Take a better look at your delivery strategy and supply chain standards
By Chris Dawson August 16, 2017 - 11:43 am

Target acquire Grand Junction to boost delivery speeds

US retailer Target are the latest big name brand to add a delivery capability to improve and expand their delivery capabilities. This new venture would appear a direct result of Amazon's ever increasing delivery capability which has prompted large retailers across the West to up

Webinar: Making a more efficient ecommerce warehouse – what you should know

Warehouses are fascinating places and a well organised well run warehouse is one of the best ways to streamline an ecommerce business. Getting the orders in is key, but what happens once an order is received and how efficiently it is handled can affect everything

CWU tell Posties it’s ‘Time to Pick Sides’ hinting at strikes

The 15th of August deadline that the CWU gave Royal Mail to make significant progress on talks is today. Failure to make progress by today was the trigger the Union said would see them set out a timetable for potential strike action. Whilst I've not yet

Alibaba has the largest AGV ‘Robot’ Army in China

We've written in the past about robots in warehouses, so it should be no surprise to learn that Alibaba also make use of them. They're not really robots in the true sense of the word, but better described as automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and are

CWU give Royal Mail 15th of August deadline before setting strike timetable

This week it's possible that Royal Mail workers who belong to the CWU may move one step closer to strike action. CWU Deputy General Secretary Terry Pullinger has given a deadline of the 15th of August for the Union and the Royal Mail to agree some

What makes tracking outstanding on an International shipment?

On Saturday evening I made a purchase on eBay from a German retailer and thought it worth noting the way that they supplied tracking information because it's a text book case of how great tracking helps the consumer and averts any questions from customers. It's a

Fake Royal Mail delivery cards warning

A new scam is doing the rounds. It involves phoney delivery cards that you get when a parcel delivery is attempted and you're out. The cards in question look very similar to those you'll be familiar with from Royal Mail. The card encourages you to

CEN Endorse GS1 SSCC Carrier Labels

The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) have endorsed GS1 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for end-to-end identification for all parcel deliveries. What this means in plain English is that a standard has been agreed for a common shipping label across Europe to make cross broder

Whistl deal with Prism means ecommerce opportunities

Well known delivery company Whistl has made a key investment in Prism DM as it continues to growth firm's capabilities in what they term as the "e-fulfilment market". Prism DM, with facilities in Farnborough and Rushden, has a long-established business in the e-fulfilment sector and has

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