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By Dan Wilson March 24, 2017 - 6:24 am

Amazon Prime Now comes to Alexa

In what could be one of the easiest and quickest ways to shop for goods, Amazon Prime Now, the within-two-hours window delivery service on selected goods in selected area, will now be coming to Alexa (Amazon's voice activated assistant.) Previously Amazon Prime Now Prime Now

Amazon set to acquire

One of the key players in ecommerce in the Middle East,, is about to be acquired by Amazon according to reports. The Dubai based firm is said to have fetched a $650m - $750m million price tag. It's apparently the most valuable internet company

Amazon store takeovers devastating for affected sellers’ businesses

It appears that hackers have hijacked a small number of Amazon accounts in an attempt to get off-Amazon sales. However for any seller who's account is compromised it's a world of pain. What appears to be happening is that as soon as an account is compromised,

How to secure your Amazon account with two factor authentication

If you are a seller, it's seriously worth considering securing your Amazon account with two factor authentication. This means that even if your Amazon password is hacked, cracked or stolen, your account will remain secure. Securing your account also isn't a bad idea even if you

Man actually reads Amazon Kindle Terms & Conditions

I was amused to read that when CHOICE discovered Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions contained over 73,000 words they paid an actor to read them out loud just to prove a point. It took 9 hours. With terms and conditions the size of a decent novel,

Amazon Alexa is now coming to your iPhone

As of next week you'll now be able to access Amazon's Alexa via the Amazon app on your Apple iPhone. It's also believed that they're working on a similar function for Android handsets. Find out more about the new functions here. Inside the Amazon app,

Seller gets unexpected £12k bill because Amazon undercharged on fees

In January we reported that Amazon had undercharged sellers in the Electronics Accessories Categories and intended to recoup the balance in the near future. It would appear that the bills have started rolling in. Amazon’s Seller Referral Fees for Electronics Accessories should be 12%, but they

UK Amazon sellers are least enthusiastic exporters in Europe

In terms of Europe, there are five key Amazon marketplaces: the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. And a report has been examining how sellers in those 5, sell amongst themselves. It will hardly be a surprise to learn that the UK is the most popular market,

Amazon set to open new multi-million data centre in Dublin

Ever increasing demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the firm's cloud technology services continues to grow. It's a vital profit centre for Amazon and they're expanding their facilities. An new data centre in Mulhuddart, Dublin is expected to be 20,739 sq metre and cost up to €200m.