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By Dan Wilson August 17, 2017 - 6:05 am

Trump tweet hits the Amazon stock price

A tweet from President Trump has had a detrimental impact on the Amazon stock price. Deepening on how you measure it and when, figures vary. But we're talking single digit billions off the market capitalisation over the course of the day. Doubtless it will recover. Heres

Amazon Instant Pickup service targets students

Amazon has launched a trial of a new service that will allow students to instantly purchase a select choice of 'essentials' using an app and allow them to collect the goods within two minutes. The product range will number in the hundreds and include things

1,000 staff plus robots to run a new Amazon depot in Bristol

Recently the press was awash with MPs decrying Amazon's low corporation tax bill with many of the paper's own editorial stances being derision that a company with such a large turnover could contribute so little to the country's tax income. People seem to forget that Corporation

Amazon to finally kill LOVEFiLM By Post

Back in April I expressed some surprise that Amazon were still offering DVD rental by post. It appears I was right to be surprised but just a little early as Amazon announced today that their LOVEFiLM By Post service is to die on the 31st

Solar Eclipse turns boom to bust for some Amazon merchants

Retailers in the UK may be unaware, but there's a total solar eclipse coming on the 21st of August which will sweep across the US from Oregon to South Carolina. Naturally this has sparked a selling frenzy of solar 'eclipse glasses' which are supposed to minimum fee waiver from 1st September

Amazon appear to have announced a minimum fee waiver for sellers on their UK platform. Effective from the 1st of September 2017, merchants will pay the applicable referral fee on the total sales price paid by the buyer, including any shipping or gift wrap charges. This Toys and Games Christmas 2017 seller guidelines

Every year Amazon put restrictions in place for merchants who wish to sell Toys and Games over the Christmas period. The category becomes gated with only approved sellers able to list and sell - Amazon don't want a single customer let down because a merchant

Amazon UK: Sales Up, Tax Liability Down

Amazon's Corporation tax bill more than halved to just £7.4 million in 2016 on a turnover 50% up at £1.46 billion, compared to a bill of £15.8 million on sales of £946 million. Amazon also received a credit from the tax man for £1.3 million

Amazon enters the smartphone arena again

In the past Amazon has tried its hand at getting its share of the smartphone market. It's an obvious horizon for the Seattle based ecommerce giant because it speaks to their success with the Echo and Dot devices. If you can be at the centre

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