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Etsy is a marketplace for hand made and craft goods
By Sasha Fedorenko March 14, 2019 - 10:41 am

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman on Etsy’s long-term strategy

"Unique items, best-in-class search and discovery, human connections, and the trusted brand," is how Etsy CEO Josh Silverman describes the four-pronged elements Etsy aims to take advantage of for their long-term strategy. This statement highlights the central position of Etsy's sellers in the marketplace's future development.

‘50% of Etsy UK sales are to UK buyers:’ Etsy CEO Josh Silverman

"50% of Etsy UK sales are to UK buyers," says Etsy CEO Josh Silverman as points to the UK market's success on Etsy. Speaking to CNBC, Josh says that both UK and Germany sellers now hold more than 50% of local trade and he wants to

Focus on Etsy Google Shopping Ads

You might think it strange to pay a marketplace to manage Google Shopping Ads to drive traffic to your marketplace listings, after all why wouldn't you drive traffic to your own website? But some sellers class Etsy as their home on the web and so

Focus on Etsy Promoted Listings

Etsy, like many other marketplaces, have a optional paid advertising program - Etsy Promoted Listings - where sellers can voluntarily bid an additional amount to have their listings featured in search results on desktop and on the Etsy app. The first thing you need to know

Etsy to completely offset carbon emissions from shipping

Etsy has always been conscious of their ecological impact and in 2016 committed to powering their operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2020. Now Etsy are going even further and will offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping Etsy packages. Etsy becomes 1st global ecommerce platform

Product image size requirements: Amazon, Etsy and eBay

Sellers will find that Amazon, Etsy and eBay have individual image size requirements. The marketplaces require sellers to use high-resolution photos to accompany their listings. Here is what each marketplace say on product image requirements. Amazon image size requirements Amazon say that images submitted to the marketplace have to be

Etsy reports full year growth of 20.8% with strong holiday sales

Etsy have just posted their latest quarterly and full year earnings and the top takeaway for merchants is that their Gross Margin Sales (GMS) are up 22.3% in the last quarter and 20.8% for the full year. That's roughly in line with ecommerce and shows

Etsy updates sellers on last week’s Etsy billing error

Etsy issued an update on last week's Etsy billion error which saw approximately 0.1% of their total active sellers' experience incorrect charges from their bank accounts. As a result, sellers saw two main problems such as managing refunds for the incorrect debits and pending deposits. Etsy

Etsy free shipping debate sparks sellers’ concerns

Some Etsy sellers are claiming that Etsy free shipping debate blackmails them into offering the service to stay on top the marketplace's search rankings. Otherwise, they claim to be "penalised" by appearing lower in search results. Etsy merchants are complaining that they're heavily encouraged to offer