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By Sasha Fedorenko January 15, 2019 - 4:17 pm

Etsy to collect seller sales tax in line with new laws

Etsy announced their plans to start collecting seller sales tax on purchases made in selected US states as a result of the introduction of new laws. The marketplace say that they "are calculating, collecting, and remitting state sales tax on all orders shipped to the following states." The

Etsy forums to shut down for two weeks

From Thursday the 10th of January, the Etsy forums will shut down and be in read only mode. This is while they transition to a new platform. The forums will return fully on the 22nd of January. We understand that the new Etsy Forums will run

How customer reviews differ across leading marketplaces

Customer reviews allow shoppers to see the transparency of products' offering which plays an important part in their purchasing journey. The more detailed the product reviews section, the more are the chances of shoppers' getting reassured about their selection. It is often questionable when products' reviews

Shop UK on Etsy – Tests show UK items to UK buyers

Etsy are running a test with a new, local browsing experience for shoppers in the United Kingdom. They appear to have realised that often UK buyers will prefer to buy from UK sellers due to shorter shipping times and no import taxes to worry about

Etsy targeted offers ‘will continue to be free’ for merchants

Etsy targeted offers "will continue to be free" for merchants as the marketplace are "indefinitely" removing the $0.10 charge for the marketing tool. The initiative will see sellers delivering a personalised customer experience this holiday season as the way to warm up to shoppers' hearts. The

Etsy fee overcharge on new Etsy Payment Account

Sellers are due refunds due to an Etsy fee overcharge and should see refunds in their accounts on the 28th of December. The overcharges took place since Etsy's redesigned payments accounts which are now powered by Adyen. "We determined some recent transaction fees charged to your

Etsy SVP Raina Moskowitz on educating sellers ‘to run a great business’

Etsy SVP Raina Moskowitz believes that investing in educating their sellers will reap the rewards for the whole marketplace. This week, Raina Moskowitz has discussed how the marketplace is giving their new and established merchants a 'how to guide' on selling products, as reported originally by Glossy. She says that

The future of marketplaces: Search, Virtual Assistants & Artificial Intelligence

To kick off 2019 Tamebay are running a webinar to look at the future of marketplaces and what you need to know for the year ahead. Technology is changing fast with the introduction of smart devices and with artificial intelligence and machine learning the way

Etsy CEO on selling vintage: a ‘real treasure of Etsy’

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman yesterday addressed concerns of the marketplace's merchants on selling vintage goods by saying that they remain a 'real treasure of Etsy.' Etsy CEO and Kruti Patel Goyal, general manager of seller services, have answered concerns of Etsy's sellers on November 13 during