Take a better look at your delivery strategy and supply chain standards
By Chris Dawson June 16, 2021 - 2:14 pm

Amazon VTR updates based on merchant feedback

Amazon have made some recent Ship Confirm Amazon VTR updates to the policy requirements announced in the beginning of March this year. The good news is that they have listened and included some options for those unable to provide Amazon compliant tracking information, so

Emirates Post opts for Hurricane Commerce cross border data partner

Emirates Post, the postal operator for the UAE has invested heavily in its international parcels business with the ambition of becoming a seamless gateway and strategic logistics hub for cross-border ecommerce traffic. Hurricane will be supporting Emirates Post across various parts of its business, but

Practical Actionable Post Brexit Advice on Selling to EU

Selling to the EU is frankly a bit of a mess at the moment - what with Brexit six months ago, new VAT regulations coming in on the 1st of July, and still the knotty problem of delivery duty paid to consumers to satisfy Amazon,

How can an overseas seller benefit from UK fulfilment?

Brexit has not only impacted UK sellers trading with the EU, but also sellers from around the world wanting to sell to UK consumers. Today, Laura Palmer, Business Development Director at PHL, discusses how an overseas seller can benefit from UK fulfilment. If you are

Royal Mail IOSS Advice: Enter number into field that doesn’t exist

The 1st of July is rapidly approaching and still cross border sellers shipping into the EU don't know how to transmit IOSS numbers into various carrier's systems. For Royal Mail IOSS, thankfully a question was asked on the Click & Drop site which suggests

DPD’s EV fleet grows with UK’s first MAXUS e Deliver deal

DPD have announced that they are expanding their EV fleet after agreeing a deal agreed a deal with vehicle manufacturer MAXUS for 750 e Deliver electric vans which will bring their total EV fleet up to 1,500. DPD has purchased both the 72kw and longer

Win a £500 Staycation courtesy of PHL Group

The past 16 months have been incredibly demanding on both a personal and business level. The retail industry has faced challenges with the extended closure of brick-and-mortar stores and a boom in ecommerce that took the industry five years into the future. With

3,000 Royal Mail electric vehicles rolling out in a town near you

Royal Mail electric vehicles are going to increase ten-fold increase as the postal service announces plans to introduce around 3,000 additional, low-emission vans across its UK fleet . The vehicles, liveried in traditional Royal Mail red, are a new chapter in the Company’s ongoing

EU Value Added Tax advice from Royal Mail from 1st July 2021

Changes with regards to EU Value Added Tax (VAT) are coming to businesses selling goods to customers located in the EU. The changes will take effect on the 1st of July 2021. Royal Mail have three options available to help you manage these changes –

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