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Allegro is the largest marketplace in Poland
By Chris Dawson May 14, 2021 - 10:17 am

FBA Small and Light requirements changes

FBA Small and Light requirements are aligning with standard FBA. The main change will be that you can no longer bundle items when shipping to Amazon, each item will require it's own barcode. FBA Small and Light requirements: Bundling change Effective immediately, the bundling of Small

Allegro Webinar: The Biggest Marketplace in Poland

With over 21 years of growth, Allegro has become a household name in Poland. It is the preferred marketplace among Polish online shoppers and is seen as the number one marketplace in Poland, as well as the 10th in the world. 80% of online shoppers choose Allegro

Twitch Prime transforms into Prime Gaming

Amazon have been busy transforming Twitch Prime into Prime Gaming, a service they describe as everything you loved about Twitch Prime, and more. I wonder what caused Amazon to disassociate their service name from Twitch and add even more exclusives for prime members... could it

Cinven plans $11 billion IPO of Polish marketplace Allegro

Reports suggest that Cinven are planning an IPO of online auction site Allegro in what could be one of the biggest share sales in the EU this year. It has been reported that asset management and financial advisory service Lazard Ltd. will be responsible for preparations

Allegro Gadane: social media site launched for buyers and sellers

Allegro have just launched their very own social media website and it's not conventional. Thankfully this won't be a place for obnoxious opinions you don't really care about, instead, Allegro Gadane is a social platform where buyers and sellers can exchange more helpful opinions and

‘Copywriting is the most undervalued aspect of marketplace selling:’ Tony Preedy of Fruugo

"Copywriting is the most undervalued aspect marketplace selling,” says Tony Preedy of Fruugo as he points to the relevance of this form of direct marketing in today’s ecommerce. Speaking to Tamebay, Tony Preedy, who joined the company as chief commercial officer at the end of 2018

New York invites Amazon to reconsider Amazon corporate headquarters

A group of New York businesses, political and community leaders have invited Amazon to reconsider their plan to scrap Amazon corporate headquarters. In an open letter to chief executive officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, the group said: "A clear majority of New Yorkers support this project

Amazon products see up to 424% traffic growth ahead of Black Friday

Amazon saw their products traffic increase up to 424% in the week coming to Black Friday trading period, says new analysis. The marketplace experienced a traffic hike in the week ending November 17, with consumer searches for Amazon Echo have peaked at 534,533. That's up by 424%

Allegro appoints customer engagement head

Polish marketplace Allegro has announced that it has appointed Edyta Sidwa as its new head of customer engagement. The role, which closely resembles a marketing position, will be based at Allegro HQ in Warsaw and she is already in post. They say that Sidwa will be

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