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Alibaba and AliExpress are Chinese marketplaces selling to China and the world
By Sasha Fedorenko September 20, 2019 - 10:27 am

Starbucks tap Tmall Genie to deliver hands-free experience

Starbucks are tapping into Alibaba's voice-speaker, Tmall Genie in an attempt to deliver a hands-free experience as time-poor shoppers are craving convenience across all touchpoints of customer experience. The move by an American coffeehouse chain will serve as a gateway to Chinese consumers with a new

Coach to ‘enrich’ Tmall Luxury with a planned debut

An American luxury brand, Coach, have set their sights on bringing "rich customer experience" on Alibaba-owned marketplace, Tmall Luxury Pavilion with a scheduled launch later this year, following the peak of the Christmas shopping season. Alibaba today announced the news of Coach joining their marketplace ecosystem

Alibaba acquire Kaola Marketplace for Western imports to China

Alibaba have announced they are are buying the Kaola Marketplace for around $2 billion and taking a minority stake in former owners, NetEase Cloud Music. The Kaola marketplace is a cross-border platform selling Western brands into China with three main business propositions - wholesale buying, an

First European AliExpress Plaza physical store opens in Spain

Alibaba have opened their first AliExpress Plaza physical store in Europe as they continue to test the waters of European ecommerce and look to grow their footprint. Why Spain for the AliExpress Plaza and not one of the larger European ecommerce markets such as the UK

Alibaba customers to get bank payments via Trustly & Ingenico

Customers in 16 European countries are about to get an easier way to pay when buying on Alibaba - Trustly, an online banking payments company, have a new partnership with Alibaba through Ingenico to provide an additional payment method for Alibaba’s European buyers. During the initial

Alibaba’s three-pronged approach to battling counterfeits

Alibaba are stepping up their zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products in a bid to stop customers falling victims of fake items masquerading as genuine goods by using a three-pronged approach to battle infringing products. A combination of ever-improving technologies and close partnerships with the brands selling

Benefits of a Tmall Partner from Lulujo when selling to China

Dawn Pottier spent nine years growing her baby brand, Lulujo, from a single ring-sling carrier made in her native New Brunswick Canada, into one of the country’s most successful small businesses. So successful, in fact, Lulujo was invited to join the Canadian business delegation with

How Taobao Maker Festival 2019 aims to appeal to shoppers’ senses

Alibaba's Group forth Taobao Maker Festival 2019 is set to step up its experiential retail efforts this year, appealing to shoppers' senses with more than a thousand of works from emerging and established merchants trading on the marketplace. Taobao Maker Festival is an annual celebration of

Taobao Maker Festival 2019

Alibaba aim to make their fourth Taobao Maker Festival, the annual celebration of China’s young creatives, the largest, longest and most-diverse edition yet. Starting on the 12th of September, the event will span two weeks – up from four days last year – and be staged