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By Dan Wilson November 27, 2017 - 5:08 pm

Inside Etsy and more about changes

An article published but the New York Times over the weekend looks at the changes and developments currently underway at Etsy. It's well worth a read if you sell on the vintage and craft marketplace. Etsy is currently in a state of transition with a new

Survey fuels Etsy seller concerns of a fee hike

An Etsy seller survey has fuelled concern that the crafts and vintage marketplace is considering a fee increase in the near future. You can read a discussion regarding the survey here on the Etsy seller discussion boards. It's called: Is Etsy about to raise their fees? In

Etsy sales up 13.2% year on year in Q3

Craft and vintage marketplace Etsy has delivered its latest set of quarterly results and Etsy sales are up 13.2% on the same period last year. Josh Silverman is the CEO of Etsy and says of the results: "In the third quarter, we executed on our strategic

Etsy marketplace posts a surprise Q217 profit

Quirky vintage, retro and handmade online marketplace Etsy, based in Brooklyn, NYC has surprised Wall Street by posting an unexpected profit in the second quarter of 2017. The marketplace has been under pressure in recent months because it has been underperforming on analysts' expectations. These recent

Etsy sizing issue still ongoing after five months

Sellers on Etsy have been going nuts for five months over a size display issue for items such as t-shirts. They should be the simplest thing in the world to list but the glitch keeps displaying spurious text. The display to buyers has been ending up

Etsy reposition search filters to display more listings

Etsy are testing the placement of search filters which they believe will increase the visibility of filtering options on desktop search results pages. If you're in a test group, you'll notice that Etsy have moved existing filters from the left hand side of search results pages

Etsy start suspending listings unless you use Etsy Payments

As of the 1st of June, Etsy have started a wholesale suspension of seller's listings if they've not migrated to us Etsy Payments. Originally the date to set up Etsy Payments was the 17th of May, but Etsy extended the dealine to the 31st of

Q&A With new Etsy CEO Josh Silverman 11/5/17

Etsy sellers may be pleased to hear that new CEO Josh Silverman is putting into practise his welcome statement that he would "look forward to listening and learning from our employees, sellers, buyers and shareholders to help ensure we are focusing on the most value-enhancing

New CEO and lay-offs coming at Etsy

It seems like Etsy is having a rough time of it at the moment. There will be change at the helm of the company and redundancies coming. The stock price has been adversely impacted by the news. The CEO Chad Dickerson is to be replaced by

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