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By Dan Wilson September 21, 2018 - 12:03 pm

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search and other developments

Vintage and craft marketplace Etsy has published what it is billing as the Ultimate guide to Etsy Search in an attempt to improve seller performance and the buyer experience. The guide, which explains how sellers can best utilise search on Etsy is just one of

Etsy to hammer sellers with high shipping prices

Etsy are unashamedly continuing their war on high shipping prices and have now told sellers that if their carriage cost are high that they'll be dumped in search results in favour of items with more reasonable shipping costs. This is the second announcement in the Etsy

Etsy marketplace suffered technical problems on Monday

The crafts and vintage Etsy marketplace experienced some technical difficulties on Monday afternoon that impacted shoppers using the site. Described as "performance and availability issues" they persisted for around 3 hours. From reports, it seems specifically that there were problems with accessing the website and

Etsy moved to Google Cloud last month

Etsy has moved many of its website functions, its buyer and seller apps and the content of its listings to the Google Cloud, according to news on their blog. They say that the site and their apps are now almost entirely functioning in the cloud

Etsy Quick View option for listings in search test

Etsy are running a test to make viewing listings in search results easier. They are adding a "Quick view" button on the listing image when a shopper hovers over a listing in search. When the shopper clicks the button, they'll see a pop-up with the

Labor Day sale deals on US marketplaces

Ever since the 5th of September 1882 when the first celebration was held in New York City, the first Monday in September has been marked as Labor Day in the US. This year it falls on the 3rd of September when just about every public

Etsy feedback popup test on shipping, photos and more

Etsy are running a test with the display of an Etsy feedback popup on the listing page for shoppers to leave feedback about items they’re viewing. They will ask for specific feedback about the listing’s shipping price, photo quality, and more. The goal is to

Etsy tests adding buyer images to merchant listings

Crafts marketplace Etsy is testing a new feature that will allow buyers to get their own images included on a merchant’s listing page on the site after a purchase. At the moment it will be seen and used by only a small number of Etsy

Etsy India to focus on recruiting local sellers

More information has emerged about Etsy India and its dedicated efforts to make a foray into one of the most competitive ecommerce environments. As we reported last month, the crafts marketplace has opened up an office in Delhi and has established a dedicated team in