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By Dan Wilson May 23, 2017 - 11:10 pm

What does the future hold for Amazon sellers?

Amazon experts Jungle Scout have put together this infographic looking at the current situation and future of Amazon selling. Are they right? Infographic Source:Jungle Scout

Amazon Go could be coming to the UK soon

Amazon Go is Amazon's checkoutless supermarket offering and it looks like it's coming to the UK if reports are to be believed. Previously we've reported that they have been scouting locations and now it looks like they are edging closer. Apparently the the UK Intellectual Property Office approved

Amazon Channels now available in UK and Germany

The content offering now available to Amazon Prime users in the UK and Germany has increased. The new Amazon Channels service means some TV channels will be available to Amazon subscribers for an additional fee but outside of the usual bundle charges. This page on

Amazon Prime launches more content perks for subscribers

Jeff Bezos is on the record as saying that he wants not having an Amazon Prime membership to be an "irresponsible" choice. That's why the company is often upping the offering and the latest enhancement in the UK is Amazon Reading. The new features mean that Prime

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst: World First and Amazon China

Not all Chinese marketplaces currently support global sellers but at ChannelAdvisor Catalyst, World First CEO Jonathan Quin told me that Amazon China is making a specific push to encourage foreign sellers to sell on their China platform. This comes at a good time for UK SME

Amazon eyes up medicine and pharmaceuticals

The health business is big. Increasing obesity in the West and an ageing population too means that tablets and pills make good money. Branded cures and tinctures can command a great deal more than almost identical unbranded remedies. And now it looks like Amazon is

Looking at personalisation opportunities on

It was good to sit down with Andrew over a beer at the Tamebay meet-up tonight in Manchester ahead of ChannelAdvisor Catalyst on Tuesday. He's a seller who sends out all sorts of personalised items such as ink stamps, dog tags, and goods that can

Amazon refunding sub-£10 but says “no need to send it back”?

There have been several media reports that Amazon in the UK is following the lead when it it comes to low value returns. If this, as an illustration, is to be believed then Amazon is not expecting returns on items with a sales price

Cautionary tale: Using money transfer service got Amazon account suspended

A Tamebay reader shared the story of how they got their accounts suspended simply for trying to save on their currency exchanges. They told us that Western Union approached them about using them to receive and convert Amazon payments. The hook was a better rate than