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By Sasha Fedorenko September 16, 2019 - 12:08 pm

Etsy Community Space sees new updates to delight sellers

Etsy have announced the latest updates to the Etsy Community Space in their efforts to unite Etsies in a single space where they can share the common concerns or opportunities with merchants trading on the marketplace. Etsy say the move is "based on feedback from sellers

Etsy Free Shipping only on 1st page of search results

Etsy has sent a letter to their US sellers informing them that 83% of all sales on Etsy come from the 1st page of search results and that Etsy Free Shipping is going to dominate the page. If you are charging shipping on top of

Etsy welcome country-specific sales tool to their artillery

Etsy today announced the expansion of the sales and coupons tool with a new feature, a country-specific sales tool that’ll allow Etsies to create different offers based on where their buyers are located. Sellers can also use the tool to participate in Etsy’s sales events

Etsy Ads: Etsy welcome new marketing platform

Etsy have announced the official launch of a new marketing platform, Etsy Ads which aim to take the guesswork out of advertising and enables sellers to reach buyers both on and off of the marketplace. Two weeks ago saw Etsy inciting sellers' interest with news

Etsy Impressions to let merchants wear a researcher hat

Etsy are offering merchants to wear a researcher with an incentive to put forth their opinions in the marketplace's inclusive online research group, Etsy Impressions to shape the future of the company. Etsy have announced the news in the Etsy Community, encouraging sellers to join

Etsy call on sellers to make Labor Day a shopping bonazana

Etsy are calling on sellers to turn Labor Day into a shopping bonanza, inspiring sellers to initiate promotions that attract shoppers to their listings and bag sales during the annual celebration of the achievements of workers in the US and Canada. Etsy have shared the announcement

Etsy pricing feature to enable different UK & US prices

Etsy are launching a new Etsy pricing feature which will enable sellers to have one price set for the UK and a different price set for the US. The aim of the Etsy pricing feature is to enable sellers to offer a higher price in the

New Etsy Ads to boost products’ visibility on Google and Etsy via a single campaign

Etsy have announced the introduction of a new advertising platform, Etsy Ads which aims to boost products' discoverability on Etsy and Google via a single campaign in a bid to address sellers' demands for a "simpler tools to help [them] grow." The move will see 'Etsies'

How to navigate Etsy community space

Etsy community space is designed to seamlessly connect sellers with their counterparts, help sellers improve their storefront and stay up-to-date with the latest Etsy news. Etsy have showcased an easy way of navigating the marketplace's support-centre for sellers after sharing the news of updated Etsy conversations