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By Chris Dawson April 7, 2020 - 8:22 pm

Etsy sellers make make thousands of fabric face masks

With the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s issuing updated recommendation for everyone in the US to wear protective masks, Etsy is seeing significant demand for fabric face masks. Naturally as the home of all things handmade, Etsy sellers are rising to the challenge

Amazon Just Walk Out technology now available to retailers

With much of Retail shut down for an extended time due to the Coronavirus scare, shopping on the high street may never recover as consumers are forced to shop online for everything other than food and medicines. Amazon however are hoping that retailers will adopt

How eBay’s Retail Revival is supporting entrepreneurs in Texas

In February, eBay welcomed 50 local entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas, to their Retail Revival program. Retail revival was launched in 2018 to help merchants and businesses grasp opportunity for successful growth by equipping them with the resources, training and tools needed to excel in ecommerce. eBay

3D printed face shields delivered to NHS for free by DPD

3D printing has revolutionised manufacturing with everything from 3D printed cookie cutters, embossed rolling pins and model railway accessories to dental implant moulds. Now, thousands of volunteers, both small businesses and consumers, across the UK are giving up their time to use their 3D printers

Inpost Next Day Send service launched as usage triples

Perhaps unsurprisingly in a world of social distancing, InPost have seen usage of their contactless parcel locker service triple in March compared to February. They have also announced the launch of an Inpost Next Day Send service giving fast contactless delivery services. InPost’s lockers help keep

Yodel to deliver one million meals to NHS staff

Yodel have joined forces with other well-known businesses, including Tesco and Absolute Taste, to form an initiative led by Ron Dennis CBE which aims to feed thousands of critical NHS workers over the next few months. “We’re doing everything we can to keep the country

Collect+ Opens doors to other carriers as acquires full ownership from Yodel

PayPoint have announced a deal to take full ownership of Collect+, the UK’s largest parcel network, acquiring the 50% of shares that were previously owned by Yodel. The agreement reaffirms the long-term partnership between the two companies, with Yodel committing to a multi-year contract

Swiship Amazon MCF Parcel Tracking site

Amazon MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfilment) users can now use Swiship for parcel tracking as can their customers. Amazon MCF is when you store products in FBA and use Amazon's fulfilment services to fulfil orders on third party sites such as your own website or competing marketplaces.

Forter Report: Coronavirus Impact on Ecommerce & Fraud

The world has changed dramatically in recent weeks as the Coronavirus impact starts to impact every day life in almost every country across the world. Governments have responded at different rates to the threat, with lockdowns, financial support to various degrees to businesses and consumers,

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