Take a better look at your delivery strategy and supply chain standards
By Chris Dawson March 20, 2017 - 11:25 am

Cubyn to launch in UK following PriceMinister partnership

On-demand logistics startup Cubyn have announced a partnership with Rakuten's PriceMinister in France giving 5,000 merchants the ability to tap into Cubyn’s on-demand logistics platform. Cubyn are almost unique amongst logistics solutions in that once you start using them you'll never have to pack another

Meeting the demands of today’s smarter shopper

In this guest post from Royal Mail the growing expectations of British online shoppers go under the microscope. According to Mastercard’s Omnishopper report, 82% of people believe they’re smarter shoppers than they used to be. With more technology and information than ever before, they research to

De Minimis Thresholds can help or hinder sales

When you're selling online, probably one of the last things you think about is import taxes and duties that an overseas buyer may have to pay. It's worth considering though - a year ago the US raised what's know as their de minimis threshold (the

Free Warehouse Goods In Scanner App from Peoplevox

Peoplevox launched a free Android mobile app for use by any e-commerce retailer seeking greater control over their Goods In process. The easy to use mobile app is now available for download from the Peoplevox website and is the first example of a slew of product

Storm Stella causes 48 hour delay to US East Coast shipments

Royal Mail has warned that Storm Stella is likely to delay mail arriving on the East Coast of the United States as most of the East Coast airports have closed. The delay is likely to be a minimum of 48 hours covering all of Tuesday

DHL opens new fulfilment centre in Hong Kong

As Asia becomes an ever more important ecommerce market for sellers in the west, moving and holding stock closer to shoppers is a keen need for retailers. So DHL eCommerce, a division of Deutsche Post DHL Group, has opened a new Fulfillment Center in Hong

Parcel2Go new worldwide sub £10 shipping services

Parcel2Go have introduced new services to a range of destinations around the world. In keeping with their determination to offer the UK’s best delivery prices both around the country and beyond its borders, Parcel2Go are making available a range of services as far abroad as Australia,

eBay listing for Lithium Batteries to be cancelled if Royal Mail shipping is offered

eBay has reminded sellers that last year, the International Civil Aviation Organization reclassified lithium batteries as restricted goods, meaning that Royal Mail are unable to deliver them. (Bear in mind that some domestic Royal Mail items are moved by air). Lithium batteries, often known as power

Customisable packaging supplier Packhelp launches in Europe

Packhelp, a company that supplies customisable packaging and boxes for small and medium businesses has launched in Europe. They say that prices start from €0.43 and the Packhelp app service is available in English, Polish and German with more languages expected in due course. The