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By Chris Dawson June 24, 2018 - 2:16 pm

UKAuctioneers BidonThis and TheAuctionRoom merger to leverage technology

Anyone who was following the football last week (The Ecommerce Cup, not the World Cup in Russia) may have noticed that one of the Sponsors changed at the last minute from BidOnThis to UK Auctioneers. We can now reveal the reason for this is that three

The Ecommerce Cup 2018 presentation ceremony video

The Ecommerce Cup 2018 presentation took place immediately after the matches on Thursday evening to the champions OFX by our sponsors - Helen from UKAuctioneers and Jason from JH. Before the cup presentation however, ChannelAdvisor were runners up in the Ecommerce Shield 2018 and received their

OFX: Ecommerce Cup Winners 2018

OFX are the Ecommerce Cup Winners for 2018, after what was a hard fought competition where they narrowly beat last year's winners Just Eat in the final. It was a really close competition at times with more teams entering than previous years and on a

Online Seller Network with Amazon Meetup

We're thrilled to announce that Amazon will be speaking at the Online Seller Network taking place on the 19th of July in London's Covent Garden. This will be themed as an Amazon meetup with the focus on how to grow your business on the Amazon

Are eBay and Sellers really ready for Catalogue Listings?

In a previous article, we looked at how eBay are planning to spread their compulsory catalogue rapidly out across a large range of new and used products on the site. One of the issues with catalogue pages, as sellers on Amazon well know, is about

Things every seller needs to know to grow an Amazon business

Amazon represents a huge commercial opportunity for both experienced online sellers and for fledgling web retailers to discover the inside secrets to and trading basics for start-up sellers. But there’s plenty to learn to grow an Amazon business. And, needless to say, it’s a dynamic

To Steve Fisher eBay SVP Payments
This is what sellers want from eBay Payments

Following the new appointment of Steve Fisher eBay SVP Payments, we know know who will implement Adyen on eBay, so we thought it time to lay out what sellers want from eBay Payments. These are all points that Tamebay readers have raised recently, but feel

Protecting your business from currency risk

Managing currency risk is often an after thought in ecommerce, until the time comes to pay a bill in a foreign currency or repatriate funds from sales and you discover that the exchange rate has changed and suddenly it's costing you more than you had

15 European marketplaces you should know about

One of the most effective ways of growing your ecommerce enterprise is to start selling internationally. The easiest way to begin to get your products in front of international customers is to start selling into an existing marketplace. There is so much more to the