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Etsy is a marketplace for hand made and craft goods
By Sasha Fedorenko November 12, 2018 - 5:20 pm

Etsy online sales soar in Q3 as it puts new pricing model to work

Etsy announced sale growth in its third-quarter results as it put new pricing model to work. The marketplace achieved a revenue income of $150.4m (£116.39m), this compared to $106.380m (£82.33m) to the previous year. That's up by 41.3% on the YoY (year on year) rate. While Etsy

Etsy ramps up the marketing for Christmas

Etsy will be ramping up marketing and advertising in the run up to Christmas with a new promotional campaign aimed at driving buyer awareness of the brand and encouraging shoppers to come to Etsy to buy gifts on the crafts and vintage marketplace that have

Etsy reports strong Q3 results

Crafts and vintage marketplace Etsy has reported its quarterly results for Q3 and has shown significant growth and development. The positive results have been warmly greeted by Wall St and analysts and the stock price has enjoyed a boost. Here are the main points of

Etsy search analytics tool now available to all users

The much anticipated Etsy search analytics is now available to all merchants on the marketplace according to a recent announcement. You can read about the new tool here. And access it directly via your seller dashboard here. The tool originally launched back at the start of

Amazon Business is bigger than Etsy by 2.5x

Amazon Business is generating $10 billion in annualized sales. To put this into perspective, the relatively new Amazon Business is bigger than Etsy by more than two and a half times. Amazon Business is the B2B form of selling on Amazon - the same products

Etsy Super Seller Badge tests to proportion of buyers

A new Etsy Super Seller badge is being tested on the listing pages of sellers that are eligible. Sellers are eligible for the ‘Super Seller’ badge if they: Have more than 25 sales Ship on time for the majority of orders (including sellers who sell

Etsy is updating Listing Categories and Attributes

Crafts and vintage marketplace Etsy has announced that it will be making changes to listing categories and attribute on the site. The changes are already in force and you can find the full information in the link below. The main areas of development are in the

“You are so rude” say sellers when Etsy crops images to squares

Etsy are coming in for some stick with sellers calling them rude due to a new display of images in search results. It appears that now Etsy crops images to squares in search results. Previously they were rectangular images which sellers have been accustomed to. The

Etsy Search analytics tool is launched and then retracted

The much anticipated Etsy search analytics tool that will help merchants gain as much prominence in search as shoppers peruse the merchandise was launched a few days ago. But now, presumably due to a technical issue they have subsequently detected, it has been withdrawn from