchased from third parties. They'll be making it easier to print returns labels and even to return items purchased by third party merchants in any of Walmart's 4,700 physical

How to decide which Australian Marketplace to sell on

Australia is perhaps the continent of most interest to marketplace sellers - China and India are talked about a lot but the barriers to entry are high - too high for many merchants. Australia is a relatively easy country to trade with and there are

Newegg and Microsoft team up to help computer shoppers

Newegg and Microsoft are teaming up to make it easier for shoppers to find the Windows 10 computer they want. The North American tech-focused online retailer has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to deploy a new shopping tool. Newegg’s Windows 10 Advisor – now available to