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By Dan Wilson May 10, 2018 - 9:00 pm

Etsy isn’t worried about Amazon Handmade

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman has taken to the airwaves to explain why he isn't worried about Amazon Handmade, the dedicated crafts marketplace, and why he firmly believes that his company can prosper. Not least he explains that he doesn't believe factors that are advantageous to Amazon

Etsy in Q118 reports strong sales growth

Business results reported by the craft and quirky marketplace tonight show that Etsy in Q118 enjoyed strong growth in sales, buyer and seller activity and an overall positive performance. It can easily be viewed as evidence that the once wobbly business has perhaps turned the

You can now show your reviews on your Etsy Pattern website

You can now add your reviews to your Etsy pattern website. You can find more details in a recent announcement. You have the option to sync your reviews with your website via the Design tab on your website editor. All reviews for items that appear

Etsy on GDPR: advice for merchants

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming. Are you ready? And when it comes to Etsy on GDPR, and what merchants need to know, help is at hand. Esty has made information available here. You can read more about Etsy on GDPR here too.

Changes are coming to Etsy policies in May

The marketplace is making changes to Etsy policies and you should have received an email with details. In particular the focus is on data and transparency. We've detailed the major changes below. Don't forget that by continuing to use the Etsy services on or after May

Enhancements to choosing a category in the Etsy listing process

The marketplace has announced changes to the way you make and categorise your Etsy listing. Specifically, Etsy will be helping sellers put their inventory in the most suitable category by providing information about where shoppers browse for similar products and also making suggestions about the

Controversial changes to Etsy billing are coming

The only marketplace Etsy has announced changes to how Etsy billing will work and it has been criticised by a number of merchants. In particular, news that they will be deducting taxes directly from payments made by shoppers is not proving popular. You can read the

Etsy add Coupon Codes to tackle abandoned baskets

A strategic promotional campaign can help bring in new shoppers, retain existing customers, and increase revenue in your shop. There are different reasons you might consider running a sale such as clearing out old inventory, encouraging dormant customers to buy again and of course on

Etsy is testing different ways of highlighting Etsy shop sales

Crafts and quirky marketplace Etsy is testing new ways of highlighting sales and discounts in your Etsy shop with the aim of increasing merchant sales. The test started in March and isn't universal and they say it only affects "a percentage of buyers on Etsy." According

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