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By Dan Wilson April 26, 2017 - 6:26 pm

Tamebay comment. Seeing eBay through new eyes: why the silence?

eBay experienced a significant glitch and downtime on Sunday and people couldn't shop. Having known eBay, sometimes it feels intimately, since 1999, I know that these things happen from time to time. As a seasoned seller you know that too. I first learnt about the glitch from

InternetRetailing Expo Video: Tamebay Masterclass with Terapeak

Tamebay took part in a Masterclass at the InternetRetailing Expo with Terapeak. We explored some of the recent changes eBay have made to shops including listing formats, listing enhancements and what you should be spending your monthly shop vouchers on (spoiler alert, we think you

eBay mobile friendly listing checker glitch

eBay consultant and specialist Jane Bell has a warning for anyone about to use eBay's new Mobile Friendly Checker on the eBay listing page.... Don't do it! There appears to be a glitch and whilst we applaud eBay's efforts to make life easy for sellers, the

A look at eBay’s Home Hub

eBay has taken a closer look at the nation’s packing habits; delving into how Brits prepare to move home and discovered that Britain is a nation of ill-prepared ‘Packing Procrastinators’ with over a quarter (28%) starting to fill boxes only a week before moving day

eBay reports 2017 Q1 revenues of $2.2 billion

It comes around with unerring regularity: eBay has reported its earnings for the first quarter of 2017. Here are the headline numbers. (As ever we'll leave it up to experts in the field of finance to analyse the report.) - Gross Merchandise Volume of $20.9 billion -

Why don’t eBay offer next day delivery search?

Our sister publication, InternetRetailing, today reports that next-day delivery remains the favoured option for UK shoppers – but 18% of retailers don’t offer it. InternetRetailing Editor Chloe Rigby cites research revealing that "Next-day delivery remains the favoured option for more than half (52%) of UK shoppers,

eBay research and Terapeak’s new sellers tab

Prabhat Shah at DaytodayeBay is, as the name suggests, an eBay expert and today he takes a look at the recent changes to Terapeak and how you can use the new Sellers Tab for eBay research: Terapeak recently introduced Product Research 2.0 function which is another

Why do eBay purchases turn up in Amazon packaging?

"eBay said it was fine with sellers who use the Amazon marketplace as a drop-shipper" is the first line of an EcommerceBytes blog post which examines the bizarre package branding that comes when a product purchase on eBay is shipped from Amazon. The article unquestioningly accepts

The eBay Shops packaging voucher was unexpectedly successful

As everyone who's ordered packaging with their eBay shop £10 or £20 voucher knows it's been, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit of a mini Hoover moment. eBay don't appear to have prepared the seller for the expected volumes and in

Why you should never select “does not apply” for a GTIN on eBay

I'm seeing many hundreds of listings on eBay where the seller has simply added "does not apply" in place of a GTIN. Often I suspect it's because the seller hasn't invested in buying GTINs (Generally EANs in the UK and EU) for their own products,

eBay confirms big Flipkart India deal

As we recently speculated, eBay and Flipkart have made a deal to team up and take on ecommerce and Amazon, in particular, in India. eBay will make a $500 million cash investment and sell the business to Flipkart. Flipkart will own and operate the

Why is it so hard to recover fraudulent funds?

Fraud is still taking place on eBay and recently my accountant, an intelligent person to say the least, became a victim to the tune of £1000.00. The scam It's a story I've heard countless times over the years - a tempting motor vehicle is listed on eBay,

eBay Shops packaging offer leads to shipping delays

One thing eBay really expects of you as a seller is swift despatch. Having enough stock to hand, to meet buyer demand, and making sure that it's out of the door sharpish to satisfy their urges: eBay likes that. And they will look dimly on

How many Featured and Anchor stores on eBay UK just got packaging vouchers?

Tamebay reader Whirly asked how many Featured and Anchor shops are there in the UK. Or to put it more precisely, as eBay are handing out ten quid vouchers for packaging to Featured Shop owners and twenty quid vouchers to Anchor shops, if everyone spent

New eBay Shop Fees now apply – Vouchers on the way

It's now April so the new eBay shop fees have kicked in and will be applied to your next eBay invoice. A Basic eBay shop will now cost £25/month, £69/month for a Featured shop and if you have an Anchor shop then your subscription fees

Common mistakes to avoid with eBay Item Description Summaries

I've spotted a couple of instances recently where eBay sellers have added the code for their mobile friendly Item Description Summaries incorrectly. The eBay mobile friendly Item Description Summary is up to 800 characters and enables sellers to specify the text that will be shown to

eBay tell Irish to target Europe by selling in the USA

There's an interesting announcement from eBay for Irish sellers - if you want to sell to buyers in 30 European countries then instead of listing on you should list on! The announcement centres around a new Home and Garden landing page on, and

eBay Seller Metrics and Royal Mail Tracked 24 & 48 concerns

We've heard from a couple of sellers in the past week, that eBay and Royal Mail's Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 services aren't working as well together as might be hoped. There are a number of separate issues which added together can make it a

Sell cross border with eBay #RetailWithoutBorders

eBay is one of the best known marketplaces in the world, and it is a global platform. Even in countries where eBay don't have a dedicated country site, buyers still shop on eBay. At Pentagon‘s Retail Without Borders conference in London, I spoke to Neil McLauchlan,

Rio couple buy Nottingham’s favourite Coffee Shop on eBay

eBay have always said that you can sell practically anything and everything on their marketplace and a Nottingham couple have just proved this by selling their Nottingham Coffee shop to a couple from Rio de Janeiro. The new owners are relocating some 6,000 miles to