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By Chris Dawson October 16, 2018 - 9:00 am

Chinese sellers on Amazon with poor service manipulate search results

The scourge of Chinese sellers on Amazon is starting to dampen the buying experience in some categories, in a similar way to how they have impacted eBay. Chinese sellers tend to offer products at knock down prices, but for customers used to Amazon Prime and

Tamebay Reader Survey 2018

For the past few years we have run a survey to discover the general shape and trends of Tamebay reader's businesses. Now, once again in the Tamebay Reader Survey 2018 we want to find out what's changed over the past year, how your business has

Devin Wenig wants a discovery-based shopping experience for eBay

Devin Wenig, eBay's CEO said at the recent Geekwire Summit that he doesn't want to compete with Amazon. Further, he wants to get as far away from Amazon as he can with a discovery-based shopping experince. You might think this somewhat strange considering eBay's current

eBay Fulfilment and eBay Shipping launched in Germany

eBay Germany have launched two new logistics services for business sellers - eBay Fulfilment and eBay Shipping. Both of these services will qualify sellers for eBay Plus - a subscription service for buyers offering fast and free premium shipping, simple free returns and premium customer service.

eBay Premium Service – A wasted opportunity

Last month we wrote about why Amazon are winning the market share from convenience shoppers and how it is nigh on impossible to find a product on eBay with fast shipping that can be delivered the next day. This is a continual source of frustration

Amazon invite companies to become Amazon Private Label

Traditionally there have been two ways to sell on Amazon - as a merchant where you list and sell your own products and as a vendor where you sell your products to Amazon retail who purchase from you in bulk. Now there's a third way

Meet the company: Shipa Freight

Many ecommerce merchants source goods from overseas and face a multitude of challenges in getting their stock back to the UK, or sometimes to warehouses in other countries ready to sell online. That' where Shipa Freight comes in - designed for online retailers their solution

Tamebay Autumn Ecommerce Event Diary: Webinars, Conferences, Meetups

The Tamebay ecommerce event diary for the next month is looking pretty busy with a number of dates where you can meet us both online and in person. We always love to run into our readers so if you're able to make any of the

eBay roll out Apple Pay on eBay Managed Payments

eBay have confirmed that for the first time ever, buyers can use Apple Pay on eBay to pay for purchases. eBay have also revealed that they are allowing a few sellers to opt back out of eBay Managed Payments after saying that no opt out