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Etsy is a marketplace for hand made and craft goods
By Chris Dawson April 3, 2017 - 5:07 pm

plentymarkets announce first marketplace plugin for Etsy

plentymarkets have added the facility for developers to create plugins to their solution. As part of the upgrade, their own staff developed plugins for each area of plentymarkets. Today plentymarkets have announced that Etsy is the first marketplace to be connected to their Software via plugin

Etsy Shop product order display tests

Etsy have announced that they will test rearranging the display order of items in seller's Etsy shops. Similar to eBay's Best Match, the test will order items based on information that they know about your items, 'specifically, how likely they are to result in a

Get a Pattern website synched to your Etsy store

If you sell on the Etsy marketplace and don't already have your own website, then Etsy Pattern may be the first step to running your own site. Etsy Pattern mirrors your Etsy listings, but on what's effectively your own website. You can manage your Etsy shop

New Etsy Studio market to showcase craft supplies

Etsy has announced a new home for craft supplies (and new features to assist sellers) which will be called 'Etsy Studio' and is due to launch this Spring. Etsy Studio is the first new market Etsy has built from the ground up since the marketplace first

Etsy checkout now enables single purchases from multiple sellers

It's a neat enhancement they've made over at Etsy, the chic and quirky vintage and craft marketplace. Although, to be honest, we thought they already had it in place. They've announced that now you can make a single purchase and payment to buy items from

How does Etsy make money?

One of the most interesting players in the ecommerce marketplaces space is Etsy. It looks great, the search they have is sexy and visual, they sell lovely things, they've survived and thrived for more than a decade (no mean feat) and continue to grow. Etsy

Linnworks launch full Etsy integration

Linnworks have announced the latest edition to their Order Management System, and that's the Etsy integration. It's been in the wild in beta since October but now it's officially live. The new feature makes it super easy for Linnworks users to manage their Etsy inventory

Etsy launches Apple Pay for web purchases

In time for Black Friday, Etsy has revealed that shoppers will now be able to pay for their crafty purchases using Apple Pay on the web. Since February buyers have been able to pay with their iOS phones. Now you can pay via your computer

Brighton Etsy Christmas Market 2016: 3/12/16

Here's something a bit different. Coming up on the 3rd December at the Dome. It's the Brighton Etsy Christmas Market 2016. To find out more visit this page. It's a good opportunity to support Etsy traders and chat with fellow online sellers. As they say

Etsy reports strong Q3 results. Revenue up 33% YoY

Vintage and craft marketplace Etsy has reported its third quarter results for 2016. Revenues are up 33% year on year. Sales increased $677.2 million and thats's up 19.1% compared with the third quarter of 2015. The Q3 numbers are so good that Etsy has raised its

Etsy selects Adyen for global payments

Payments firm Adyen, who also power payments for Uber, Facebook and Netflix and others, have announced a partnership with online marketplace Etsy. The deal covers the United States, Europe and other markets where Etsy operates marketplaces for 1.7 million sellers. Under the collaboration Etsy buyers

Linnworks announce Etsy marketplace beta launch

Today at Linnworks' fourth annual Linn Academy, it was announced that next week they will launch support for the Etsy marketplace in beta. Etsy is a marketplace where merchants largely sell what they make or curate, you'll find handmade items, vintage goods and craft supplies you

Get excited and learn about selling on Etsy

If you're interested in selling crafts and vintage items then the Etsy marketplace will be on your radar. It's a fantastic marketplace with a beautiful interface and attractive presentation. In my personal experience I find the search facility most useful. It's fun place to buy

Etsy sellers still experiencing payment problems

As we reported previously, Etsy is experiencing problems processing buyer payments and disbursing the cash to sellers. It had looked like the worst was over but the problems do seem to be persisting. You can read a recent announcement from Etsy on the ongoing problems. As

Etsy says Worldpay disbursement problems are (nearly) sorted

Last week we reported that Etsy was experiencing problems sending out payments to merchants for goods sold. It looks like the worst is over and the source of the problems were difficulties at Worldpay, the service that powers Etsy's payments to sellers. Jim Esposito is

Etsy reports payment disbursement problems

Etsy has been reporting problems with disbursement to sellers. As a result of a third party problem, payments to merchants have been slow, delayed or incorrect. Here's the comment on Etsy: "As is reported on Etsy’s third-party payment processor continues to have a technical issue that

Etsy commit to support users in Brexit

Etsy have told sellers and buyers that they'll do their utmost to help sellers with any new regulations following the UK's EU Referendum result. They acknowledge that they don't have all the answers or indeed even know the questions yet, but they've pledge support for

The Top 3 retailers worldwide on social are Amazon, Etsy & eBay

Amazon has been ranked as the top retailer globally in the first Brandwatch Retail Social Index beating every bricks and mortar retailer in the world. Etsy came in second with eBay just behind in third place. American retailer Nordstrom took fourth place with the UK's Tesco

Install Google Analytics on your Shopify and Etsy store

Google Analytics is an amazingly powerful tool that's free to use and gives you valuable data about how your business and webstore is performing. Information is power and understanding where your traffic is coming from, what's converting very well and the search terms buyers use to

Etsy Craft Party: 17&19/6/16

Etsy is the sexy global vintage and craft marketplace where you can buy nice things. And they still have a great sense of community. And they're holding their annual international festival they bill as as the Etsy Craft Party. It's an online and offline event. Hashtag