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By Chris Dawson July 6, 2018 - 10:58 am

How to attract American online shoppers to your website and marketplace listings

New research from Royal Mail which will be published soon reveals that average shopper in America spends $86 (£66) per month shopping on UK websites. One in seven (14%) American online shoppers have purchased from a UK site in the last three months. The main reason

How to escalate an Amazon Account Reinstatement Appeal

Chris McCabe is a former Amazonian who saw a need to help Marketplace sellers. While working at Amazon in Seller Performance, Chris noticed that when sellers got suspended due to missed metrics targets or policy violations, they went about reinstatement appeals all wrong. Some sellers

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace with BigCommerce

If you have a BigCommerce store, then you can now place your inventory into a Facebook shop and extend it's reach to sell on Facebook Marketplace in a limited but popular number of categories. According to Facebook data as of May 2018, one in three

How to use Amazon Vouchers to drive sales

Amazon are offering merchants a new self-service marketing tool that can help you to differentiate between your offerings through compelling discounts, and badges highlighted in search field. It's called Amazon Vouchers and, although it's not a brand new program, is now being offered to merchants

How to create a compelling marketing email inbox preview

If you've not heard the term 'mobile triage', it's the practice of checking your emails on your mobile and deleting junk prior to reading the emails that matter to you on a desktop when you're back at your desk. Reading emails on mobile has exceeded

How to optimise your Amazon keywords and search terms

The Amazon keywords or search terms section is often overlooked and just given a cursory glance when completing the myriad of fields that are needed to complete a listing and yet they are one of the areas that additional attention can pay huge dividends. Amazon keywords

How to target eBay business sellers with eBay Local Services Ads

eBay are to open up eBay Local Services Ads to enable businesses to target eBay business sellers with the aim that they might see some useful ads from companies who can help them grow. If you are targeting businesses trading on eBay then you can

How to do SEO optimisation for image search

SEO is often seen as a bit of a black art and many proponents of SEO are still giving advice which, whilst still valid, is outdated and misses out on how new technology has developed. That not only applies to traditional text based SEO but

How to calculate your Amazon merchant fees

It can be tricky to make stock buying decision when you sell on marketplaces, not least because the fees structures on various sites vary widely and also be bewilderingly complicated. This 'how to' article looks at the various Amazon merchant fees you'll need to sell