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By Chris Dawson August 23, 2019 - 1:50 pm

CWU Letter to Branches calls for strike action ballot

There's trouble brewing between Royal Mail and the CWU which could lead to industrial action this Christmas. A CWU letter to branches has gone out setting out plans for over 100,000 Royal Mail staff to be balloted for possible strike action. A Royal Mail strike

Take a break over the Summer Bank Holiday

With the Summer Bank Holiday fast approaching and the weather at last looking like it's going to return to sunny days for the end of the school summer break it's time to prepare for a busy Tuesday when you come back to work. If you are

PayPal Fees change means PayPal Merchant Discounts have ended

This week, PayPal Fees changed in the UK. From the 19th of August, instead of paying 3.4% plus 20p per transaction with lower Merchant Rates for sellers turning over more than £1,500 per month, PayPal introduced new flat fees with Tiered rates only available for

Royal Mail deliver 1st Class Mail on time for first time in two years

Royal Mail are back on track with deliveries having exceeded their regulatory target for 1st Class Mail for the first time in two years. The latest Royal Mail Quality of Service report reveals that in the first quarter of their 2019-2020 financial year, Royal Mail delivered

Government to assign EORI numbers to VAT registered businesses

If you are a VAT registered business then you will be getting assigned an EORI number within the next few weeks... if you don't already have one. It's part of the Goverement's plans to step up planning for a no-deal Brexit. Our new Chancellor, Sajid Javid

Introducing Amazon 7-Day Deals

Amazon run many deals programs, the best known of which are of course the Prime Day Deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and Lightning Deals. Now Amazon 7-Day Deals are available to Amazon sellers based on their performance criteria and product qualification. Naturally Amazon

Amazon pass cost of French 3% digital tax on to their merchants

High Street retailers and the quangos what lobby on their behalf have been complaining for years that online marketplace and other digital giants aren't paying their fair share of taxes. On the high street you have to pay rates whereas online there's corporation tax but

Amazon tests Amazon Top Brand badge on Fashion US listings

Amazon have a raft of badges that they apply to listings - Best Seller, Amazon's Choice, Sponsored and now a new one, an Amazon Top Brand badge. Brands selling on Amazon have a problem, at one stage simply having a Brand was good enough to get

Royal Mail Transformation for marketplace sellers

Royal Mail was founded in 1516 as a business delivering letters across the nation. Today parcels are overtaking letters as ecommerce continues to accelerate and many of these purchases are delivered by the nation's postal service. A multi-year Royal Mail transformation is under to cope

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