What's been happening in the wider world of ecommerce that could affect how you run your marketplace business
By Dan Wilson August 16, 2017 - 10:49 pm

Etsy updates on search tests and new ideas

We've written recently about how Etsy has been testing new ways of displaying and categorising in search. You can read about that here: Etsy is testing new search features to help buyers. And Etsy has updated users about these experiments in the past few days. Etsy

UK offer for temporary customs union Brexit deal is good for ecommerce

Over a year after the UK referendum result came out in favour of Brexit, and some months after Article 50 was triggered, it has often seemed that little or no progress has been made to clarify what any settlement might actually look like. If you're

Facebook expand Marketplace offering across Europe

Facebook are upping the game for consumer to consumer selling with the expansion of their marketplace to 17 countries across Europe Facebook Marketplace is already available in six countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK) but will now roll out to: Austria, Belgium,

The Hut Group acquires ecommerce beauty brand Glossybox

The Hut Group (THG) has snapped up beauty subscription service Glossybox in an undisclosed deal. Glossybox is a BirchBox-style service that sees a monthly consignment of beauty and make-up goods sent to subscribers thatbwas founded by the Samwer brothers in 2011. By buying Glossybox, THG

Sainsbury’s trial 30 minute click & collect in Pimlico

Sainsbury's have become the first supermarket to offer a 30 minute click and collect service. Sainsbury's become the first to offer one hour deliveries back in October last year. The trial is taking place at Sainsbury’s Pimlico store, where their one-hour delivery service powered by their

Outcomes from Alibaba’s Brand Rights Holders Day

Last week Alibaba hosted a Brand Rights Holders Day in Beijing attended by 180 brands where they unveiled enhancements to their Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) Platform. This is part of Alibaba's push to remove counterfeiters from their platforms and connect affluent Chinese shoppers with luxury

India’s Flipkart takes $2.5 billion from Japan’s SoftBank

It's scarcely been a few days since we reported that eBay India would now be branded as Flipkart. And now it looks like there are further developments and news as it reportedly has taken a significant investment from a Japanese bank. We reported on Flipkart recently:

Alibaba Gateway ’17 Canada Access to China Conference

If you're a retailer based in Canada and always thought that the Chinese market was too expensive and difficult to target then it's time for a rethink. Alibaba's founder Jack Ma is coming to Toronto on the 25th of September with the Gateway '17 Canada

Why all the secure password advice you’ve heard is probably wrong

From memory I think I've only changed a password on a marketplace account once and PayPal never and apparently that's a good thing. The latest advice on password rules from the US National Institute of Standards and Technlogy (NIST) is that forcing users to change

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