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Discover the latest 'How to' content to gain insights to improve your ecommerce operations and grow your business. The section covers the basics of marketplace trading and also caters for more advanced sellers or businesses to provide information on how to approach next steps.
By Chris Dawson January 22, 2019 - 11:43 am

How to choose the right Amazon Advertising for your business

Amazon Advertising have a whole host of options for merchants, retailers and brands. Many merchants will only be familiar with Amazon Sponsored Products, so today we take a look at the other options to help you decide which Amazon Advertising options are best for your

How to target consumers with Amazon Product Samples

Amazon, in the US, have an interesting advertising option for brands and retailers - giving free stuff away to consumers who haven't asked for it. It's called Amazon Product Samples and samples are free, recipients don’t have to pay for anything. Amazon say that they

How to save money on shipping costs

I recently purchased two nearly identical products on Amazon. One arrived in a large letter format and the other arrived in a small packet sized box. The cost for shipping would have been very different, although in this instance they were both supplied through Amazon

How to buy Christmas Gifts on Amazon

Every year there are stories in the press citing rabid consumers claiming that Amazon has ruined Christmas. Amazon are shipping goods without putting them in Amazon packaging and simply sticking a label onto the retail packaging. They do this all year but when consumers buy

How to offer free post discounts on eBay with multi-buy discounts

One of the biggest complaints eBay sellers have had for decades is the inability to discount postage when a buyer purchases multiple items from a single listings for which free postage is offered. eBay multi-buy discounts now provide a solution for free post discounts. The issue

How to sell on Instagram with Public Desire

Every online seller would love to sell on Instagram and one UK retailer, Public Desire, is leading the way. When you're posting images of Beyonce wearing your shoes you know you've made it and the resultant press driving traffic to your webshop is the nirvana

How to use the new Amazon Sponsored Ads Product Targeting

Amazon Advertising have launched a new format Amazon Sponsored Ads Product Targeting which enables a much more granular approach to when and where your ads will appear. They will enable you to advertise directly against a particular competitor product which could be invaluable when listing

How to reduce your PayPal fees

Every business wants to cut costs where possible. And as an online retailer or ecommerce merchant, on eBay or your own website, one particular expense you might face are PayPal fees. There are two PayPal schemes that you should be aware of if you want

How to calculate your Fulfilment by Amazon FBA fees

Amazon has an amazing network of warehouses and logistics services at its disposal. Whether that’s 7 days a week delivery services or massive fulfilment centres (FCs), even airports, planes and freight ships, Amazon is good at delivering the goods. And they offer you their services