What's been happening in the wider world of ecommerce that could affect how you run your marketplace business
By Chris Dawson June 22, 2017 - 3:23 pm

Alibaba target 100 million overseas Chinese speakers with Tmall World

Alibaba are launching Tmall world with the aim of attracting Chinese overseas customer to purchase from retailers on the platform. They tapping into a market of the estimated 100 million Chinese speakers with a focus on countries in the East such as Hong Kong, Taiwan,

Etsy makes more lay-offs and cuts marketing spend

As we reported in May, Etsy is going through a tough period of change. The CEO and CTO left the building at the end of May and 80 staff were given their cards. That was 8% of the staff. They're making more job cuts this

Tesco suffers technical delivery glitch

Tesco home deliveries are suffering some problems today due to a technical problem. Apparently the problem is affecting the picking of orders in stores and perhaps as much as 10% of orders are experiencing problems. The deliveries are then being cancelled. There have been numerous complaints

How to get started selling on Newegg (Video)

At last week's Newegg Seller Day they announced that the marketplace is opening up globally in 50 new countries, of which the UK has been a beta country. Newegg started as a US based tech retailer with a focus on customer service and support. They have

Etsy reposition search filters to display more listings

Etsy are testing the placement of search filters which they believe will increase the visibility of filtering options on desktop search results pages. If you're in a test group, you'll notice that Etsy have moved existing filters from the left hand side of search results pages

All new Etsy listings will renew automatically

If you're an Etsy seller, here's a new development: all new listings you make will renew automatically. It sounds like a good idea but it could also be problematic. Are you in favour of this intervention? Here's the announcement from Etsy: "As you create new listings, you

Have you got a Facebook store?

To what extent are you embracing Facebook? Facebook already boasts 70 million businesses who use Facebook pages for promotion and 5 million paying businesses on advertising. The company is keen to monetise and profit from ecommerce and part of that is building a selling proposition

Do sunny days matter to ecommerce in the age of the smartphone?

Maybe about a decade ago, the nadir of the online shopping year was a sunny August Bank Holiday weekend. On the rare occasions that the sun came out, ecommerce sales would plummet as online shoppers would head outside to the beach, beer garden and

U.S. Ecommerce Growth Workshops: Reading 29th June

If you're interested in growing the US based cross border portion of your business, then there is a U.S. Ecommerce Growth mentoring workshop coming up at the end of the month in Reading (The London event the previous day is already sold out!) To get the