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By Chris Dawson June 22, 2017 - 11:35 am

Lessons to learn from IKEA’s marketplace aspirations

IKEA are have announced that they are planning to start selling IKEA products on third party websites. They've been a bit coy about which websites these will be, but it would make sense that they're considering eBay and Amazon in the UK and perhaps sites

Rob Hattrell: The first 100 days at eBay

Earlier this year, Rob Hattrell became UK Vice President of eBay and the point man for the UK. The buck now stops with him regardless of whether things go well or not, so today I went to eBay Towers in Richmond to meet Rob, find

Meet the company: Flubit

Many regular Tamebay readers will be familiar with Flubit but may not have revisited the opportunity since they transformed into a fully fledged marketplace earlier this year and the unique differences that set them aside from competitors. With no set up fees, no listing fees and

Trevor Ginn: How to successfully sell on overseas marketplaces

I've known Trevor Ginn who has run Hello Baby for over a decade and during that time I've seen his business grow and expand and embrace cross border trade. Trevor is also working with Brands and Manufacturers to assist them to grow their marketplace exposure

Announcing the Tamebay Ecommerce Football Cup 2017

The annual Tamebay Ecommerce Cup is a bit of a tradition round here. It's a light hearted opportunity for a game of football or two, friendly competition and some drinks afterwards. We're always thrilled about the enthusiasm and camaraderie shown by the many participants. And we

Cracking the Newegg Marketplace

Today, about 200 ecommrce soldiers lined up to dip themselves into a day full of "Newegginess", as Neil Tunbridge introduced the New Newegg Seller Day which is currently taking place in the Docklands as part of London Tech Week. Newegg is a tech based platform with

Shopify announce a Technology Partner Programme

This week Shopify Plus has announced their new Technology Partner Programme. The idea is to offer Shopify Plus merchants access to useful and complimentary services to help them make the most of their ecommerce business. They want to hook you up with partners who can

Meet the Company: Khaos Control Solutions

Khaos Control Cloud is a solution that will put you in control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by streamlining your business’ stock control, online orders, customer communication and financial management. Whether you are sat at your office computer

Survey: The 5 KPIs which will allow you to grow

There are five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that demonstrates how effectively your business is achieving key objectives. Monitoring them will let you know when the time comes to upgrade the solutions and services you use and help you to manage your business more profitably and