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By Dan Wilson September 21, 2018 - 12:03 pm

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search and other developments

Vintage and craft marketplace Etsy has published what it is billing as the Ultimate guide to Etsy Search in an attempt to improve seller performance and the buyer experience. The guide, which explains how sellers can best utilise search on Etsy is just one of

eBay to boost customer support with eBay@Home

eBay has revealed its new customer support initiative called eBay@Home They say it is the company’s first formal work from home scheme within the Global Customer Experience organisation. It will create close to 300 remote, full-time customer service positions globally, including 120 positions in the

Last call for Lengow Day in Paris Thursday 27th Sept

The sixth annual Lengow Day is taking place in Paris this coming Thursday, the 27th of September. This year, the conference is titled 'Go Beyond. Occupying a new space' and will bring more networking opportunities, more editorial content dedicated to future trends in ecommerce and

ZOZO reimagine fashion ecommerce with no sizing

It's tough for a retailer to differentiate themselves online and it's even tougher to reimagine ecommerce and address some of the common issues. That's no more so then in fashion where high rates of returns are the norm and for every retailer there are 100

Shopify makes augmented reality available to merchants

Ecommerce platform provider Shopify has revealed a new augmented reality (AR) feature that uses new technology from Apple to enhance how you display your products. A small group of Shopify merchants have already modeled their products through Shopify AR in anticipation of the Apple AR

eBay service metrics penalties, high shipping fees on Etsy and Amazon Turkey [video] #tamebayTV

The controversial subject of eBay service metrics penalties have been a hot topic of conversation on Tamebay this week. That's the 4% levy on your fees if your customer focus and satisfaction isn't up to scratch under the eBay criteria. They have been delayed in

Newegg suffered data breach for one month

Marketplace Newegg has reportedly been the victim of a data breach that persisted for one month before it was revealed and remedied. Apparently 15 lines of card skimming code were installed on the website's payments page and were operational between August 14th and September 18th.

More speed less satisfaction – does delivery speed matter?

Today, Matthew Robertson, Co-CEO, NetDespatch, considers delivery speed and whether faster deliveries really are what consumers want Is the need for speed is a real driver for ecommerce or can satisfaction be delivered in other perhaps more cost effective methods. Why faster is not always better in

Tamebay White Paper – How to master International success

When building a successful ecommerce business, learning how to how to master International success can be vital to growth and profitability, opening up opportunities and business in new markets and extending your reach as a seller. For those wishing to hit the £1 million seller