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By Sasha Fedorenko August 23, 2019 - 10:44 am

Amazon 150 tools and services set to support SMBs’ growth

Amazon have announced 150 tools and services have been launched since the beginning of the year to help independent small and medium-sized businesses grow their sales in Amazon’s stores. Tools such as Sold by Amazon help sellers manage the pricing of their products in Amazon’s stores,

Amazon VAT Calculation Service increases chance of winning the buy box

If you are enrolled in the Amazon Business program, so that your products on Amazon are offered to businesses, you can increase your chances of winning the Buy Box for business customers by activating the free Amazon VAT Calculation Service. After activation, VAT-exclusive prices will be

After 25 years of Amazon, are sellers finally in the driving seat?

When Amazon exploded onto the internet 25 years ago, it all but created the ecommerce sector as we know it today. Consumers loved it, and sellers finally had a professional place to peddle their wares. This was the age of the consumer. Their desire for

Amazon Business Exchange event heads to London

Amazon Business have announced the introduction of their first customer conference, Amazon Business Exchange for their merchants in Europe which will take place on the 9th of October in London at Victoria House Basement. Sellers can register here to attend. Amazon Business offers access to hundreds

Introducing Amazon 7-Day Deals

Amazon run many deals programs, the best known of which are of course the Prime Day Deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and Lightning Deals. Now Amazon 7-Day Deals are available to Amazon sellers based on their performance criteria and product qualification. Naturally Amazon

Amazon pass cost of French 3% digital tax on to their merchants

High Street retailers and the quangos what lobby on their behalf have been complaining for years that online marketplace and other digital giants aren't paying their fair share of taxes. On the high street you have to pay rates whereas online there's corporation tax but

Amazon tests Amazon Top Brand badge on Fashion US listings

Amazon have a raft of badges that they apply to listings - Best Seller, Amazon's Choice, Sponsored and now a new one, an Amazon Top Brand badge. Brands selling on Amazon have a problem, at one stage simply having a Brand was good enough to get

How to increase chances for Buy Box share

On Amazon, there is a tradeoff between winning the Buy Box for products that were sold wholesale to Amazon via a first-party selling model and having an increased level of flexibility and control to reprice items on the third-party marketplace. However, how can first-party, hybrid, or

Understanding nuances of Amazon Buy Box model

As the customer-centric company, Amazon’s goal have always been to offer the best possible end-to-end experience for their customers. The Amazon Buy Box was created with the objective of comparing multiple offerings of the same product in order to determine which will give the customer the