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By Dan Wilson April 27, 2017 - 10:44 pm

Amazon reports stellar first quarter 2017 sales and profits

Amazon has seen a boost to to its share price having posted impressive sales and profits that outpace Wall Street expectations for the first quarter of 2017. You can read more about the results here. Total revenues increased by 23% year on year, clocking in at

Amazon to open Warrington robot fulfilment centre with 1,200 human jobs

Amazon are growing ever faster and are increasing the size of their UK fulfilment centre network to 15 by the end of 2017 to meet increasing customer demands and expand product selection. Today they've today announced that it will create 1,200 new permanent jobs with

Amazon is investing in driverless cars

One of the things we adore about Amazon here at Tamebay is the forward looking innovation they seek. There was a time, not long ago, when Sunday delivery was pie in the sky. But Amazon made that real and now everyone is chasing them on

Amazon launches marketplace for digital subscriptions

Amazon has launched a new marketplace where people can shop for digital subscriptions like newspapers, magazines, and online classes and how-to content. It's billed as Subscribe with Amazon. Taking a look at the webpage, it's clear what Amazon's pitch is to publishers and content providers: get

Who knew? Amazon are still in the video rental business!

I'm gobsmacked, I've just qualified for a two month free trial of LOVEFiLM by virtue of buying a new DVD/Blu-ray player on Amazon. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for the offer, but I already have Amazon Prime which gives me Amazon Video. Whilst I'm

Will you sell on Amazon Australia?

Following the news that Amazon is looking for a warehouse to run their retail operations, we hear that Amazon are actively recruiting Aussie businesses to sell on the marketplace. Local Australian businesses have started receiving invitation to be among the first to sell on Amazon when

Handmade by Amazon grows to support over 5,000 Artisans

Amazon is fast becoming a competitor to Etsy, since launch in September 2016, more than 5,000 artisans from the UK and across Europe are now selling on Handmade at Amazon. Handmade at Amazon features products across 10 categories including Jewellery, Home Decor, Artwork, Kitchen and Dining,

Seller gets £26k bill from Amazon for fees they failed to charge in 2016

Welcome back from paternity leave, you owe us twenty six thousand quid! That's the message that greeted one Amazon merchant. At just under £26k this the biggest outstanding debt we've heard of that Amazon are looking to bill, following their four month billing debacle. The back story

Amazon is looking for premises in Australia

It often surprises us that there isn't already a well established Amazon Australia marketplace. There have been rumours and murmurs that launch has been imminent for some time but it looks like Amazon Australia could actually be edging closer. According to reports Amazon is searching for suitable

Amazon win patent for on-demand clothing manufacturing

Amazon were awarded a patent today (Tuesday 18th April 2017) for 'On demand apparel manufacturing'. The patent lays out how computers could be used to collate patterns, cut material and then garments assembled and shipped to the customer. This could be a game changer in the

Amazon EU demands shipments on UK bank holidays

As we suspected would happen, sellers who trade on Amazon's EU marketplaces have discovered that they're expected to ship packages on the Easter Bank Holidays. In this case, for a purchase with an order date of Thursday the 13th of April, Amazon instructed the seller that

Amazon seeks 1300 new warehouses in Europe

According to reports, Amazon is currently on a property search for 1300 units of warehouse space across Europe as it seeks to streamline and develop Amazon Prime. That's the premium subscriber service for people who buy lots on Amazon and like choice and swift despatch. In

Amazon to open Fulfilment Centre at former Coventry Jaguar factory site

Amazon has confirmed that it will be opening a new Amazon Fulfillment Centre (FC) in Coventry on the site of the former Jaguar plant in Browns Lane. The 40k square metre facility will be the size of 18 football pitches. Amazon's Director of UK Customer Fulfilment,

Amazon Academy set to visit Scotland: 23/5/17

Registration is open for the first ever Amazon Academy in Scotland, taking place on Tuesday 23rd May at the EICC, The Exchange, Edinburgh, EH3 8EE. The free one-day event features keynote presentations and workshops from experts and entrepreneurs alike to give practical support and guidance for

Amazon to hire an army of home working support staff

Amazon is growing at a fantastic pace and with more sellers and buyers, and more sales, comes a need for more support staff. And in the US Amazon is embracing the gig economy and looking to employ 5000 home based customer support roles to service

Lessons from Amazon marketing: The importance of good images

One of's tweets this weekend got the twitter sphere buzzing as users found an interesting image of a mystery object in their twitter feed. New Deals, Every Day! Check out today's deals.— Amazon (@amazon) April 8, 2017 Looking suspiciously like a sex toy,

Alexa rolls out to UK Amazon Fire TV devices

News on two fronts for Amazon Fire TV users. Firstly, all new Fire TV Sticks will include Alexa and the price will remain at £39.99. And if you already have a Fire stick then you'll be able to run an update and get the Alexa

Amazon will now do your EU VAT returns

Amazon is now offering an online service whereby they will be do your VAT returns for you called VAT Services on Amazon. For €400 annually per territory, they'll do the paperwork on all your Amazon sales and make sure that you pay your dues. For

Does your multichannel software support Amazon Business?

Amazon business has only just launched and already we've received press releases from Seller Dynamics and Volo confirming that they now support Amazon Business. We would expect pretty much all multichannel solutions to announce the same over the next few days. Seller Dynamics said "We've ensured

What do you wish you’d known when you started selling on Amazon?

Over a year ago we launched an ebook about eBay billed as "50 things every eBay seller needs to know." It looked at some of the more basic things vital to every eBay seller that may not be immediately apparent to those who haven't been