Etsy tests adding buyer images to merchant listings

Crafts marketplace Etsy is testing a new feature that will allow buyers to get their own images included on a merchant’s listing page on the site after a purchase. At the moment it will be seen and used by only a small number of Etsy buyers and sellers over the course of August. Have you seen it?

As they say of the feature called Testing surfacing buyer photos in the Reviews section on the listing page:

We’re testing a new section called “Photos in reviews” on the listing page which will surface the photos buyers have posted in reviews to give shoppers more confidence in making a purchasing decision by viewing photos from other buyers.
– Etsy

This is quite a radical test and one which has merits from a buyer perspective but will likely not be universally welcomed by merchants. After all, when it comes to producing product imagery, merchants spend a great deal of time and resources on creating pictures that are perfect. And on Etsy, which can be something of a visual feast with its assortment of fantastic items, the time and effort spend capturing individual products is evident.

That will likely not be the case if a disgruntled, or even delighted, shopper grabs a quick snap of there purchase on their phone. Even if the image isn’t terrible it won’t be chosen by the merchant. We haven’t been able to assess the test because we can’t locate an example (and the information is otherwise quite scant.) Much depends on exactly how it is rendered and exactly how prominent it is.

One thing that might be of solace is that it doesn’t immediately leap out as a feature that will be widely used. And, don’t forget this is currently just a test and there is no certainty that it will end up on the site as a permanent fixture. Etsy does already allow images to be uploaded to 5* reviews and Amazon allows something similar to

Do you welcome buyer images on your Etsy, or indeed other marketplace, listings?

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I might have misunderstood this ... but buyers have been posting reviews that include their own photos of my items (e.g. holding items and smiling etc) since at least April 2016 [UK Etsy]

Jo • 22nd August 2018 •

You haven't misunderstood. But up until now the buyer pics have been only permitted on 5* reviews, as we understand it. This test seems to loosen the rules and pics could be related to poo review. = buyer holding item and frowning?

Dan Wilson • 22nd August 2018 •

Useful information, Dan.

Michael • 22nd August 2018 •