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By Chris Dawson June 22, 2018 - 8:00 am

Will the eBay Product Based Shopping Experience save eBay?

There have been many worries about eBay's new Product Based Shopping Experience, or rather listing against the eBay Catalogue which is what will power the new way for sellers to list and buyers to find products on the marketplace. But why are eBay so keen

Are eBay and Sellers really ready for Catalogue Listings?

In a previous article, we looked at how eBay are planning to spread their compulsory catalogue rapidly out across a large range of new and used products on the site. One of the issues with catalogue pages, as sellers on Amazon well know, is about

eBay Concierge phone number now chargeable

If you have access to the eBay Concierge phone number (either gifted or by virtue of paying for an eBay Anchor Store subscription), you may have noticed they've changed their phone number which could incur telephone charges. Previously the eBay Concierge phone number was an 0800

To Steve Fisher eBay SVP Payments
This is what sellers want from eBay Payments

Following the new appointment of Steve Fisher eBay SVP Payments, we know know who will implement Adyen on eBay, so we thought it time to lay out what sellers want from eBay Payments. These are all points that Tamebay readers have raised recently, but feel

eBay appoints Steve Fisher to implement Adyen on eBay

Steve Fisher, eBay’s Chief Technology Officer, will take on the new role of Senior Vice President of Payments to implement Adyen on eBay. Steve will relinquish his role as CTO. This perhaps makes him the most important Senior Vice President within eBay for the next

eBay Community Sneaker Drop the place to source trainers are looking to capitalise on the craze for collectable sneakers (trainer if you're in the UK) and have put out a call for consumers and sellers alike to list their best and most sought after sneakers in what they're calling a 'Sneaker Drop'. It

Why you need to get to grips with eBay Catalogue today!

If you're not seriously looking at the eBay Catalogue and starting to match your products against it then you should be. As announced in the eBay summer seller release, eBay are expanding their Shop by Product experience and by September it will be mandatory in

eBay Local Services Ads officially launches with discount code

eBay Advertising has offically soft-launched eBay Local Services Ads today, which we wrote about in more detail recently. eBay Local Services Ads is a brand new product designed to help local service organisations reach new customers and grow their businesses. It’s the platform’s first offer for

eBay Advertising soft launch Local Services Ads in UK & DE

eBay Advertising has soft-launched Local Services Ads, a brand new product designed to help local service organisations reach new customers and grow their businesses. It’s the platform’s first offer for service firms and is initially being piloted in the UK, with Germany also trialling it