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By Chris Dawson April 24, 2019 - 10:00 am

eBay Payments coming to Germany as second country site

eBay Payments will be rolled out in Germany so long as no regulatory issues get in the way. “Bringing our managed payments experience to Germany will provide a diverse testing ground for more payment methods as we expand globally. Across the 190 markets our sellers

Q1 2019 eBay earnings delights investors but not marketplace sellers

eBay have pulled a rabbit out of the hat and delighted investors with their Q1 2019 eBay earnings, as demonstrated by their share price jumping more than 5% from a close of $36.15 to over $38 as soon as their results were published. eBay reported

US sales tax onerous for small businesses says eBay

eBay say the US sales tax is too onerous for small businesses due to its short timeframes for businesses to begin the tax collection. In some cases, sellers have as little as 2 months to comply in the multiple US states. "In 2019, eBay has tracked

Russian city set to join eBay Retail Revival programme

A Russian city is set to join eBay Retail Revival programme in the marketplace's ongoing push to support merchants' growth. Yaroslavl, located in Russia is the first Eastern European city to welcome small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to learn how to sell online. Yaroslavl's businesses are invited to get

eBay and Little Sun partner to spotlight sustainable solar energy

eBay and Little Sun have teamed up to offer shoppers sustainable solar solutions "globally." Unfortunately, their listing only specifies shipping to the US. The focus on climate change today is more important than ever, eBay and Little Sun are empowering everyone to make thoughtful buying choices

eBay CEO’s Annual Letter to Shareholders

Devin Wenig, President & CEO, eBay has written his annual letter to shareholders which we reproduce below: eBay CEO’s Annual Letter to Shareholders To Our Stockholders, The past year has brought remarkable challenges and opportunities for both the technology industry and for eBay. It was a year of

eBay vs Amazon and their CEO’s war of words

It's an interesting time as Amazon start to take notice of eBay for the first time. Having previously (for two decades) refused to acknowledge competition and avoided the eBay vs Amazon conversation, instead claiming to obsess about what's best for their customers, Amazon and their

2018 eBay Annual report – eBay marketplace strategy

According to their Annual Report, the eBay marketplace strategy is summed up in just 12 words and three aims - "Delivering the best choice, the most relevance and the most powerful selling platform". eBay marketplace Strategy "Our strategy is to drive the best choice, the most relevance

‘Any money that I make, I make for myself:’ Dog in a Box founder

"Any money that I make, I make for myself," is how eBay's 14-year-old entrepreneur, Tommy Howard, founder of Dog in a Box describes his life after joining the marketplace as a seller. Tommy Howard, an eBay children's toyseller is an exception as an underage merchant who