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By Chris Dawson April 7, 2020 - 8:11 pm

Amazon Just Walk Out technology now available to retailers

With much of Retail shut down for an extended time due to the Coronavirus scare, shopping on the high street may never recover as consumers are forced to shop online for everything other than food and medicines. Amazon however are hoping that retailers will adopt

Swiship Amazon MCF Parcel Tracking site

Amazon MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfilment) users can now use Swiship for parcel tracking as can their customers. Amazon MCF is when you store products in FBA and use Amazon's fulfilment services to fulfil orders on third party sites such as your own website or competing marketplaces.

Prime Day delayed due to Coronavirus

Prime Day will be delayed until at least August Reuters report. Amazon have already started cancelling their plans for the July event including their Get ready for Prime Day 2020 Webinar. The report suggests that Amazon expect a $100 hit from having to sell excess devices

Amazon FBM tips for FBA merchants transitioning to self fulfilment

Amazon have published some Amazon FBM tips for merchants who have been using Amazon FBA but are transitioning to FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) for the first time. Why Amazon FBM trumps FBA during Coronavirus pandemic We have seen that since Amazon started to push delivery dates

Amazon search dominated by Coronavirus

Marketplace Pulse have recently released data showing what consumers have been searching for on Amazon during the Coronavirus outbreak. Search trends have been maintained and stock issues from panic buyers as well as FBA limitations have not stopped consumers searching for out of reach items.

2020 Amazon FBA fee adjustments take effect today

It's the first of April and today is the day that 2020 Amazon FBA fee adjustments kick in (No, this is not an April Fool's joke). Amazon have however announced that due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that they will waive two week's FBA inventory

Amazon FBA storage fee waiver due to Coronavirus

There is a two week FBA storage fee waiver due to the Coronavirus impact where Amazon pushed out delivery dates by up to a month for many products stored in their warehouses. This applies to products stored in Amazon UK, EU and US warehouses. "COVID-19 has

Amazon price gouging guidance for merchants

Some useful Amazon price gouging guidance for merchants has been published. This is both a warning to those looking to make excessive profits from the Coronavirus pandemic as well as serving as a guide to merchants who have genuinely seen their wholesale costs sky rocket

Emergency VAT measures announced by European countries

Amazon, recognising that many of their merchants sell internationally, have published a list of emergency VAT measures announced by European countries in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Amazon point out that this is general information and you should consult your professional tax advisors if you have

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