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By Chris Dawson December 13, 2018 - 9:00 am

Top 3 Australian Marketplaces Ranked by Traffic

eBay have for many years had the marketplace business sewn up in Australia with little to no competition. Some Australians would buy from (briefly stopped in July 2018 and reinstated in November). There was also an alternative daily deals site - Catch [of the

How important is free post on eBay?

Free post on eBay is something that the marketplace has grappled with for over a decade. eBay stipulate with some justification that buyers appreciate free post and transparent pricing. Conversely it's nigh on impossible to offer postage discounts for multiple purchases if you're offering free

eBay Delivery powered by Shutl 2019 Courier Rates Rise Details

There will be an eBay Delivery powered by Shutl 2019 courier rates rise from the 4th of January as sellers return to work after the New Year break. eBay say that this is an annual rate increase to allow them to continue developing and improving eBay

How to offer free post discounts on eBay with multi-buy discounts

One of the biggest complaints eBay sellers have had for decades is the inability to discount postage when a buyer purchases multiple items from a single listings for which free postage is offered. eBay multi-buy discounts now provide a solution for free post discounts. The issue

eBay change the fees for Shutl delivery services

eBay has announced that there will be changes to the prices they charge for postal services they offer. In particular, eBay owned Shutl will be increasing its tariff. There's a stack of detail and changes coming so it's worth taking a moment to digest the

eBay Sales Velocity on Black Friday

'Loyalty' may perhaps be the wrong word to use for why sellers stick with eBay, perhaps realism and the pragmatic viewpoint that, despite the challenges eBay throws up, all the time selling on eBay is profitable sellers will carry on using the platform. eBay is

10% off eBay UK Coupon Code this Sunday

eBay are running a 10% off sale on one of what is traditionally the busiest shopping days of the year. From 10am Sunday morning through to Midnight, with the eBay UK coupon code shoppers can grab 10% discount off almost everything sold on the site

eBay 12-day December Dozen sale sees ‘10% off everything’

eBay 12-day December Dozen sale offers '10% off everything' to see shoppers treating themselves and their loved ones to Christmas presents. The marketplace say that only users on, and, with an address located in the United States, Canada, Latin America or the Caribbean are

eBay Retail Revival year end review

eBay have reported on the progress of sellers in their eBay Retail Revival program and given a sneak peek of their plans for 2019. The program was launched in Akron, Ohio and then Lansing, Michigan in September, followed by Wolverhampton, England in November - cities