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By Dan Wilson March 23, 2017 - 6:47 am

eBay CEO Devin Wenig predicts big changes to High Street stores soon

eBay CEO Devin Wenig took his opportunity at the annual Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas this week to look at the future of eBay (looking in particular at the importance of swift delivery) but also to consider how the High Street is responding. In particular

What’s changed since the eBay Paypal divorce?

In July 2015 eBay and Paypal split, I penned a long blog post about the changes I was hoping for. Today I'm looking back to see what has changed, what's the same and what's better or worse then when I wrote the post: Dispatch and Delivery On

Embedding video into eBay listings without Active Content

We wrote recently about the use of videos on eBay listings and how you will be able to continue using them even when the new Active Content rules comes into force in the Summer. Find the article here: What about videos and the new eBay

Is a deal with eBay and Flipkart on the cards?

eBay is reportedly in talks with Flipkart, a huge ecommerce player in India, with view to making an investment and strategic alliance that will help it take on Amazon and Alibaba in the region. Apparently eBay will take a $1.5bn stake in the Indian ecommerce leader

eBay to switch to mobile 2 factor authentication instead of PayPal Key

A decade ago eBay gave users the option of two factor authentication using the PayPal security key to generate a one time password each time you log into the site. The idea is that unless someone knows the unique algorithm for your security key they

eBay ‘People who viewed this item also viewed’ display

Spotted by the eBay Anorak Jane Bell, is a new "People who viewed this item also viewed" display at the top of live eBay listings. Jane and my first thoughts both were, is this some sort of browser hijack affiliate scheme, but it appears likely that

What are eBay’s plans with onsite advertising?

One of the more surprising aspects of the recent seller release was the revelation that they will no longer allow products ads on the marketplace that link to product sales on other websites. It's a welcome move. It's not known whether such a change

GS1 retail expert Lorna Beament on eBay Promoted Listings

From next month, eBay's 100s of Anchor store subscribers and thousands of featured store owners will get a voucher to spend on eBay listing enhancements. Many will choose, instead of splurging the cash on subtitles and scheduled listings, to spend their vouchers on eBay Promoted

eBay 1p Final Value Fee private seller invite only promo

eBay have an invite only promotion running where private sellers will only pay 1p in FVF per listing if they sell. The promotion allows you to create up to 100 listing on eBay UK in an eligible category using the auction-style or fixed price format. You