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Etsy is a marketplace for hand made and craft goods
By Chris Dawson July 12, 2018 - 3:15 pm

Etsy Plus now available for sellers in Shop Manager

Etsy Plus has started to roll out to some merchants and it's increasingly likely that you'll find it available on your account should you wish to avail yourself of the extra features at a headline cost of £7.60 per month. This is a discounted rate

Etsy billing changes for merchants delayed

Having announced in April that they would be changing the way that their merchants were will, Etsy have postponed plans to launch their new payment account immediately and the Etsy billing changes will now be introduced later in the year. The changes were controversial from the

Etsy welcomes DaWanda sellers to extend EU reach

Etsy have entered into an agreement with troubled marketplace DaWanda to encourage the community of DaWanda sellers and buyers to migrate to the Etsy platform. DaWanda have announced that they will shut down completely by the 30th of August this year. "Germany has long been one

DaWanda marketplace to shut down in August

After 12 years as Europe's leading online marketplace for handmade and unique items, DaWanda is to close it's doors and cease trading on the 30th of August 2018. DaWanda is an online marketplace that gives sellers a platform to market handmade goods. Items must be unique,

Why Etsy fee rise is a play to attract sellers

Etsy are to raise fees as previously reported and at at the same time start applying them to the shipping cost as well as the product's sale price. The question is why the fee increase now? Etsy has traditionally been a low cost platform to trade

Etsy fees to rise to 5% and apply to shipping

Etsy have announced the next phase of their expansion plans to better support their 2 million sellers. This will include fee changes but also new tools and more investment to attract more buyers to the site. Etsy have published a video alongside the announcement: Etsy transaction fees

Etsy Wholesale to close at the end of July

Etsy has announced they will be closing the Etsy Wholesale marketplace over the next few months. It was a dedicated section of Etsy offering an opportunity for merchants to sell in bulk, or perhaps liquidate stock, related to crafts and creations. At the heart of

Another Etsy sale is coming to celebrate the marketplace’s 13th birthday

There's another Etsy sale event coming for merchants and the aim is to celebrate Etsy's 13th Birthday. You can all the information on the relevant page here and here is information about how to create an Etsy sale item by discounting a listing that might qualify. But

Etsy isn’t worried about Amazon Handmade

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman has taken to the airwaves to explain why he isn't worried about Amazon Handmade, the dedicated crafts marketplace, and why he firmly believes that his company can prosper. Not least he explains that he doesn't believe factors that are advantageous to Amazon