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By Dan Wilson August 14, 2018 - 9:21 pm

Amazon is offering a 99p one week Amazon Prime offer

We know that Amazon loves Prime. It loves the Prime subscribers, their loyalty, their free spending ways and now it looks like they have a new way of tempting the uninitiated into the programme. In the checkout flow at the moment they are currently promoting

Can you afford not to engage with Amazon?

If you listen to many retailers and of course President Trump, you'd think that Amazon ruled the world of retail and already had everything sewn up. That isn't actually the case, but retailers still need to consider how they are going to engage with Amazon

Booksellers demand Amazon Tax “quickly”

A trade association with a long history criticising Amazon has weighed into the debate as to whether the UK should introduce a specific tax on online sales - dubbed as the 'Amazon Tax' - as suggested by the UK finance minister, the Chancellor of the

How to decide which Australian Marketplace to sell on

Australia is perhaps the continent of most interest to marketplace sellers - China and India are talked about a lot but the barriers to entry are high - too high for many merchants. Australia is a relatively easy country to trade with and there are

ASA may tell Amazon to drop One-Day Delivery Prime promise

Reports are out that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) may rule this week that Amazon must drop their Prime Next Day delivery promise and make it abundantly clear to consumers that some products won't be delivered the next day and that at certain busy times

Shop while you drive: Amazon Alexa Auto is coming to cars

It's being billed as Alexa Auto and it means that soon many of the useful functions of Amazon's virtual assistant will be available in motor cars. Soon, you'll be able to shop as you drive. You can check out the technical details that Amazon have

Amazon could seriously disrupt the travel industry, say analysts

Apple may have taken the laurels to become the first trillion dollar firm in the history of the world. But Amazon will most likely follow suit soon. And one of the reasons is that it still has plenty of opportunities to pursue. Two one trillion industries it

Amazon introduces 30 minutes grocery pick-up at Whole Foods

There is a new way for Amazon Prime subscribers in the USA to get their food shop from their local Whole Foods Market branch. By using the Prime Now app to order, they can just drive in and have their purchases brought to their car

Amazon Training ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme under investigation

From time to time we get asked if the many Amazon training courses that are heavily advertised are worthwhile. Many promise that after spending a significant sum on their course that you'll be an Amazon expert and nothing will stop you from turning over millions