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By Chris Dawson April 3, 2020 - 10:32 pm

Royal Mail Parcel Drop off slashed to 2 hours a day

From this Monday, the 6th of April, your Royal Mail parcel drop off will need to be first thing in the morning if you use Customer Service Points at local Delivery Offices. Some will only open for two hours per day whilst others will open

Royal Mail delivering national coronavirus mailing to UK

Royal Mail have announced that they are supporting UK Government’s public information campaign, delivering a national coronavirus mailing to around 30 million households across the UK via its Door to Door service. Dropping on the nation’s door mats over the next week, the coronavirus mailing

Amazon FBM tips for FBA merchants transitioning to self fulfilment

Amazon have published some Amazon FBM tips for merchants who have been using Amazon FBA but are transitioning to FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) for the first time. Why Amazon FBM trumps FBA during Coronavirus pandemic We have seen that since Amazon started to push delivery dates

How to solve critical customer support issues, right now, for free with eDesk from xSellco

This week, ecommerce software solution provider, xSellco, announced that it would be making its AI-powered helpdesk ‘eDesk’ free for 6 months. The hugely popular customer support platform is already used by over 1,000 online sellers worldwide and has won a number of top software awards

2020 Amazon FBA fee adjustments take effect today

It's the first of April and today is the day that 2020 Amazon FBA fee adjustments kick in (No, this is not an April Fool's joke). Amazon have however announced that due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that they will waive two week's FBA inventory

Amazon FBA storage fee waiver due to Coronavirus

There is a two week FBA storage fee waiver due to the Coronavirus impact where Amazon pushed out delivery dates by up to a month for many products stored in their warehouses. This applies to products stored in Amazon UK, EU and US warehouses. "COVID-19 has

eBay Shop Subscription Coronavirus Relief Refunds

The eBay Shop Subscription Coronavirus Relief Refunds program is now live. The aim is to relieve some of the pressure due to the changing circumstances around COVID-19 and so eBay will now refund your shop subscription fees if you have to shut down your eBay

CWU: Temporary relaxation to Royal Mail Universal Service Obligation call

The CWU have released a statement sets out what they believe is the right position for Royal Mail and the Government to immediately adopt in relation to Royal Mail Group and the services it provides. This includes a temporary relaxation to the Royal Mail Universal

xSellco eDesk is FREE from now until September

xSellco is making eDesk completely free for new customers for the next six months in order to help high street retailers move online in response to the COVID-19 crisis. eDesk enables you to manage orders and customer support queries from your webstore, social media channels, email

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