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Alibaba and AliExpress are Chinese marketplaces selling to China and the world
By Chris Dawson May 16, 2018 - 11:56 am

Alibaba’s focus to help Canadian retailers succeed in China continues

Alibaba have just concluded the Canada leg of its North American roadshow in Vancouver by hosting the last in a series of workshops aimed at helping SME Canadian retailers sell to China. The all-day event, which followed two others held in Montreal and Toronto, positioned Tmall

Alibaba’s Ant Pay seeks $10bn in funding

Alibaba's payments division, Ant Pay, is looking to raise some serious money in the next week or so. It apparently wants to bag $10 billion in the next few days and the likes of the Carlyle Group and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board are

Alibaba’s Taobao gets more visitors than – Alexa

The latest Alexa rankings of the world’s top websites shows that Alibaba-owned Taobao has moved up to tenth position and that's one place ahead of That means that, according to Alexa ratings, Taobao is most visited ecommerce marketplace in the world. This all comes from

Alibaba buys South Asian ecommerce platform Daraz

Rocket Internet has revealed that the Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba has acquired the entire share capital of South Asian ecommerce platform Daraz for an undisclosed amount. It's a move that signals Alibaba's ever continuing mission to dominate Asian ecommerce. And it's also the second time that

Alibaba becomes product designer with Tmall Innovation Center

Alibaba have moved beyond the realms of being a marketplace to being a product design partner with their Tmall Innovation Center (TMIC). Alibaba operates China’s largest e-commerce platforms. Its half-billion-plus customer base represents a wealth of information and valuable insights for companies looking to bolster engagement

Aliababa, New Retail, and why China is ahead of the West

In China, Alibaba say that the “either-or” retail equation is being pushed aside in favour of a model, they have called New Retail, melding the best of both the in-shop and online experiences. They say that online sales penetration in China is the highest in the

Jack Ma of Alibaba talks sense about US trade brouhaha

That Jack Ma is one of the more interesting faces in global ecommerce. He is now fantastically rich having founded Alibaba and he's presided over amazing diversification in that business too. And, unlike the likes of Jeff Bezos, he has retained a normality and everyday quality

6 Tmall procurement centers to open around the world for smaller brands

Alibaba's Tmall Global plans to open six new Tmall procurement centers across the world to help overseas vendors capture Chinese consumers’ booming appetite for newer and better imported goods. The Tmall procurement centers will be established in Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, as well as

Alibaba double Lazada investment with additional $2 billion

Alibaba is going to inject a further $2 billion into Southeast Asian online shopping giant Lazada as part of the group’s ongoing effort to accelerate the region’s ecommerce development. It's not Alibaba's only investment in the region, In 2017, Alibaba also invested $1.1 billion in