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By Chris Dawson April 23, 2019 - 11:31 pm

Q1 2019 eBay earnings delights investors but not marketplace sellers

eBay have pulled a rabbit out of the hat and delighted investors with their Q1 2019 eBay earnings, as demonstrated by their share price jumping more than 5% from a close of $36.15 to over $38 as soon as their results were published. eBay reported

eBay vs Amazon and their CEO’s war of words

It's an interesting time as Amazon start to take notice of eBay for the first time. Having previously (for two decades) refused to acknowledge competition and avoided the eBay vs Amazon conversation, instead claiming to obsess about what's best for their customers, Amazon and their

Veo Marketplace aims to be most Earth Friendly on planet

Today is Earth Day, an annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April with events held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, so what better day to announce a new marketplace Veo, which launches in June and promising to be the most Earth friendly marketplace

Tamebay Warehouse Visit to GFS 2nd May 2019

Following on from the Round Table hosted by GFS, several of the attendees expressed interest in seeing how a large scale professionally run warehouse operates. With that in mind we are organising a Tamebay warehouse visit to GFS in Berkshire on the 2nd of May.

Amazon disposal of stock instead of returning to merchant

A Tamebay reader who sells on Amazon has an unusual problem with some stock that has gone astray. It appears the stock went down the Amazon disposal route instead of being returned to the merchant. We wanted to ask if anyone has had a similar

Research Test: Does using eBay Best Offer increase sales?

David Brackin is the managing director of Stuff U Sell, the leading eBay trading assistant in the UK and a regular Tamebay contributor. Today David reports on the results of testing the eBay Best Offer feature to establish how using (or not using) it impacts

NetDespatch users to be forcibly migrated to Royal Mail

Royal Mail are writing to NetDespatch users stating that their access to Royal Mail services via NetDespatch will cease from the 31st of May 2019. From this point onwards users will either have to use Click & Drop, Pro Shipping or API Shipping (although we're

Amazon ramps back Amazon Own Brands advertising

Amazon appear to have ramped back the promotion of their own products on sites across the world. Where once you'd expect to see Amazon Own Brands prominently promoted, Amazon Own Label promotions are now notably missing from many areas of the marketplace. Amazon Own Brands are

2019 Tamebay Resources you may have missed

Over the first quarter of 2019, we've published a number of Tamebay Resources to help you grow your businessToday we revist them in case you missed them the first time around. We've got White Papers and eBooks for deep dives into expert knowledge and webinars