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By Chris Dawson August 16, 2017 - 9:15 am

Webinar: Making a more efficient ecommerce warehouse – what you should know

Warehouses are fascinating places and a well organised well run warehouse is one of the best ways to streamline an ecommerce business. Getting the orders in is key, but what happens once an order is received and how efficiently it is handled can affect everything

Facebook expand Marketplace offering across Europe

Facebook are upping the game for consumer to consumer selling with the expansion of their marketplace to 17 countries across Europe Facebook Marketplace is already available in six countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK) but will now roll out to: Austria, Belgium,

Outcomes from Alibaba’s Brand Rights Holders Day

Last week Alibaba hosted a Brand Rights Holders Day in Beijing attended by 180 brands where they unveiled enhancements to their Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) Platform. This is part of Alibaba's push to remove counterfeiters from their platforms and connect affluent Chinese shoppers with luxury

Amazon UK: Sales Up, Tax Liability Down

Amazon's Corporation tax bill more than halved to just £7.4 million in 2016 on a turnover 50% up at £1.46 billion, compared to a bill of £15.8 million on sales of £946 million. Amazon also received a credit from the tax man for £1.3 million

eBay UK Product Identifiers Updates for Sellers

eBay have been emailing sellers this week with a number of updates regarding Product Identifiers. There are a couple of dates you'll want to be aware of and a couple of changes which may well impact how you list, encourage you to add Product Identifiers

Register for the Online Seller Network London August Meetup

Many Tamebay readers ask us when the next opportunity to meet fellow sellers over a few beers and network will be so today we're thrilled to announce a new series of meetups and events - the Online Seller Network. Tamebay is partnering with The Wholesale Forums

Have you accounted for the eBay Fees VAT change?

It's worth a quick reminder that from the 1st of August eBay are now applying VAT to their fees which business sellers will pay for the first time. The first people to see the change will be those billed in the middle of the month, other

How to sell on eBay: all about buyer returns on eBay UK #tamebayTV

This is our latest How to Sell on eBay video on TamebayTV. This week we consider the thorny issues of eBay Returns: what are your obligations and how can you turn it to your favour? How you deal with returns on eBay UK depends on your

eBay says: treat new buyers “with a little extra TLC”

Last week eBay held their conference-cum-jamboree in the US which is billed as eBay Open. Rather like eBay Live! way back when, it's where sellers and buyers gather to learn and celebrate their businesses and eBay. If you click on the link above you'll find

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